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Back from SDCC!

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 12:31 PM
I'm back from my trip, so amazing! So much to say I don't even know where to start haha. But I won't bore you with a stupidly long journal, so I'll try to condense everything as much as I can =P ... it will probably still be long though...

Well first things first, before everything started we went to Anaheim and spend a couple of days in Disneyland.

It has been 16 years since the last time I was there, but the excitement is still the same! We took every ride and watched every show we could until my feet literally got blistered, I'm not kidding! I think I've never walked that much in just 2 days, but it was worth it! Also, yeah I know is summer and all, but it was incredible the amount of people who were in the parks despite being monday and tuesday, even some of the Disney crew people got surprised and told us "This is incredible, it's like a sunday!"

But all in all, we had fun like little kids, got soaked wet in Splash Mountain and then again during World of Colors, I screamed my life out in California Screamin and also rode Space Mountain three times... and saw Pluto like 25 times. That busy Pluto.

Back in San Diego, it was time for Preview Night! But before that, Jimmy and I decided to take a walk and had our first meal in the streets of San Diego... the first of many, defying the "NO LOITERING" signs we spent a lot of time eating in the sidewalks :lol: We also accidentally found the bar where the deviantMeet would take place just a few hours later. Lucky!

Onto the devmeet, I took a photo with Fella! We didn't stay long, Even so it was nice to meet a few people there, I even saw Artgerm walking in and I was exploding inside, I would've approached to say hi but I'm not worthy.

About the deviants I got to meet; OMG it was so, so amazing! I was received by Shyree and she's so adorable! She hugged me as soon as she knew who I was. Talking about feeling the love! Once inside I got to finally meet aunjuli and damphyr! I also met Heidi and danlev Then after some time wreckling came by to pick us up.

A selfie 6 years in the making by Thiefoworld

I already mentioned it briefly in my newest ID, that I got so glad to finally meet a lot of these people, I've known some of them for years! And we finally got to meet in person, it was an amazing experience. Once in the con I also got to meet pinguino AND I also saw others from afar like madizzlee, LaurenKitsune and marioluevanos... but I didn't say hi because I'm stupidly shy :B

Talking about which, I only regret our meetings were basically "Hi! So nice to meet you! Ok bye!" I would blame how hectic SDCC is (which is true! it's not really a lie) and I was always running, trying to see everything :B but the main reason is that I'm so shy and my self confidence goes to the ground when it comes to speak in english, so I'm sorry! I also regret I don't have photos with almost any of you, just Juli and Trevor. But yeah, it was so nice meeting all of you! Hopefully this won't be the last time.

About the Con itself, almost as tiring as Disney, but equally as fun. It is incredible the size of the event, and it's something you don't come to realize until you're there! Spend some time in artist alley and I got some stuff from khallion, DarkSunRose, Brittney Lee and Helen Chen. Also took a lot of photos with a lot of characters.

Friday afternoon we camped outside Hall H to get inside the next day, it was... quite an experience :lol: but it really feels like an achievement in life to finally get in. And it was worth it! We saw a lot of people there, like the Avengers and the cast from The Hobbit. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman also stopped by to say hi. Among others.

Though the highlight of the night for me was to finally meet Tatiana Maslany, from Orphan Black. I love her! By the way, that panel, Women who Kick Ass, kicked ass indeed It was awesome.

Other things I also enjoyed doing was to be able to test Super Smash Bros for both the 3DS and WiiU (I almost won a t-shirt once! ... damn Zelda), take a photo running from Godzilla and go down Gotham's Zip Line. The 2 hour lines under the sun were definitely worth it.

But now I'm back and for as boring as real life is, is time to go on. Hopefully this won't be the only time I get to go there! Now back to work.


Hi! I'm Thiefo.
I draw things.

Find me here:

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Deviousness Award
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