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Hi! I'm Thiefo. I draw things.

Find me here:

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`Thiefoworld has made his mission to fill our community with vibrant colours and positive attitude. His illustrations are instantly recognisable and are somewhat iconic at deviantART. Thiefoworld's weekly webcomic is a must read for all deviants, and we love that his journals are filled with community spirit and encouragement for others. You know you've picked the right deviant when you have to double check that he hasn't received the Deviousness Award already.We are absolutely delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for August 2012 to `Thiefoworld!
-awarded August 2012


Simple deviant IDs
Endorell-taelos by Thiefoworld
Grimface242 by Thiefoworld
Codenamepanther by Thiefoworld
Meiyue by Thiefoworld
An ID of you, or a character of yours. Simple colouring and a simple and cute watercolor-looking background. Can includes some extra elements, for example: Your character riding a bicycle, holding a stuffed animal, with a small additional character on their shoulder, etc. Price in points: 700 pts ($8.75), price via paypal: $8
Single characters - simple or no background
SHOCKING by Thiefoworld
Put a banana in your ear by Thiefoworld
Sanomi by Thiefoworld
Ujz Preview by Thiefoworld
One character with no background (or a very simple one). Price in points: 1600 pts ($20), price via paypal: $18
Full illustrations
Mr Tumnus by Thiefoworld
It's Mega Showtime by Thiefoworld
Apple Scorpion by Thiefoworld
WoW: An unconventional trio by Thiefoworld
One or several characters, detailed colouring, includes a more elaborated background. Price in points: 4000 pts ($50), price via Paypal: $45


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Insanerst Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014   Digital Artist
Alright, buddy, I need to give you a huge thank you.
When I was just a wee baby here on deviantart you were one of my hugest inspirations. In fact I think my love for 90s/early 2000s cartoons + your art style is what inspired the style I use today.
But no, not only did you have to help me with my art, you helped me become a better person overall because I stalked almost everything you did what. I love everything you do for this community, and I love your positive attitude, I just love you, dang dude.

You're a really great guy and you deserve all the fame you have. I hope one day more people will come across your profile, and discover your amazingness. :heart:
(1 Reply)
Endorell-Taelos Featured By Owner Edited Sep 30, 2014   General Artist
:lmao: I think my eye and heart looks a little weird now being squished down to avatar 50x50 size. Don't you think? Or is it just so cute? :B
(1 Reply)
uchuubranko Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Student General Artist
m-medal? T__T I see you're one of the invisible hearts team now... :cries:
Thank you so much for all of the priceless time you spent for the community and for your great help in so many ways. :party: :heart:
rest well and perhaps come back like a volcano dragon in the future! :evillaugh:
(1 Reply)
Exillior Featured By Owner Edited Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're awesome. :heart: I mean, seriously.
(1 Reply)
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
... :'C
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