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Hi! I'm Thiefo. I draw things.

Find me here:

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`Thiefoworld has made his mission to fill our community with vibrant colours and positive attitude. His illustrations are instantly recognisable and are somewhat iconic at deviantART. Thiefoworld's weekly webcomic is a must read for all deviants, and we love that his journals are filled with community spirit and encouragement for others. You know you've picked the right deviant when you have to double check that he hasn't received the Deviousness Award already.We are absolutely delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for August 2012 to `Thiefoworld!
-awarded August 2012


Thu Jul 2, 2015, 2:10 PM
Hello guys, gals and cucumbers.

I've been considering the idea of joining Patreon. I've seen many people promoting their projects there but never really paid much attention... until now. Hah!

I've been reading the official FAQs so I'm getting a more clear idea of how it works (though the only question nobody has answered me just yet is if I can set up a project if I'm from Mexico =P do anyone of you know?) 

I've also read some reviews online and most of them are quite positive. However I'm posting this journal because I want to ask you guys if any of you have any opinion about it?

Is anyone of you in Patreon? Does it work for you? In general, what advantages and downsides do you see in it?

I'm interested in knowing the opinions of people who actually use the site, I think that would give me a more clear insight. Thanks!

Bailo12 by Thiefoworld

Tell me something funny, I need to laugh, my co-worker here beside me isn't funny :c (he thinks he is but he isn't)


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Relevant username is relevant? XD
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Congrats on the award. 
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Very amazing and colorful (your art)!! Keep it up... :)
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