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April Fools Caption Contest Winners

Thu Apr 17, 2014, 10:58 AM

Thanks to all participants from the April Fools Caption Contest! With any further delay, here are the winners of each photo.

Pixel-spotlight (and L33tc4k3) by Thiefoworld
"Hey Charllllllieee! Lets go to Candy Mountain!" - Spiritdream12

Pixel-spotlight (and DEVlANT) by Thiefoworld
"The cold never bothered me anyway." - puffugu

Timberclipse by Thiefoworld
"How to make a Harry Potter Goblet of Fire bubble spell cosplay..." - GillianIvy

Astralseed by Thiefoworld
Cat: "That's it! This is the last time I look for a roommate on Craigslist!" - Sserenita

3wyl by Thiefoworld
"And I want some cake... and some ice cream... and some hot fudge... and some chocolate milk... THEN you can have your sweater back!" - WDWParksGal

Diphylla by Thiefoworld
Fella: "He's right behind me, isn't he...?" - ShackledMuse

Fionacreates by Thiefoworld
"What do you mean it doesn't look natural??" - Sserenita

Celticstrm-stock by Thiefoworld
"Ha! We got the blanket first!" - MiloticScale

Thiefoworld by Thiefoworld
"Life gave me melons.. and it was good!" - darkoracle21

Piratelotus-stock by Thiefoworld
"DAT ASS~" - Nox-ious

Alexandrasalas by Thiefoworld
"For the hundredth time, we ARE NOT hugging! We sat in honey and now we are stuck together!" - Sserenita

Singingflames by Thiefoworld
"You expect me to eat half a sammich? This is clearly an uncompromisable violation of the constitution of sammiches." - NickKartha

Kovowolf by Thiefoworld
"FUSION HAAAAA" - RhynWilliams

Moonbeam13 by Thiefoworld
the power
THE TOOTHBRUSH." - puffugu

"Pardon me, but there seems to be a mistake...I believe I asked Santa for a pony" - Sserenita

Gimp by Thiefoworld
"Wait, Wait, Wait I'll Use The Force!!!" - Growlie26

"So then, the bear was all like GRRRR! so naturally I had to be like GRRRRR!!!!" - TheWritingDragon

"Why yes, coffee does turn me into a psychopathic Harrison Ford." - NickKartha

Anoya by Thiefoworld
"'Wow, Mom, the grass on this side is really greener!' - MafiaVamp

Kozispoon And Ikue by Thiefoworld
"Is that what I think it is? The new iPhone? Really!" - NickKartha

"- And Chris, this one is for you!
-Oh, my. :eyes:" - MiloticScale

Laurenkitsune by Thiefoworld
"What you're seeing now is my normal form." - Growlie26

"admins - suit up! we have a new mission for you" - dathie

wreckling by Thiefoworld
"An E! true Hollywood Exclusive reveals the true source of the Cowardly Lion's supposed "courage". " - Sserenita

"♪ In the jungle, the drawing jungle
This lion's drinking wine.
In the jungle, the drawing jungle
This lion's drinking wine. ♪" - goldnretriever

DEVlANT by Thiefoworld
"Big Pikachu used Slam. It was very effective. The face has been smashed." - MafiaVamp

Y2jenn And Renonevada by Thiefoworld
"two thumb barrier.... unbeatable!" - RhynWilliams

Renonevada by Thiefoworld
"Giirrrllll, do you like my hair! It is SO retro!!" - WDWParksGal

Damphyr by Thiefoworld
"This raft ain't big enough for the ten of us!" - kozispoon

"Wait let me poke It!" - Growlie26

codenamepanther and helloandre by Thiefoworld
"Diz is mai unicorn and I ain't givin' it to you!" - MafiaVamp

randomduck by Thiefoworld
"I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing." - Sserenita

Ginkgografix by Thiefoworld
"Take the picture before my dog...
"PHOTOBOMB!" :iconhappehdanceplz:" - TheWritingDragon

Lyricanna by Thiefoworld
"...and for my next impression...Mr. peanut!" - Sserenita

Makepictures by Thiefoworld
Baby: "zero serving two...I just made a poo poo" - Sserenita

Ry-Spirit by Thiefoworld
"and once again, hatsune miku is photobombing" - dathie

Myraincheck by Thiefoworld
"I hope this game is over soon...I need to pee!" - Sserenita

Yumeruby by Thiefoworld

Distortedsmile by Thiefoworld
"Day 20: They still think I'm a lion... I could enjoy free meat for a while" - icy-ciel

Pica-ae by Thiefoworld
"GET READY TO SINK!......I mean, SAIL!!" - Icyfrost100

Congratulations everyone! :clap: Each of you gets a 3 months Premium Membership for each winner caption. Expect a note from me really soon!

See you in another Caption Contest in the future! :party:

Digitally Delicious: April 16th

Wed Apr 16, 2014, 8:00 AM
Unrest Mountain by bayardwu

HANAGASUMI by ss-sakura

I am the ocean. I am the sea. by Pusteblumex3

King of Death by kyzylhum

Sharp dressed man by 4steex

Crow by Doomov Crow by Doomov

Welcome to Gravity Town by daniellefw Welcome to Gravity Town by daniellefw

The Outskirts by bottleofgin The Outskirts by bottleofgin

Oz the Great and Powerful by daekazu  Oz the Great and Powerful by daekazu

moon over red land by KalaNemi moon over red land by KalaNemi

Elf scout by Allnamesinuse Elf scout by Allnamesinuse

Reunion by LAS-T  Reunion by LAS-T

Set plantroom 03b small by KarenKong Set plantroom 03b small by KarenKong

RPG Game Night by lorraine-schleter  RPG Game Night by lorraine-schleter

Lord of the Kraken by SteveArgyle Lord of the Kraken by SteveArgyle

Little Snow Queen by bramLeech Little Snow Queen by bramLeech

Earth Mage by tjota  Earth Mage by tjota

CHAPTER ONE   house of mirrors by Jornorinn  CHAPTER ONE house of mirrors by Jornorinn

Jack of clubs by LimKis  Jack of clubs by LimKis

Butterfly poison by Kindoffreak Butterfly poison by Kindoffreak

Flowers by pawelshogun  Flowers by pawelshogun

-Paranoia- by shley77 -Paranoia- by shley77

Crush by SimonWeaner Crush by SimonWeaner

...287... by MozolewskiMichal

Drowning by YannickBouchard

748 Max by LASAHIDO

Cloak by Wildweasel339

Relic by yigitkoroglu

Digitally Delicious: April 10th

Thu Apr 10, 2014, 4:02 PM
Ride it! by Brosa

Alchemist Guy by RobotDelEspacio Alchemist Guy by RobotDelEspacio

egipska noc by bubug egipska noc by bubug

Dancer by ArtofOkan Dancer by ArtofOkan

Vibrant River by Andybaileyart Vibrant River by Andybaileyart

Beautiful In White 21 by Amro0 Beautiful In White 21 by Amro0

Declan O'Dwyer by CBedford Declan O'Dwyer by CBedford

Black is the Ace by Altalamatox Black is the Ace by Altalamatox

Thelxiepeia by Hollllow Thelxiepeia by Hollllow

sketch(Rocket for a poet) by Sylar113

Pumchan and company by PitiYindee Pumchan and company by PitiYindee

Sky Valkyrie by naturaljuice Sky Valkyrie by naturaljuice

Nolavon - commission by Feohria Nolavon - commission by Feohria

false gods protector by kir-tat false gods protector by kir-tat

psychoactive by uprising93 psychoactive by uprising93

Sunlight by IACG Sunlight by IACG

Red Dragon by gonzalokenny Red Dragon by gonzalokenny

Helios by yuchenghong Helios by yuchenghong

Protector Of the Ancients by draken4o Protector Of the Ancients by draken4o

Lake Monster - Plan B by artsangel

Blue Dragon by Luk999 Blue Dragon by Luk999

See No Evil by Zelkats See No Evil by Zelkats

Sweet, Strange Dream by eajna Sweet, Strange Dream by eajna

Lyssian by Axarch Lyssian by Axarch

eat you by psydrevo eat you by psydrevo

22 11 13 A by TobiTrebeljahr 22 11 13 A by TobiTrebeljahr

Constellation: Gemini by neelyA Constellation: Gemini by neelyA

Sister of the Night by Selenada Sister of the Night by Selenada

Ace of Spades - Clean by gerezon Ace of Spades - Clean by gerezon

The Butterfly by ertacaltinoz

ID Commissions

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:24 AM
thiefoworld by Thiefoworldjimmyelshaman by ThiefoworldAthos-of-light by Thiefoworldwreckling by Thiefoworld
Moonbeam13 by ThiefoworldEindraa by ThiefoworldHachirota by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias2b by Thiefoworld
Wintersread by ThiefoworldAstralseed by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias by ThiefoworldOperia by Thiefoworld

Have you ever wanted a picture of yourself in a cute cartoony style with a big head and making you look cuter than you actually are?

Well, now is your chance!

Payment methods

They'll be 600 :points: each (or 700 :points: if you want to include a second character and/or extra elements), that's barely $7.5 USD! There are some burgers more expensive than that!

To make a request, check the Commissions Widget in my profile and ask for yours! OR if you have Paypal you can also make your payment directly through there, in which case, send me a note so we can discuss the details. I'll be charging only $7 USD for requests made directly through Paypal! (or $8 USD for IDs with extra elements)

Information needed

When making your request be sure to include the following:

  • A description and/or reference of how you look (or the character you want me to draw)
  • A color for the background.
  • By default I'll add your username as it is, if you want something else please say so in advance!

Jane-beata by ThiefoworldBurgerbunny by ThiefoworldThewritingdragon by ThiefoworldPiratelotus-stock by Thiefoworld
Shyree2 by ThiefoworldHeidi2 by ThiefoworldMadizzlee by ThiefoworldCodenamepanther by Thiefoworld

Current requests list

Here you'll find the list of pending requests you have so you can have an idea of when you'll receive your ID. I try to keep this list always up to date, so you can always come back and check how your request is coming along.

[ I'm also open for more complex commissions, if you're interested let me know and we can discuss the price ]

So! ... I can't believe this, but I just finished all the pendings I had so I can breath again. It has been a while since the last time this happened so I decided to celebrate it! ... by writing a journal /o/

How have I been? Thanks for asking! Well as I mentioned, I was busy finishing some commissioned work but now that I finished it I'm ready to enjoy a fun weekend full of nothing to do.

Since I have some free time again, I might open commission for IDs next week. I knoooow! You're all screaming of excitement, I get it.

I'll finally tackle all these piled up suggestions. I have 150-something notes to check but I promise I'll check all of them this weekend!

Also, Astralseed and diphylla recently joined the dark side so now there are 4 of us looking after the main Digital Art gallery, yay! It's awesome because they've been injecting some life to Digitalists already and some awesome stuffs are in the plans, including chat events, so I highly recommend you +watch the group!

Hopefully this will also mean the suggestions will be more distributed between us 4 because right now, the time is taking me from the moment I receive a suggestion to the moment I feature it is of... ehemm :cough: around 3 months. Yup! I still have some notes from january waiting to be featured!  This is from the time I was the only one in digital, but now with 4 of us hopefully these response times will decrease considerably.

I'll also finally resume my Digitally Delicious series, last one was from february! But they'll be back next week. Anyway, also remember that I also feature a lot of awesome digital art through Tumblr, and a lot of these features come from your suggestions!


Eurovision is coming! I started early this year and was following a lot of the national selections closely... it's the last time I do it, because I get so much frustration when my favourites don't make it! Haha. Some of my favourites this year include Greece, Italy, Albania, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Russia and my favourite at the moment, Ukraine. So many great songs this year. Any Eurovision fans around here?

I'm also getting prepared to go to San Diego Comic Con for the first time! I'm so excited, it's gonna be awesome! I'll go with jimmyelshaman and some of my friends, SaiyaGina, SiliceB, akimaro, kenshymidzu and battleangel2012. Jimmy and I will be staying with wreckling. Let's see who else I get to meet! We'll also be staying a few extra days and will go to Disneyland. I miss Disneyland, the last time I went was in 1998. Wow that was 16 years ago! Some of you didn't even exist then :granny: ... Anyway, any of you is going?  

How are you all? Tell me something interesting :meow:

April Fools Caption Contest

Mon Mar 31, 2014, 9:15 PM

Remember the contest ends tomorrow!
Get the chance to win a Premium Membership just by leaving a comment!

What would an April Fools day be without some good ol' fun?

This is YOUR opportunity to mock, ridicule and generally take great delight and amusement whilst poking fun at the beloved Volunteers and Staff of deviantART.

How to play!

All you have to do is go to the April Fools 2014 Gallery Folder, click on each image, and leave a comment which you think is a fitting caption!

wreckling by Thiefoworld Fionacreates by Thiefoworld Y2jenn And Renonevada by Thiefoworld

Try to come up with something funny, and remember - our usual etiquette policy still applies!

Contest will close 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on April 5th.

The Prizes

A 3-month Premium Membership for the best caption of each photo! (and that is no joke!)

Have fun! :party:

Digital Art DD RoundUp - March 2014

Mon Mar 31, 2014, 9:23 AM
Features by etherealbeast

Golden Snake by Nivalis70 White Stallion by BLACKNIGHTINGALE81 Butterfly Dreams by WeijiC Imagination Fairy by inagiViTy
creature in the well- treasure hunt page 7 by travisJhanson Master and slave by yousaf-ejaz Leopard Girl by bayardwu In Dark Times by chaoslavawolf
Forest of Secrets / Personal work by Gpzang Souleater Concept Sketch by MitchGrave The Deceiver by Gido Name by raqmo
summer melody by pettryb Hidden Falls Alternate by TavenerScholar Tende by colorcaust Prairie Dog Western by Scummy
Iluq in her canoe by beavotron On The Hill by sprogis7 First Snow by Wickfield Colorbear1 by MY-METAL-HAND
Sun Crystal Collector by Suiatsu Coming home after the battle! by BramLeegwater autumn leaves by MartinBailly Sacrifice by johnderekmurphy
Wood Golem by AldoK forest by Manadhiel The Wendigo. by BPuig Commission - Tyra and Marthin getting supplies by Pehesse

Features by Thiefoworld

environment 3 by luludraws Anchiano by the-fogz Dinosaur Toy Parade by freestarisis Deer by PaxsonArt
Get the YORE! Collected edition for FREE! by STUDIOBLINKTWICE Lake by dkfktl1004 The Legend of Oganach by Ehetere Massive Black Workshop Live Demo by EytanZana
Corrupted Throne by HippyHoudini espantalho by noiaillustration Natmada The Exiled by adamtanart Luminara Good News by EstevesLuis
2000 by xiongrong Flashback by god-loves-ice free hugzzz by AnnaGabrie kawka by maudt
Tunnel Vision by maddagone Sea Nymph and her pet Dragon by aerobicsalmon Dragon by Jasinai Frozenwind by tomvanrheenen
I am not a robot by Llassie Yin and Yang animation (+tutorial +download) by DS-DNA Earthling by Mimiu78 Moon Moth by amberli
Amiz by Mnoloconic Bouquet by digitallyImpaired Strange Land by PuddingPack Sunset by Yaroslava9999
No Title by Bo-Po-Mo-Fo Observing the passage of time by CristianAC Tropic by Yechii

Features by diphylla

stars in this water by GabrielRano When she was six by AquaSixio River Speed Paint by Happy-Mutt Alien Tourist Remake by gagatka27

Features by Astralseed

The river color of the sun by AlsaresNoLynx Paperwork by randyotter Breaking Lab by patrickballesteros The Bear Boy by KnockOut36

Features by Moonbeam13

Body Building by Eyemelt Fifth Labour by Doton-Element

Features by Thunderstatement

Stalking the prey ( Striking Scorpion) by peopleofunitedstates Help Render 01 by Svjeeta Emperor - The Sage by Gillesketting Conjuror by TALONABRAXAS

Muro Challenge Fun #46 - Winner

Fri Mar 21, 2014, 9:40 AM
Last week's challenge is over and is now time to announce the winner!

The theme for this challenge was: What's your favourite element? Fire? Earth? Wind? Water? Draw yourself in an elemental costume, using your favourite element!

A lot of creative entries, you're all so wacky! :stare: Here are some special mentions:

Loville loves bugs... or maybe she doesn't?

I wonder if vezun got inspiration from Disney's hercules to picture himself as an earth titan?

It seems that RhynWilliams loves to blow... or so I've heard...

Oh I get it! etherealbeast's element is... dog pee?

And finally, the winner is....

By St4lk, who apparently likes to use a grass armor!

Congrats! :clap:

Want to win a 3-months Premium Membership, just like St4lk? Keep an eye on the DrawPLZ forum, where there is a challenge like this [almost] every week!

I'm falling behind my suggestions lately, yes AGAIN. This also goes to the people I owe IDs from the giveaway I held a few weeks ago; sorry for the delay!

I'm currently about to finish I big project (outside DA) and I need to do it this week, so I'm focusing all my energy to that, and between that and other stuff offline, I don't have much time to do anything around here. Sorry for the lack of Digitally Delicious articles as well!
The thing is that right after this project I already have another one in line so the most probable thing is that I'll continue to check suggestions and do articles and all that rather slowly for yet some time.

Remember that I ALWAYS check all my suggestions, so if you've sent me one and more than 2 weeks have passed and I haven't checked it yet, is not that it got lost or I ignored it, I'll eventually check it. Also, I hope to finish the IDs I owe this week... next week tops! They're finished now! Thanks for your patience!
Features by etherealbeast

Once a God by Balaskas The Luck Uglies by petura ARCH088 by Yip-Lee The Falls by chicinlicin
Chickies Walk by SaraCuervo Cover Illustration - ImagineFX #106 by wylielise Frost by Fataldose LOUIE by jusscope
Panda Culture Shock by Steph-Laberis Precious than any treasure by galgard Forest Guardians by abigbat Mr.Blu-Ray by thinkd
Tails by DmitryGrebenkov At the Mountains of Madness_3_Howard  Lovecraft by ivany86 Magic Man's Crib by MoulinBleu Father by andrewmar
SUCH SAD Unicorn prince by SeaGerdy Run penguin, run! by pikaole Coffee Elves by chimpansy Hell by imperioli
lFMA by Iulia24 Waterfall by Kinotastic Boss Fight! by bear65 Verdant by CobraVenom

Features by Thiefoworld

Memorial by Paperheadman Sky Captain: Duke Wyndewalker by brainleakage Enginner by SrGrafo High level berserker by ZhangQipeng
Serpentes Antiqua by Eyardt mr ego by at-home-in-space Glowing Pyramids | Animation | HD by Dario999 Intersection by REYKAT
Save by kusodesign Parent by TeijoLahtinen White ugly duckling by vandervals Right in two by MirageMari
Sword and Spear by DiegooCunha Love by ales-kotnik Transmission by raphis Silver Bells by ShooterK
Celestial Turtle by lordFelwynn Guardian's Crusade - The World by LongJh Thousands of Years Asleep by Joel-Lagerwall ___803wp by kikanji
FSM by jo-nah Barcelona by matty17art ChinchillAbstract by Konveekou Prince Drakkhen by preciteran
Innocence by Numoy Forest Scouts  by hungrybird Dark Black by ADB9 daemon and angel by GaudiBuendia

Features by Moonbeam13

Lethal splendor by AliceYuric Little Red Riding Hood by ailah Indraprastha by desmondWOOT Reciprocal: Create and Destroy by NoxEvo
Coffee Break by elenichols PW Battle Art by Sinto-risky Galloping Storm by EternaLegend Cherry pop by jussta
Offering by Alisaryn

Features by Thunderstatement

Cradle: Crucible by JoshEiten Coastal Vigil by SamC-Art FLESH BALL!!!( Why Is Everything Alive?) by AugustinasRaginskis Fire Elemental by DrawingNightmare
Two sides of a Battle by LucasParolin La Conscience by theartofTenia fujin and raijin by Omuk Returned Phalanx, MTG by Seb-M
Ave Maris Stella Silentum by glitchritual Flitterstep Eidolon by chasestone Cyclops by jameszapata

Features by Ikue

Matrioshka by NightyNat TMNT by Ancorgil

Celebrating Diversity #47

Fri Feb 28, 2014, 11:35 AM
Enjoy some pieces from different genres, mediums and themes, in squares!

City Hair Girl Silk Screen Print by Iraville Hogwarts by johnnygreek989 The Prophet [T-shirt] by Versiris 4in Octopus by goosezilla :thumb436229052: Like Father Like Son  1986 by Paul-Ashby Cyn and Mel - American Virgin by beckycloonan Pink Heroine by Alyz Skull Knight Silks by TheWoodenKing Kivanc Tatlitug by Amro0 Tip and Ozma by Xamag Glass hollow bead, plated with copper. by copperrein Lucas by Adam-Nowak Hair Styling by 0bsessi0n Borderlands - Lilith by BOMBATTACK .: Senorita :. by GokhanKaraag make me real by merdiven6ndaki DDF 17 - Donkey Kong by pacman23 Whereabouts of God 5 by hikarishimoda Red Robot by JorgeMarquez Reach Out For My Soul by oO-Rein-Oo DDF 05 - King Boo by pacman23 Nymph Thing by MumblingIdiot Naga Warrior by ATArts

"If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, part of life's exciting variety, not something to fear."
- Gene Roddenberry

Doin' it better than right

Thu Feb 27, 2014, 8:54 PM

:iconwreckling: said I started it, but of course I didn't! :noes: I dunno what he's talking about. Anyway, yeah.

So, following Trevor's example and to don't make this journal completely useless, here's the song I've been obsessed with for the last few days.

If Sandra gets to win Eesti Laul 2014, she'll automatically become my top favourite to win Eurovision this year :3
How beautiful is the estonian language?

Hi everyone!

Digitally Delicious: February 26th

Wed Feb 26, 2014, 10:06 AM
strange forest by velespainter

Cloaked in Cold by Herck Cloaked in Cold by Herck

Silence Sonata by 6kart Silence Sonata by 6kart

Goddess of Love Stage 4 by mictones Goddess of Love Stage 4 by mictones

DDatTL Promo 003 by TangoCharlieESQ DDatTL Promo 003 by TangoCharlieESQ

Windqueen by XiaoBotong Windqueen by XiaoBotong

: Bro' , Sis' and Mrs Peanut : by lehuss : Bro' , Sis' and Mrs Peanut : by lehuss

The Play by Lady-Werewolf The Play by Lady-Werewolf

Storm approaching by mad-jojo Storm approaching by mad-jojo

:bigthumb384254080: forest spirits by leere42

Emerging unharmed by LordDoomhammer

Charlize Theron in Snow White by AaronGriffinArt  Charlize Theron in Snow White by AaronGriffinArt

Inside my Heart by Linzu  Inside my Heart by Linzu

Water Goddess reg by Toru-meow Water Goddess reg by Toru-meow

HER, HIM, OURSELVES by marcocasalvieri HER, HIM, OURSELVES by marcocasalvieri

things understanding by GabrielRano  things understanding by GabrielRano

Keykeeper by rafa-insane  Keykeeper by rafa-insane

A Ton Of Love by Amarelle07  A Ton Of Love by Amarelle07

Flow by lulles Flow by lulles

Angel Of Judgment 2 by ArisT0te  Angel Of Judgment 2 by ArisT0te

In a Castle... by Matariil

Sorceror and Dragon by Irulana  Sorceror and Dragon by Irulana

Lady Goldfish Dress by webang111 Lady Goldfish Dress by webang111

Evil Dragon Vritra Advanced by AlexAlexandrov Evil Dragon Vritra Advanced by AlexAlexandrov

bangbanggang by maykrender bangbanggang by maykrender

minami wheel2013 by HR-FM  minami wheel2013 by HR-FM

The War Fairy by GeorgeLovesyArt  The War Fairy by GeorgeLovesyArt

Moondial Cover Design by henryz Moondial Cover Design by henryz

Mitten by Osato-kun Mitten by Osato-kun

Karabasan by Memed Karabasan by Memed

Golem by Nele-Diel

January/February 2014

Tue Feb 25, 2014, 7:47 AM

The Digital Art Team



Drawings & Paintings and Mixed Media


Drawings & Paintings and Mixed Media


Photomanipulation and Mixed Media


Photomanipulation and Mixed Media


3 Dimensional Art and Stereoscopy


Fractal Art


Pixel Art


Text & Typography


Sci-Fi and Space Art

Digital Art groups

:icondigitalists:  :iconcrphotomanipulation: :iconcrtextandtypography: :icontypoholics: :iconpixelcommunity: :icon3dmodeling: :iconthevexelgroup: :iconthevectorgroup: :iconmattespacing: :iconapophysis: :icondigital-artists: :iconrealm-of-fantasy:

Want to join the team?


General Digital Art News

People who take Digital Art suggestions

I've mentioned this before... but is worth mentioning it again, because why the hell not? :la:

Remember etherealbeast and Thiefoworld aren't the only people who take suggestions for the general Digital Art galleries, if you check FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? all the way to the
you'll see there is a list of staff members who also take suggestions for Digital Art and/or any gallery! So you have plenty of options!

:iconetherealbeast: :iconthiefoworld: :iconkozispoon: :iconekud: :iconikue: :iconthunderstatement: :iconfourteenthstar: :iconmoonbeam13:

Happy suggesting!

Digitally Delicious on tumblr

Want to receive awesome Digital Art in your dashboard everyday? Remember Digitally Delicious is also on tumblr, sharing great art curated by the community itself, on a daily basis!

If you click on the title at the
you'll see the options to browse through Daily Deviations and something new and fun: browse by color!

General Digital Art News and Features

:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: December 18th
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:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: January 1st
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: January 8th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: January 24th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: January 30th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: February 5th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: February 12th
:bulletwhite: Artistically Delicious: February 19th
:bulletwhite: Digital Art DD RoundUp - December 2013
:bulletwhite: Digital Art DD RoundUp - January 2014

Celestial Goddess by DennyKotian disguise by mybirdy Post apocalyptic 2 - A Girl And Her Dog by bumhand DNA STUDY by kyzylhum Mouse drawing by Know-Kname

Artistically Delicious: February 19th

Wed Feb 19, 2014, 8:00 AM
The Ocean Sky by desmondWOOT

ship research hangar by JimHatama

Sunset traveller - stone painting by AlviaAlcedo

Runa in the ruins by raptorscyte

PUGS by Maruuco

How to fall for a Pirate Assassin by KejaBlank

Capuchin by faboarts

Passion by katzz94

Percepaths by PiccolaRia

The Dream Coat by CBedford

Vitalitas by balaa

Calm place by FlashW

You are the sunshine. by Egil21

Sea devil by Kate-FoX

Marry the Night... by NanoMortis

Slave of Bolas by SteveArgyle

Sea Glow by mongrelmarie

Whale Chart of Awesome! by ripley4O77

DAISUKI by KeikoKup

He Who Fights Monsters by abstradreams

Deviantart by Jon-Lock

Digitally Delicious: February 12th

Wed Feb 12, 2014, 7:00 AM
Dream Deer by sherrae78

little girl 2 by SansaXIX

Elemental Lord by Changinghand

In the walls... by DejitaruDavis

Sleep... by DigitalCutti

~ Oasis City ~ by ChristianGerth

The Fish by Noldofinve

Risen from burning ashes by cat-meff

Zeros Blaze by EnferDeHell Zeros Blaze by EnferDeHell

The Shaman sketch (Kokochu the Eremit) by Phobs The Shaman sketch... by Phobs

Snake dragon by antilous Snake dragon by antilous

Mom? by WojciechFus

Swan of Tuonela by MartaNael  Swan of Tuonela by MartaNael

Winter - Turtle island by PagodaComics  Winter - Turtle island by PagodaComics

Fruit season by louten Fruit season by louten

Medieval Town by RhysGriffiths

Monarch by hibbary

The Order of Irradiance by mistermojo28 The Order of Irradiance by mistermojo28

Witch Fall by anotherwanderer  Witch Fall by anotherwanderer

The Dryad and the Traveler by kelleybean86  The Dryad and the Traveler by kelleybean86

Sign from Heaven by Aeon-Lux

Steampunk Isis by Valyavande

amulet by Amap0la

travel by blazewu travel by blazewu

Stardress by Mikandi Stardress by Mikandi

Time to thank by IcE-MarioTeodosio Time to thank by IcE-MarioTeodosio

Remember That Time by lost-tyrant

What did you say? by Kyoux

Revenge by kakotomirai

IDs Giveaway

Mon Feb 10, 2014, 10:07 AM
So! Here are the results! First, here is a list of all participants, listed in the order they commented on the journal:

And here are the numbers generated with the help of

Therefore, the lucky winners are:

5 dathie  | 39 Astralseed | 3 Justyne | 36 GohanLuvVidel

Congrats! :clap:
You'll be contacted via note soon!

Original journal:

Ever wanted an ID like these?

Davidimir2 by ThiefoworldHeidi by ThiefoworldJane-beata by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias by Thiefoworld
Operia by ThiefoworldWintersread by ThiefoworldTana-jo by ThiefoworldSavagebinn by Thiefoworld

I know! You've wanted one for a million years! Well, now is your opportunity!

The generous phoenixleo was generous enough to pre-pay for 4 of these and now is time to give them away! How is this going to work?

Comment on this journal to enter. Is that simple! No need to fav the journal, no need to be watching me.

(Though, that is also appreciated, I'm not saying is forbidden or anything :eyes:)

  • The catch? You'll need to share with me an awesome deviation, could be from somebody else or one of your own. Include a link or a thumbnail (search for a code in the right part of the deviation page that looks something like this: :thumb4331169142:, you need a PM to be able to add thumbnails to comments though)
  • Just one comment per person, just one deviation per comment. Only comments that include a thumbnail or link will be considered.
  • Comments will be open until Wednesday at 10:00 pm PST, because that's the hour I go to bed Meow :3
  • Using an online Random Generator, I'll select 4 lucky participants who will win one ID each. Winners will be announced sometime between thursday and friday.
  • In addition to that, the pieces that catch my eye will be featured on next week's edition of Digitally Delicious!

Shyree2 by ThiefoworldRiemea by ThiefoworldAlexrashid by ThiefoworldHachirota by Thiefoworld
Arichy by ThiefoworldThegalleryofeve by ThiefoworldEindraa by ThiefoworldFluffylink by Thiefoworld

So, in a nutshell: comment in this journal including an awesome deviation, of your own or somebody else's, and get the chance to win an ID, for your or somebody else. You have until wednesday!

Good luck!

(BTW, commission requests for these will be open soon! ... well, not TOO soon, but... soon Bucktooth)

Digitally Delicious: February 5th

Wed Feb 5, 2014, 8:00 AM
River Speed Paint by Happy-Mutt

Inspiration by Zzanthia Inspiration by Zzanthia

Re-Imagine by yuumei Re-Imagine by yuumei

Mayan by Lavah Mayan by Lavah

Kartikeya by K-Koji Kartikeya by K-Koji

The Hill by RadoJavor The Hill by RadoJavor

Ravel Second Form by SandroRybak Ravel Second Form by SandroRybak

My Neighbor Boletus by Morgainelefee My Neighbor Boletus by Morgainelefee

Spirit Hunt by telthona Spirit Hunt by telthona

I lampa ne gorit... by Lenika86 I lampa ne gorit... by Lenika86

20130318 by porxys

New Life by O-FON New Life by O-FON

Out of the Aeons by Noldofinve Out of the Aeons by Noldofinve

Reptile Lord by AlexKonstad Reptile Lord by AlexKonstad

The Mothman Clearing by Mag3llan The Mothman Clearing by Mag3llan

Lich Queen by AdrianDadich Lich Queen by AdrianDadich

The red lady by Sanskarans The red lady by Sanskarans

Temple of the North by jjpeabody

Sentrick Voluptua by DanteWontDie Sentrick Voluptua by DanteWontDie

Masquerade by OchreJelly Masquerade by OchreJelly

No One by Jace-Wallace No One by Jace-Wallace

Raarr by MoulinBleu Raarr by MoulinBleu

Beautiful In White 7 by Amro0 Beautiful In White 7 by Amro0

Lost ships by haryarti Lost ships by haryarti

La Collectionneuse by theartofTenia La Collectionneuse by theartofTenia

Limbs by Wildweasel339 Limbs by Wildweasel339

Beyond the horizon by agnidevi

Digital Art DD RoundUp - January 2014

Fri Jan 31, 2014, 9:00 AM
Features by Thiefoworld

A New Beginning by Chiakiro First Breath by CarolineRaquel Soulslumber by shende-bende Petals and Thorns by ChelseaHantken
Gotta Get Out by xabiersagasta do not feed the fish by enjuvarue Dialog by aoxenuk The Lady and the Volcano by Felicis
epoch by caephuier UNTITLED STARES by MJTILLUSTRATION 2013 Portraits by VijVij Cheshire by Kaheaniehal
Maihalt by AironMag Tom Hiddleston: Polygon Portrait by Kabudragon The Six Dragons by NZwolf Mermad by JohCn
Night market by Elle-Shengxuan-Shi XIX Salon del Manga poster entry by SebastianvonBuchwald C_colour by IgorOblomov Isabelle Kingdom Brunel by AlyFell
Sing from your Heart by Whisperwings The Red Shoes by mamiboo Jeanne d'Arc Red dress by inshoo1 Crow by MartaEmilia
Phantasmagoria by AcidAmbient Mist Spawn Titan by jbrown67 The Last Outpost by M0nkeyBread Bubble by Lord-of-the-slugs
Pisces by JadedSihx Phoenix Nest. by RighteousYouth Dragon arhat by white70WS

Features by etherealbeast

Flyby by freeminds

Features by Moonbeam13

Cerberus from the planet Shelezyaka by cyberkolbasa Forest Spirit - The Fox by outstarwalker Nahp-028 by Dezgardous From here you can see the whole world ... by PascalCampion
Fenghuang by Lily-Fu Foliage by xnhan00 On the rise by TARGETE Season 4 ,GLHF! by su-ke

Features by Thunderstatement

Hangoverium by nino4art Strangeness And Charm by Hel-gi Braindrain by Rubens-Oscroft Genesis by RodrigoICO
Battlefield by 88grzes

Features by Ikue

Angry by whatthehell123456789 Simple by eugeniaclara Do more by exageth And is Better by suqer

Digitally Delicious: January 30th

Thu Jan 30, 2014, 2:29 PM

Come To Life by Jon-Lock

On the beach by Amro0

Forgotten by HRFleur

Freedom by Selenada

Follow Me by neisbeis

Ancestors by black-dicefish

Eternal Monument by Nele-Diel

Halloween Blues by sabin-boykinov

Forest Spirit ERW 082013 by Mortainius88

7heaven landscape_wallpaper by ivany86

Ceremony of the Flame by merl1ncz

My World by ZERG118

CAT MASK - by DanLuVisiArt

- monkey king - by porkbun

MUSIC-KNIGHT-MAGE in the Magic of Sounds Frenzy by IosifChezan

The Seelie Court by selcoutherie

Lotus Dragon Hatchling by The-SixthLeafClover

LivingRoom BG by fateline-alpha

mine by artcobain

Cell Mutation by ZuluSplitter

Brofist from god by KuldarLeement

White Speaker - Blood Story by lokmanlam

The Sewers by Mag3llan

Bathing by gerezon

Near the castle by Fel-X

Abound Horrors by sakiroo

Spacewalk by hellcorpceo

FallenAngel by Cushart

The Great Devourment by Xeeming

Moth Mother by SkyWheel