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August 23, 2010
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Just Proud Stamp by Thiefoworld Just Proud Stamp by Thiefoworld
The idea for this stamp came out from a conversation between `ctJemm and `Pyrochan-dolls in which I decided to stick my spoon :giggle:

The discussion was about LGBT people showing their pride and then straight people showing theirs and how if we are trying to profess equality between sexualities, maybe we should erase the lines between them and instead of say "Gay Pride" or "Lesbian Pride" or even "Straight Pride" or whatever, why don't we just be "Proud of my sexuality whatever it is"? :shrug:
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Bellstar Apr 7, 2014   Writer
thanks for making this
esnym Sep 28, 2012   Digital Artist
People should all be just proud of who they are, of their accomplishments. I always found that being proud of your sexuality, whatever it may be, is kinda pointless. It just.. is, and it's a part of you. Like saying 'proud to have this mole on my face' or 'proud to have black hair.' You know?

Everybody should just learn to love and accept themselves and one another. And be proud of being a good person, of being accomplished at something, of learning or overcoming an obstacle.
On one side, I agree, I don't feel the necessity of being proud of my sexuality. On the other side, it's everybody's right to feel proud for whatever they want, it may be pointless for you and me, but it isn't for others. For them is why I made this stamp :)
esnym Sep 28, 2012   Digital Artist
I mean, don't get me wrng. XD I love this stamp because I think everyone should be proud of who they are (within reason) but I kinda think pride can be dangerous and unnatractive if you take it too far. So yes be proud, but be considerate, too.
PrincessPacific Dec 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
"Your proud. He's proud. She's proud. They're proud. Just be respectful, kay?"

Love that quote
Ryuuki6 Oct 17, 2011  Student General Artist
proud of love <3
I love this idea. :'D
My life is now complete ♥
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