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An ID of you, or a character of yours. Simple colouring and a simple and cute watercolor-looking background. Can includes some extra elements, for example: Your character riding a bicycle, holding a stuffed animal, with a small additional character on their shoulder, etc. Price in points: 700 pts ($8.75), price via paypal: $8
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Hi! I'm Thiefo. I draw things

Find me here:

Support me on Patreon!

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`Thiefoworld has made his mission to fill our community with vibrant colours and positive attitude. His illustrations are instantly recognisable and are somewhat iconic at deviantART. Thiefoworld's weekly webcomic is a must read for all deviants, and we love that his journals are filled with community spirit and encouragement for others. You know you've picked the right deviant when you have to double check that he hasn't received the Deviousness Award already.We are absolutely delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for August 2012 to `Thiefoworld!
-awarded August 2012

My webcomic is back!

Mon Aug 3, 2015, 9:57 PM

Hello people!

For those new watchers of mine, I'll let you know now that in 2010 I started my own webcomic called "Children of the World" (which you can read starting  
here) Those who have been following me for some time know about it, and also know that for some personal circumstances (namely real life issues and stuff) the comic had to be put on pause... a pause that continued until today.

The comic didn't die, I've been working on it behind the scenes and have been making some changes and adjustments to the story and is now ready to come back to life once again! Re-branded and with a new graphic style.

Meteor Shower Logo by Thiefoworld

Atteyo by Thiefoworld

Why Patreon?

What remains the same though, is my lack of time to work on it as much as I would like. I have a full time job that consumes great part of my time during the week and the rest of the time I have free I usually do some commissioned work because... well, I need the extra income! I love making art but I also need to eat! 

With that in mind I decided to give Patreon a shot and now you can have the opportunity to support the comic and help me focus on it so I can offer you more frequent updates as well as extra content! 

Asdie by Thiefoworld

Does this mean the comic will be for people who pay only?

Not at all! Meteor Shower will always be free for everyone to read, I'm not planning to charge you in order for you to read it and never will. I want all people to have access to it without having to pay a cent. 

What I can offer to my patrons though, is exclusive extra content, early access to the pages, hi-res files and more. It's my way to say thank you! and thanks for your support!

Like for starters, I'll be giving patrons who pledge $5 or more per month, access to a fan-art series I'll be working on every few months, starting with the re-do my Disney Villains Series!

Disney Evilqueenpreview by Thiefoworld

Other rewards and other exclusive content, including new fan-art series, character sheets and a little history from the ZoéDiakos world will be available later. My top patrons will even have the power of decision of what series I should draw next! 

Other exclusive content in the future will include live streams and more direct interaction with my patrons!

For more information click on the image:

"If you are a fan of ___ and something of it changes and you cease to like it because of that, then you were never a real fan" Agree or disagree with this? Discuss! 

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19 deviants said Shiny balls
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Thiefo :heart:
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