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Questions from Moonbeam13

Mon Mar 9, 2015, 11:55 PM by Thiefoworld:iconthiefoworld:

10 facts about me

1.  2. Versatile by Thiefoworld 3. Imdelicious by Thiefoworld

4. Suchagoodfriend by Thiefoworld 5. Estoyrodeadodetontos by Thiefoworld 6. Prude by Thiefoworld 

7. Imsopopular by Thiefoworld 8.  9. Mouse by Thiefoworld


Questions by Moonbeam13

1. If you were a worm, how long would you be?
I think around 6 to 7 inches, ya know, normal... bordering with big, just not ENORMOUS! I've heard too big isn't good either... I've heard... 
Seewhatimean by Thiefoworld

2. Who do you love enough to cook or bake for?
I've cooked and baked for a lot of people. Yes, I have that many love inside me.
3. If you could speak another language, what would it be?
Squeak by Thiefoworld

4. What is a cause that you're willing to fight for?

5. What is your most prized possession?
Probably... my house. I own it, so it's a possession, right? 

6. What is your least favourite vegetable?
Celery Eww3 by Thiefoworld 

7. What is the strangest talent you have?
To get caught every time I try to tell a lie.

8. Do you have an innie or an outie?

9. What is the last song you heard?

10. Do you believe in magic?
I believe in music, and how it can free a young girl's heart whenever it starts. 

Yes I know I need to tag 10 other people and ask my own 10 questions but... my bed is sensually calling me and it's almost midnight, so, hasta! 

Chandelier by Avionetca

It's that time of the year again! 
Yes! Time to get fat full of love! :iconyeyplz:

Aaaand also, time to reflect on what happened this past year, cry, laugh and feel grateful.

I'm thankful for the time I got to spent being a Community Volunteer, a cycle that ended back in September. It was my second time as a volunteer and just like the first time, it was a blast! Thank you so much to all my fellow CVs and of course, to Danie aka Moonbeam13 for the opportunity :heart:

Then in August I went to San Diego and got to meet a lot of awesome deviants I always wanted to meet. That was definitely the highlight of my year, I spent the time of my life eating in the San Diego sidewalks! Joy!

hobos by Thiefoworld

I spent a lot less time this year doing art, even less than in previous years and I know I always say the same thing... but I hope to go start getting more creative again in 2015 and actually DO SOME ART =P Let's see how I do! :'D

Now, time for some New Year Resolutions, because making promises you can't keep is always fun! Fool Emoji-21 (Sexy Dance) [V1] by Jerikuto  

  1. Don't lose my gifs. Looking at last year's resolutions I noticed I lost all my gifs! D: I won't let that happen next year!
  2. Lose 2 lbs.
  3. Don't die trying to sing Chandelier. 
  4. Start doing my hair differently.
  5. Get a pet cow.
  6. Catch a shiny, legendary pokémon so I can name them "Juan"
  7. Get a job, so I can go to Rio in 2016.
  8. Witness a goat give birth.
  9. Get less awared of what's happening in tumblr.
  10. I hope Nintendo releases a new Rhythm Heaven game.
Yeah I know, that last one is not mine to achieve... but maybe if I wish for it too hard? 

Anyway, time to end this, the last journal of 2014, and as I've been doing lately, I'm leaving you with a song. My favourite song from this year and from the title of the journal I bet you can guess which one it is! Yes! Exactly! I just hope I don't mess with the code and end up embedding a completely different song... it happens sometimes. Here it is:

from the chandelieeeeeeeer!~ :music: 
Bailo5 by Thiefoworld 

Happy (still a little early) New Year everyone!

Is this font too large?

 Hello people!I knoooow! You've been wondering where I've been all this time, right? What have I been doing? Well, worry no more, for I'm here to tell you what. 
I've been a combination of busy, doing nothing, sick and waiting for Christmas. Not necessarily in that order. I'm feeling a lot better now though, thanks for asking. When I'm not sleeping I've also been working on some freelance work while also hunting for a real job. All of these while also finding some time to play Smash Bros.

So, since I'm already here and you're here, I'll answer to a couple of tags from some people.

The Holiday Wishlist thingie


First, is a Holiday wishlist thingie of some sort... or something, in which I seem to give you 10 holiday wishes. If you see any of these and you're feeling generous enough, you can grant me one (or more :eyes:) if you want. I'll be doing myself the same, so if you've posted or plan to post a list like this, let me know and I'll check it out! I was tagged by ginkgografix and lintu47 Ok, here I go...

1. Turkey (not the country)
2. 17 :points: points
3. A DA community full of love and understanding and open mindness and support for each other.
4. Little Big Planet 3
5. Anything from my wishlist
6. 5 golden rings
7. An hippopotamus
8. A hug :hug:
9. Tickets for Eurovision 2015
10. A job

Thanks in advance! :heart: Happy early holidays everyone! :rudolph:

Stuff that happens to DD suggesters

The second tag is something like... sharing some stories and experiences during your time suggesting DDs -??- I was tagged by Arichy 
Well, to be completely honest, I haven't properly made a DD suggestion in ages :lol: but I guess I can answer this tag from the point of view of someone who used to select them not so long ago :B right? Riiiiiight. Ok here I go

1. First off, my deep respects for the people who invest an incredible amount of time and dedication to this business! Seriously, I remember people who used to send me TONS of suggestions during my CV time, some of them almost daily. And then I'm learning people like Minato-Kushina who is celebrating her 1000th selected DD suggestion and I'm like whaaaat? :noes: I've suggested like... 20 or so myself =P lol

2. I started the Digitally Delicious tumblr to feature my unselected suggestions. I used to put them on queue so they get posted automatically on a daily basis... the account is still active to this day and is still featuring unselected suggestions, even if I haven't been a CV since september 11.

3. I always wanted my selections to be more... controversial, thought provoking, less... mainstream :lol: dunno how to explain it. I wanted more people to question them, dislike them, COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM GODAMMIT! but... for the GREAT majority of times, they were always well received </3

4. Since people seem to love numbers, here are some. I received way more suggestions for Digital Art than when I took care of Comics & Cartoons, so you can have an idea, I got 1,911 suggestions for C&C (an average of 4 a day) and 8,779 for Digital Art (an average of 12 a day)

That's all for today kids. I'll leave you with a music video because I can. Hasta!

I was checking one of DA's recent updates and came across a very revolutionary question from a fellow deviant:

Fix by Thiefoworld

And you know what? Yeah! Deviantart: why do you keep fixing what isn't broken? 

I remember when I joined the community almost a decade ago and everything was juuuust right. People were lovely, there was art, there was people and we had just exactly what we needed. But NO DA! You weren't happy with that so you had to keep adding things nobody asked for! Whyyyyy??

For example, we had our lovely and uniform profiles, all of them were exactly the same because we just weren't able to customize them. We coudn't decide what we wanted to show in our profiles like we do now. If you wanted to add things like a gallery folder, or show more than your latest journal entry, or a custom widget, etc. you couldn't! because such things just didn't exist. 

We weren't able to organize our favourites in folders because back in the day, you only had a unique favourites folder and everything was dumped there. Collections? What's that? it was a nightmare to find that useful tutorial you favourited the other day because is now lost in this sea of cute puppies photos and MLP fanarts.

Back in the old days people who wanted to buy stuff, like premium memberships or ask a fellow deviant for a commission, etc. you needed to have access to a credit card or Paypal or figure out another way to pay because Points :points: didn't exist.

Oh and don't get me started on groups. When I first joined if you wanted to start a club you had to open a regular account because groups didn't exist. Running the club was a big hassle because you had to log off your own account and log in the club account and do your work, of course every message and activity within the club went to the club account's message centre, so if you wanted to keep an eye on your club you had to do it this way. You had more than one person running the club? You had to give them the password to access, and believe they would be trustworthy. 

There are a lot more examples, CSS for journals, thumbnails for comments, Mentions, the commission system, even little things like the possibility to vote on a poll directly from your message centre or have forum notifications... such things didn't exist back in the day when I first joined the site.

So yeah, how annoying is to have all these things that make our lives easier nowadays, just because DA decided to fix things that weren't broken. Nobody asked you DA! How dare you? 

nnkdpi msero sdep

Thu Sep 25, 2014, 9:14 PM

A lovely unicorn by hellcorpceo
So! One of the things I've wanted for a long time is to... have a lot of money. But another thing I've always wanted to do is to write more journals, to bore you with my personal life. So here I am! 

So! How's life after being a CV? Something like this...

Mariokart by Thiefoworld

Playing Mario Kart 8, online. With my friends. Online. But in the same house. Fun! And messy. Basically it's all I've done for the past couple of weeks.

Fat Copy by Thiefoworld

If you ever want to play with me, my Nintendo ID thing is Thiefo! Add me dammit! 

Alright I've not only been a lazy, fat bum with nothing to do but play videogames, I've also been doing some commissions. If you feel interested check out the info! C'mon! You know you want one! Currently it's my only source of income. So feed me! I'm hungry.

Singingflames by ThiefoworldTimberclipse by ThiefoworldDragondoodle3 by ThiefoworldDragondoodle2 by ThiefoworldDragondoodle1 by Thiefoworld

I'm also open for super more complex commissions, if you want one shoot me a note! It's free! (to shoot a note) 

Halloween is coming and my friends and I decided to dress up with a theme, so we chose the Marvel Universe. I'm trying to convince jimmyelshaman to dress up as Hulkling so I can be Wiccan. But the most probably thing is that he'll end up being Star Lord because it's what he have always wanted... and he wants me to be... Nebula. And I'm like...


I'll let you know of the outcome...

So that's all for today folks! I'll leave with a song because... well, no reason. I love La Roux. She's so sexy. I want to marry her hair. Ok bye!

Skin by Dan Leveille

No more DD suggestions please!

Thu Sep 11, 2014, 9:07 PM
By the title I think you can already guess where this journal is going, don't you? =P

That's right! My time as a volunteer is up and as of today I'll go back at being a senior!

Si. This decision wasn't taken lightly, I've been thinking about it for a few weeks by now, in fact if you have been paying attention for the past few weeks you probably have noticed I've become more and more quiet over here. This doesn't mean I don't love this community anymore! Know that I'll continue being here for the long term and I'll continue supporting the community and the volunteer team, just from my very comfy wheelchair in seniorland. :granny:

I do, however, might become a little inactive for a time. You've been warned! =P I just feel I need to take some time to breathe and focus on some personal things, that includes going back at making art just for myself and stop skipping my crossfit sessions!  lol and play more Mario Kart 8

But I'll be back, you won't get rid of me so easily!

But wait! What about my suggestions?

Please direct them to either Aeirmid or diphylla. I'll be forwarding the suggestions I know I'll keep receiving to them. Once I'm gone they'll be the only ones left in the Digital Art Team. Talking about a small team! :noes:

But don't fret!

Currently both of them are taking suggestions for Drawings & Paintings and Mixed Media (and Aeirmid is taking Photomanipulation as usual) But if you have suggestions for Vector, Vexel, Pixel Art, 3D, or any other category without a CV, remember you can send those to Moonbeam13.

Also remember that according to FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? there also a few other staff members who also take suggestions for either Digital or all categories, including: kozispoon, Thunderstatement, Ikue, Shyree and fourteenthstar So as you can see, you keep having quite a few options.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you guys! Thanks to the volunteer team, specially the awesome guys from the Digital team, past and present, with whom I got the opportunity to interact with these past 2 years, including diphylla, Astralseed, Aeirmid, mamiffer, tatasz, vanmall, Shue13, alltheoriginalnames, pica-ae, Emerald-Depths, SaTaNiA, PolyMune, ChewedKandi, VAngelLJ, WillowXD, TheLastHuzzah, and probably a whole bunch I'm forgetting. But really, the team as a whole is incredible, it was such an honor! I wish I could mention all of you but I'll know I'll keep forgetting someone.

Also special thanks to wreckling who was the responsible of my come back, the one who convinced me to re-apply in the first place, you damn monkey! :P will probably do the same in a few years if I lower my guard :lol:

And of course, thank you so much to Moonbeam13, fourteenthstar and dxd for doing an amazing job with the volunteer team, special thanks to Danie for the opportunity! :heart: It was a blast!

So, see you around guys! Love you all!

Back from SDCC!

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 12:31 PM
I'm back from my trip, so amazing! So much to say I don't even know where to start haha. But I won't bore you with a stupidly long journal, so I'll try to condense everything as much as I can =P ... it will probably still be long though...

Well first things first, before everything started we went to Anaheim and spend a couple of days in Disneyland.

It has been 16 years since the last time I was there, but the excitement is still the same! We took every ride and watched every show we could until my feet literally got blistered, I'm not kidding! I think I've never walked that much in just 2 days, but it was worth it! Also, yeah I know is summer and all, but it was incredible the amount of people who were in the parks despite being monday and tuesday, even some of the Disney crew people got surprised and told us "This is incredible, it's like a sunday!"

But all in all, we had fun like little kids, got soaked wet in Splash Mountain and then again during World of Colors, I screamed my life out in California Screamin and also rode Space Mountain three times... and saw Pluto like 25 times. That busy Pluto.

Back in San Diego, it was time for Preview Night! But before that, Jimmy and I decided to take a walk and had our first meal in the streets of San Diego... the first of many, defying the "NO LOITERING" signs we spent a lot of time eating in the sidewalks :lol: We also accidentally found the bar where the deviantMeet would take place just a few hours later. Lucky!

Onto the devmeet, I took a photo with Fella! We didn't stay long, Even so it was nice to meet a few people there, I even saw Artgerm walking in and I was exploding inside, I would've approached to say hi but I'm not worthy.

About the deviants I got to meet; OMG it was so, so amazing! I was received by Shyree and she's so adorable! She hugged me as soon as she knew who I was. Talking about feeling the love! Once inside I got to finally meet aunjuli and damphyr! I also met Heidi and danlev Then after some time wreckling came by to pick us up.

A selfie 6 years in the making by Thiefoworld

I already mentioned it briefly in my newest ID, that I got so glad to finally meet a lot of these people, I've known some of them for years! And we finally got to meet in person, it was an amazing experience. Once in the con I also got to meet pinguino AND I also saw others from afar like madizzlee, LaurenKitsune and marioluevanos... but I didn't say hi because I'm stupidly shy :B

Talking about which, I only regret our meetings were basically "Hi! So nice to meet you! Ok bye!" I would blame how hectic SDCC is (which is true! it's not really a lie) and I was always running, trying to see everything :B but the main reason is that I'm so shy and my self confidence goes to the ground when it comes to speak in english, so I'm sorry! I also regret I don't have photos with almost any of you, just Juli and Trevor. But yeah, it was so nice meeting all of you! Hopefully this won't be the last time.

About the Con itself, almost as tiring as Disney, but equally as fun. It is incredible the size of the event, and it's something you don't come to realize until you're there! Spend some time in artist alley and I got some stuff from khallion, DarkSunRose, Brittney Lee and Helen Chen. Also took a lot of photos with a lot of characters.

Friday afternoon we camped outside Hall H to get inside the next day, it was... quite an experience :lol: but it really feels like an achievement in life to finally get in. And it was worth it! We saw a lot of people there, like the Avengers and the cast from The Hobbit. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman also stopped by to say hi. Among others.

Though the highlight of the night for me was to finally meet Tatiana Maslany, from Orphan Black. I love her! By the way, that panel, Women who Kick Ass, kicked ass indeed It was awesome.

Other things I also enjoyed doing was to be able to test Super Smash Bros for both the 3DS and WiiU (I almost won a t-shirt once! ... damn Zelda), take a photo running from Godzilla and go down Gotham's Zip Line. The 2 hour lines under the sun were definitely worth it.

But now I'm back and for as boring as real life is, is time to go on. Hopefully this won't be the only time I get to go there! Now back to work.

Just a quick note to let you guys know that as I mentioned in my last journal I won't be here from tomorrow and until the end of the month... but in reality I won't be completely back until early august because I'll still have a few more days of vacations once I get back, and I plan to sleeeeep!
I already have DDs set and a few articles scheduled for the next few weeks, so I leave everything in automatic pilot =P

Behave while I'm gone alright? Or at least clean up your mess before I get back!

Alright, see ya! :peace:


Going to San Diego /o/

Mon Jul 7, 2014, 9:54 AM
... in a few weeks \o\

Yup! I'm attending SDCC this year! It's my first time going to Comic Con! It's gonna be amazing. I might meet a few celebrities and I might or might not ask them to sign my boobs.

We also will be taking some days before that to go to Disneyland, so double yay! /o/
I'll be singing Disney songs out loud during all the trip! In spanish!

We also will be attending the deviantMEET in the Analog Bar.... wherever that is,  on wednesday the 23rd. It's gonna be so awkward awesome! It's also my first official devmeet. This will be a trip of a lot of firsts now that I think about it... please be gentle.  Who of you is going? I expect to meet a lot of people!  :la: And you'll hear my terribly pronounced engrish. I think I'll bring some stickers and stuffs to give away because that's how I roll.

I can hardly wait, it's gonna be AWESOOOOOOOOMEEEEE!

Me in the Gaming Social Networks

Mon Jun 16, 2014, 9:56 PM
I confess I'm not much of a hardcore gamer, the only reason why my WiiU is used every single day is because I teached my mom how to use Netflix =P and my PS4 is currently used almost exclusively to play Blu Rays... but I do play some games from time to time :'D As I mentioned in my latest journal, I'm currently obsessed with Mario Kart 8. Soooo good. I specially love playing online, and recently discovered you can host and participate in tournaments! So why not? Anybody of you willing to take part? We could arrange a DA tournament or something ;P

If any of you is interested in getting in touch with me in the... ehmm Gaming Social Networks -??- here is my info! Because why not?

@ Nintendo

If you have WiiU, add me as Thiefo (I know! shocking huh?) Bonus points if you have Mario Kart 8! :D We could arrange a race or even a tournament, as I mentioned earlier! It would be fun.

Also, if you have a 3DS, my friend code is 2981-7637-5531 I currently and literally have no games for 3DS yet, jimmyelshaman gifted it to me just recently (<3) but anyway XD... I plan to get one of the new Pokémon games when they come out (most probably Sapphire, I like blue :B) maybe we could trade then...

@ Playstation

Aditionally, I'm also in the PSN, my handle there is Thiefoworld. Again, I don't play much (I'm level 3! :'D) but currently there are no PS4 games I'm interested in >_> ... waiting for Little Big Planet 3 though! By the way, I have no idea what my icon is, a... chicken cow? I dunno, but it's cute.


Mario Kart 8

Mon Jun 2, 2014, 10:13 AM
So, my friends and I got it this weekend. I literally did nothing else these past 2 days, just play, eat and sleep. In that order.

Playing Mario Kart with friends is always tons of fun...

But when one of these "supposed friends" hits you with an item:
Slut by Thiefoworld

But of course, when YOU are the one throwing items at your friends you're like
Oops by Thiefoworld

Then your friend keeps throwing items at you and you're like
Idontlikeyou by Thiefoworld

But then retribution time always inevitably comes and you have your revenge

You're playing Grand Prix and the first race didn't go very well, but you think "Alright, time to get serious!"
Wowok by Thiefoworld

You're on the final part of the 3rd lap and you're in 1st place! But then you hear a blue shell approaching.
Ohhellno by Thiefoworld

You throw a red shell to a racer in front of you, and it hits a damn banana peel!
Facechel by Thiefoworld

When you try to take that shortcut but it all turns out so wrong and you end up losing more time
Sostupid by Thiefoworld

You're doing very well, but then like 3 shells hit you in a row, then you trip over a banana peel and you're just recovering when a heavy racer hits you and pushes you out of the track, it's a carnage! and you're from 2nd to 11th in 3.2 seconds.
Hahahaow by Thiefoworld

When you're about to cross the finish line and a bloody racer comes out ot OF NOWHERE! and steals the place that was rightfully yours.
Waaaaat by Thiefoworld

But when the opposite happens, YOU are the one who comes out of nowhere and manage to win the race with just a split second of difference
Omg4 by Thiefoworld

You can see the finish line just a few meters ahead, but see a shell approaching from behind... but you're just about to get there!
Nu by Thiefoworld

When the race is over and you lost but your friend who won is all happy 
Bitch by Thiefoworld

But when you are the one who wins and your friends are the ones frustrated you are like:
Ohh by Thiefoworld

When despite your best efforts, you end up in 12th place... and now you actually have to finish the race!
Foreveralone by Thiefoworld

So yeah, Mario Kart: destroying friendships since 1992. At the end though, you always end up like
Thatwasfun by Thiefoworld

Hi guys! How have you been?

Imsexy3 by Thiefoworld

There are a couple of things I wanted to say about Daily Deviations, they're not really new but I think is worth mentioning them. Besides, I'll do a little dance for your viewing pleasure. Here it goes.

Bailo15a by Thiefoworld

Vector & Vexel

I want to remind you guys that in the meantime there is(are) a new volunteer(s) for Vector and Vexel, you can send your suggestions to either Moonbeam13 or me. I'm personally trying to give more love to these categories during this time, and just as part of that, the latest edition of Digitally Delicious focused precisely on Vector! Another one for Vexel is on the works too! So if you have suggestions for these categories, don't hesitate to send them my way! I don't receive many of them :P

Also! If you are up for the job, why don't you apply?


In the past I never gave much importance to DD descriptions and therefore almost never included them in my selections. I'm also one of those who believe art can speak for itself and that I shouldn't feel the necessity to "defend" my selections, if you don't see something great in them even if you try, it's quite probable you won't do it even if I try to explain it to you, art speaks for everyone differently and somehow I feel saying why I like something is like imposing my own views.

However with time I've come to realize that maybe that's seeing things from the wrong perspective and descriptions aren't meant to impose anything, or at least, if managed correctly, they shouldn't. But rather they should be seen as an opportunity to give more focus on the traits of the piece and why it was selected. Also let's be honest, sometimes at first glance is not obvious why a deviation was selected, the description can help you see why. Besides, from experience I know the majority of the community appreciate them greatly, specially the people receiving them.

So with that in mind, since some weeks ago I've been trying to include more of them. I still might feature a few without them, but I'm trying my best to include them every time. This is not always that easy though! But guess what? You can help me!

Since I wasn't giving them importance before, I never included this in my guidelines, as other volunteers do, but I'm highly encouraging you to include a reason or a proposed description in your suggestions now. They're not mandatory of course, you can still send me your suggestions with no text at all, I don't mind, but they're highly appreciated, you can help me with that! :) Just please note that this doesn't mean for sure  I'll include your description every time. I might or might not, don't take it personally if I don't!

Dance intermission!
Bailo15b by Thiefoworld
Ok, let's continue.

Popularity and previous DDs

Me, like many other volunteers, see DDs as an opportunity to give more exposure to relatively unknown artists, so I've always given special preference to deviants with not many views and/or favourites and with no previous DDs, with just a very few exceptions.

While this remains true, I still try to give certain preference to these unknown artists, this doesn't mean I definitely won't feature a "popular" artist or that if you already have one or two DDs there is NO way I'll feature you again. I think DDs should reflect the community and the given category as a whole and thus, include artworks from various skill levels, diverse themes, styles and mediums and even popularity levels alike. Besides, popular deviants also deserve to be given DDs! So I'm relaxing this point a bit and I might do even more exceptions from now on. So don't hesitate to send your suggestions even if you consider the deviant is already "popular" or if they already have DDs. (The only thing that remains unchanged is that I certainly can't feature a deviant in a time span of less than 6 months)

If you have any doubt or concern about this, or if you totally disagree with some of it, don't hesitate to go and rethink your life leave a comment below! :D

Digitally Delicious: May 21st

Wed May 21, 2014, 8:00 AM
Features from the Digital Art galleries.

Under the Moonlight by CodiBear
Under the Moonlight by CodiBear

Kitten by LimKis
Kitten by LimKis

Samus: Day 01 by ChasingArtwork
Samus: Day 01 by ChasingArtwork

Bubbleye Gum by dracoimagem-com
Bubbleye Gum by dracoimagem-com

Blink-bethlehem by romidion
Blink-bethlehem by romidion

Matryoshka doll by TheDigitalMethod
Matryoshka doll by TheDigitalMethod

Sell her cute stuff by lerms
Sell her cute stuff by lerms

You Are Who You Choose To Be by tanoshiboy
You Are Who You Choose To Be by tanoshiboy

Catarsis by Helbetico
Catarsis by Helbetico

beatles: yellow submarine: pepperland by strongstuff
beatles: yellow submarine: pepperland by strongstuff

Hooligan by Aseo
Hooligan by Aseo

From The Dark Past by MkDsg
From The Dark Past by MkDsg

ID Commissions

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:24 AM
thiefoworld by Thiefoworldjimmyelshaman by ThiefoworldAthos-of-light by Thiefoworldwreckling by Thiefoworld
Moonbeam13 by ThiefoworldEindraa by ThiefoworldHachirota by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias2b by Thiefoworld
Wintersread by ThiefoworldAstralseed by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias by ThiefoworldOperia by Thiefoworld

Have you ever wanted a picture of yourself in a cute cartoony style with a big head and making you look cuter than you actually are?

Well, now is your chance!

Payment methods

They'll be 600 :points: each (or 700 :points: if you want to include a second character and/or extra elements), that's barely $7.5 USD! There are some burgers more expensive than that!

To make a request, check the Commissions Widget in my profile and ask for yours! OR if you have Paypal you can also make your payment directly through there, in which case, send me a note so we can discuss the details. I'll be charging only $7 USD for requests made directly through Paypal! (or $8 USD for IDs with extra elements)

Information needed

When making your request be sure to include the following:

  • A description and/or reference of how you look (or the character you want me to draw)
  • A color for the background.
  • By default I'll add your username as it is, if you want something else please say so in advance!

Jane-beata by ThiefoworldBurgerbunny by ThiefoworldThewritingdragon by ThiefoworldPiratelotus-stock by Thiefoworld
Shyree2 by ThiefoworldHeidi2 by ThiefoworldMadizzlee by ThiefoworldCodenamepanther by Thiefoworld

Current requests list

Here you'll find the list of pending requests you have so you can have an idea of when you'll receive your ID. I try to keep this list always up to date, so you can always come back and check how your request is coming along.

[ I'm also open for more complex commissions, if you're interested let me know and we can discuss the price ]

So! ... I can't believe this, but I just finished all the pendings I had so I can breath again. It has been a while since the last time this happened so I decided to celebrate it! ... by writing a journal /o/

How have I been? Thanks for asking! Well as I mentioned, I was busy finishing some commissioned work but now that I finished it I'm ready to enjoy a fun weekend full of nothing to do.

Since I have some free time again, I might open commission for IDs next week. I knoooow! You're all screaming of excitement, I get it.

I'll finally tackle all these piled up suggestions. I have 150-something notes to check but I promise I'll check all of them this weekend!

Also, Astralseed and diphylla recently joined the dark side so now there are 4 of us looking after the main Digital Art gallery, yay! It's awesome because they've been injecting some life to Digitalists already and some awesome stuffs are in the plans, including chat events, so I highly recommend you +watch the group!

Hopefully this will also mean the suggestions will be more distributed between us 4 because right now, the time is taking me from the moment I receive a suggestion to the moment I feature it is of... ehemm :cough: around 3 months. Yup! I still have some notes from january waiting to be featured!  This is from the time I was the only one in digital, but now with 4 of us hopefully these response times will decrease considerably.

I'll also finally resume my Digitally Delicious series, last one was from february! But they'll be back next week. Anyway, also remember that I also feature a lot of awesome digital art through Tumblr, and a lot of these features come from your suggestions!


Eurovision is coming! I started early this year and was following a lot of the national selections closely... it's the last time I do it, because I get so much frustration when my favourites don't make it! Haha. Some of my favourites this year include Greece, Italy, Albania, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Russia and my favourite at the moment, Ukraine. So many great songs this year. Any Eurovision fans around here?

I'm also getting prepared to go to San Diego Comic Con for the first time! I'm so excited, it's gonna be awesome! I'll go with jimmyelshaman and some of my friends, SaiyaGina, SiliceB, akimaro, kenshymidzu and battleangel2012. Jimmy and I will be staying with wreckling. Let's see who else I get to meet! We'll also be staying a few extra days and will go to Disneyland. I miss Disneyland, the last time I went was in 1998. Wow that was 16 years ago! Some of you didn't even exist then :granny: ... Anyway, any of you is going?  

How are you all? Tell me something interesting :meow:

I'm falling behind my suggestions lately, yes AGAIN. This also goes to the people I owe IDs from the giveaway I held a few weeks ago; sorry for the delay!

I'm currently about to finish I big project (outside DA) and I need to do it this week, so I'm focusing all my energy to that, and between that and other stuff offline, I don't have much time to do anything around here. Sorry for the lack of Digitally Delicious articles as well!
The thing is that right after this project I already have another one in line so the most probable thing is that I'll continue to check suggestions and do articles and all that rather slowly for yet some time.

Remember that I ALWAYS check all my suggestions, so if you've sent me one and more than 2 weeks have passed and I haven't checked it yet, is not that it got lost or I ignored it, I'll eventually check it. Also, I hope to finish the IDs I owe this week... next week tops! They're finished now! Thanks for your patience!

Doin' it better than right

Thu Feb 27, 2014, 8:54 PM
:iconwreckling: said I started it, but of course I didn't! :noes: I dunno what he's talking about. Anyway, yeah.

So, following Trevor's example and to don't make this journal completely useless, here's the song I've been obsessed with for the last few days.

If Sandra gets to win Eesti Laul 2014, she'll automatically become my top favourite to win Eurovision this year :3
How beautiful is the estonian language?

Hi everyone!

IDs Giveaway

Mon Feb 10, 2014, 10:07 AM
So! Here are the results! First, here is a list of all participants, listed in the order they commented on the journal:

And here are the numbers generated with the help of

Therefore, the lucky winners are:

5 dathie  | 39 Astralseed | 3 Justyne | 36 GohanLuvVidel

Congrats! :clap:
You'll be contacted via note soon!

Original journal:

Ever wanted an ID like these?

Davidimir2 by ThiefoworldHeidi by ThiefoworldJane-beata by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias by Thiefoworld
Operia by ThiefoworldWintersread by ThiefoworldTana-jo by ThiefoworldSavagebinn by Thiefoworld

I know! You've wanted one for a million years! Well, now is your opportunity!

The generous phoenixleo was generous enough to pre-pay for 4 of these and now is time to give them away! How is this going to work?

Comment on this journal to enter. Is that simple! No need to fav the journal, no need to be watching me.

(Though, that is also appreciated, I'm not saying is forbidden or anything :eyes:)

  • The catch? You'll need to share with me an awesome deviation, could be from somebody else or one of your own. Include a link or a thumbnail (search for a code in the right part of the deviation page that looks something like this: :thumb4331169142:, you need a PM to be able to add thumbnails to comments though)
  • Just one comment per person, just one deviation per comment. Only comments that include a thumbnail or link will be considered.
  • Comments will be open until Wednesday at 10:00 pm PST, because that's the hour I go to bed Meow :3
  • Using an online Random Generator, I'll select 4 lucky participants who will win one ID each. Winners will be announced sometime between thursday and friday.
  • In addition to that, the pieces that catch my eye will be featured on next week's edition of Digitally Delicious!

Shyree2 by ThiefoworldRiemea by ThiefoworldAlexrashid by ThiefoworldHachirota by Thiefoworld
Arichy by ThiefoworldThegalleryofeve by ThiefoworldEindraa by ThiefoworldFluffylink by Thiefoworld

So, in a nutshell: comment in this journal including an awesome deviation, of your own or somebody else's, and get the chance to win an ID, for your or somebody else. You have until wednesday!

Good luck!

(BTW, commission requests for these will be open soon! ... well, not TOO soon, but... soon Bucktooth)

Did you know?

That I am not the only volunteer who takes suggestions for general Digital Art? That's right! Recently (as in, just yesterday =P) mamiffer started taking suggestions for the category again!

High five mamiffer!

If you want to suggest to mamiffer you can check his guidelines here (mine are always on my profile conveniently placed on the top left)

Want more options?

But that's not all! If you check FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? all the way down to the bottom, you'll see there are also other admins who take suggestions for either Digital Art or all areas, so you have a good group of people you can send your suggestions to!

:iconmamiffer: :iconthiefoworld: :iconkozispoon: :iconekud: :iconikue: :iconthunderstatement: :iconfourteenthstar: :iconmoonbeam13:

So now you know! Happy suggesting!

P.S. Oh! And btw we're still looking for people to join the Digital Art team! (and other open spots) check the current openings and the instructions to apply!

Why is this a DD?

Mon Jan 27, 2014, 4:21 PM
For a looong, long time these kind of comments used to bother me. Comments like "I don't get why this is a DD", "This shouldn't be a DD" or "I've seen far better works that deserve to be DDs more than this", etc. They always made me want to strangle the person saying it.

However my appreciation for these kind of comments has changed over the years and I've grown to even kinda like them :lol: I almost see them as compliments in disguise now. You see...

As we all know, what is art is different for everyone and as human beings, we're bound to disagree constantly about what we consider art. And that's ok. The same art is not for everyone. Some might appreciate certain pieces while others will hate them and others simply won't understand them. And that's ok. I see them as a reminder that we are different and we all see things differently.

I also believe art should cause a reaction on the viewer, be positive or negative, otherwise is something boring that is just there. So if a piece of art makes you feel something, remind you of something or make you react in some way, from that very moment, it already achieved it's purpose, even if the reaction was of disgust, hate or incomprehension. Maybe that was the artist's intention from the very beginning!

So as you can see, comments like "This is so beautiful" or "Wow, this is so incredible!" are a good sign the art in question is good because it caused a reaction on the viewer... the same as "This is disgusting". They're both sides of the same coin. The fact someone comments "I don't get why this is a DD"  is a reaction caused by the art featured and it was strong enough to make the person invest some energy and take the time to type a comment and then click "Submit comment". So, if you are the featured artist and you receive this kind of comments, don't feel bad! Congrats! Your creation is indeed a piece of art that caused a reaction on someone.

Looking back at my own selections from the past [almost] year and a half, sometimes I wonder if I'm not playing on the safe side of the field and are always selecting pieces I know in advance the community will like, because they're pretty, so is obvious most people will like them. Not saying this is a bad thing, but as a Community Volunteer  I want to represent my community as a whole through my selections, in this case, Digital Art, which is huuuuge and insanely diverse, so my selections should be equally diverse, and that includes featuring artworks from various skill levels, techniques, themes and genres... and that also includes once in a while featuring deviations not all people will appreciate.

It will be a personal purpose for 2014 to strive to select more pieces that will cause more varied reactions on the community. Pieces that will make you think, make you take a second look, spark some conversation and that will make you wonder, precisely; "Why is this a DD?".

Have you ever wondered why I almost never include a description on my selections? Well, there are various reasons for that, I might explain all of them in another journal, but this is part of the reason; if you can't see immediatly why I featured the piece, I want you to take a second look and try to understand it by your own. Sometimes you'll take a closer look and you'll see why, sometimes you still won't get it. But if you can't see it by yourself, it's highly unlikely a small blurb from me on the DD description will make you change your mind. You're of course, free to note me if this happens and I will happily try to explain my reasons, but is something I won't do on the deviation itself.

So, while I'll still be featuring impressive artworks because of the incredible execution and skill level of the artist, and it will be obvious why I featured them, I'll try to feature less obvious pieces more often. This doesn't mean I'll feature deviations of below-average quality or of questionable legitimacy, etc. It's neither a matter of featuring controversial pieces just for the sake of provoking drama. It's a matter of trying to reflect the wide variety of submissions to the Digital Art gallery, which at times, not everybody will appreciate the same way.

And guess what? Part of this will only be possible with your help! I want you to try to be diverse in your suggestions. You're more than encouraged to send suggestions for pieces you believe are not like what you see featured everyday. I smile everytime I see a suggestion for a deviation that is different :)  Remember we have a big bunch of sub-categories in Digital Art, such as Political, Pop-Art, Psychedelic, just to mention a few, which I think could be better represented in the DDs if we work together. Lately I'm taking more time to browse art on my own, but your suggestions are always highly appreciated. So I'll be waiting for your suggestions! Don't be shy!