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Is this font too large?

 Hello people!I knoooow! You've been wondering where I've been all this time, right? What have I been doing? Well, worry no more, for I'm here to tell you what. 
I've been a combination of busy, doing nothing, sick and waiting for Christmas. Not necessarily in that order. I'm feeling a lot better now though, thanks for asking. When I'm not sleeping I've also been working on some freelance work while also hunting for a real job. All of these while also finding some time to play Smash Bros.

So, since I'm already here and you're here, I'll answer to a couple of tags from some people.

The Holiday Wishlist thingie


First, is a Holiday wishlist thingie of some sort... or something, in which I seem to give you 10 holiday wishes. If you see any of these and you're feeling generous enough, you can grant me one (or more :eyes:) if you want. I'll be doing myself the same, so if you've posted or plan to post a list like this, let me know and I'll check it out! I was tagged by ginkgografix and lintu47 Ok, here I go...

1. Turkey (not the country)
2. 17 :points: points
3. A DA community full of love and understanding and open mindness and support for each other.
4. Little Big Planet 3
5. Anything from my wishlist
6. 5 golden rings
7. An hippopotamus
8. A hug :hug:
9. Tickets for Eurovision 2015
10. A job

Thanks in advance! :heart: Happy early holidays everyone! :rudolph:

Stuff that happens to DD suggesters

The second tag is something like... sharing some stories and experiences during your time suggesting DDs -??- I was tagged by Arichy 
Well, to be completely honest, I haven't properly made a DD suggestion in ages :lol: but I guess I can answer this tag from the point of view of someone who used to select them not so long ago :B right? Riiiiiight. Ok here I go

1. First off, my deep respects for the people who invest an incredible amount of time and dedication to this business! Seriously, I remember people who used to send me TONS of suggestions during my CV time, some of them almost daily. And then I'm learning people like Minato-Kushina who is celebrating her 1000th selected DD suggestion and I'm like whaaaat? :noes: I've suggested like... 20 or so myself =P lol

2. I started the Digitally Delicious tumblr to feature my unselected suggestions. I used to put them on queue so they get posted automatically on a daily basis... the account is still active to this day and is still featuring unselected suggestions, even if I haven't been a CV since september 11.

3. I always wanted my selections to be more... controversial, thought provoking, less... mainstream :lol: dunno how to explain it. I wanted more people to question them, dislike them, COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM GODAMMIT! but... for the GREAT majority of times, they were always well received </3

4. Since people seem to love numbers, here are some. I received way more suggestions for Digital Art than when I took care of Comics & Cartoons, so you can have an idea, I got 1,911 suggestions for C&C (an average of 4 a day) and 8,779 for Digital Art (an average of 12 a day)

That's all for today kids. I'll leave you with a music video because I can. Hasta!


Hi! I'm Thiefo. I draw things.

Find me here:

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`Thiefoworld has made his mission to fill our community with vibrant colours and positive attitude. His illustrations are instantly recognisable and are somewhat iconic at deviantART. Thiefoworld's weekly webcomic is a must read for all deviants, and we love that his journals are filled with community spirit and encouragement for others. You know you've picked the right deviant when you have to double check that he hasn't received the Deviousness Award already.We are absolutely delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for August 2012 to `Thiefoworld!
-awarded August 2012


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