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Digitally Delicious: May 21st

Wed May 21, 2014, 8:00 AM
Features from the Digital Art galleries.

Under the Moonlight by CodiBear
Under the Moonlight by CodiBear

Kitten by LimKis
Kitten by LimKis

Samus: Day 01 by ChasingArtwork
Samus: Day 01 by ChasingArtwork

Bubbleye Gum by dracoimagem-com
Bubbleye Gum by dracoimagem-com

Blink-bethlehem by romidion
Blink-bethlehem by romidion

Matryoshka doll by TheDigitalMethod
Matryoshka doll by TheDigitalMethod

Sell her cute stuff by lerms
Sell her cute stuff by lerms

You Are Who You Choose To Be by tanoshiboy

Catarsis by Helbetico
Catarsis by Helbetico

beatles: yellow submarine: pepperland by strongstuff
beatles: yellow submarine: pepperland by strongstuff

From The Dark Past by MkDsg
From The Dark Past by MkDsg

ID Commissions

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:24 AM
thiefoworld by Thiefoworldjimmyelshaman by ThiefoworldAthos-of-light by Thiefoworldwreckling by Thiefoworld
Moonbeam13 by ThiefoworldEindraa by ThiefoworldHachirota by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias2b by Thiefoworld
Wintersread by ThiefoworldAstralseed by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias by ThiefoworldOperia by Thiefoworld

Have you ever wanted a picture of yourself in a cute cartoony style with a big head and making you look cuter than you actually are?

Well, now is your chance!

Payment methods

They'll be 600 :points: each (or 700 :points: if you want to include a second character and/or extra elements), that's barely $7.5 USD! There are some burgers more expensive than that!

To make a request, check the Commissions Widget in my profile and ask for yours! OR if you have Paypal you can also make your payment directly through there, in which case, send me a note so we can discuss the details. I'll be charging only $7 USD for requests made directly through Paypal! (or $8 USD for IDs with extra elements)

Information needed

When making your request be sure to include the following:

  • A description and/or reference of how you look (or the character you want me to draw)
  • A color for the background.
  • By default I'll add your username as it is, if you want something else please say so in advance!

Jane-beata by ThiefoworldBurgerbunny by ThiefoworldThewritingdragon by ThiefoworldPiratelotus-stock by Thiefoworld
Shyree2 by ThiefoworldHeidi2 by ThiefoworldMadizzlee by ThiefoworldCodenamepanther by Thiefoworld

Current requests list

Here you'll find the list of pending requests you have so you can have an idea of when you'll receive your ID. I try to keep this list always up to date, so you can always come back and check how your request is coming along.

[ I'm also open for more complex commissions, if you're interested let me know and we can discuss the price ]

So! ... I can't believe this, but I just finished all the pendings I had so I can breath again. It has been a while since the last time this happened so I decided to celebrate it! ... by writing a journal /o/

How have I been? Thanks for asking! Well as I mentioned, I was busy finishing some commissioned work but now that I finished it I'm ready to enjoy a fun weekend full of nothing to do.

Since I have some free time again, I might open commission for IDs next week. I knoooow! You're all screaming of excitement, I get it.

I'll finally tackle all these piled up suggestions. I have 150-something notes to check but I promise I'll check all of them this weekend!

Also, Astralseed and diphylla recently joined the dark side so now there are 4 of us looking after the main Digital Art gallery, yay! It's awesome because they've been injecting some life to Digitalists already and some awesome stuffs are in the plans, including chat events, so I highly recommend you +watch the group!

Hopefully this will also mean the suggestions will be more distributed between us 4 because right now, the time is taking me from the moment I receive a suggestion to the moment I feature it is of... ehemm :cough: around 3 months. Yup! I still have some notes from january waiting to be featured!  This is from the time I was the only one in digital, but now with 4 of us hopefully these response times will decrease considerably.

I'll also finally resume my Digitally Delicious series, last one was from february! But they'll be back next week. Anyway, also remember that I also feature a lot of awesome digital art through Tumblr, and a lot of these features come from your suggestions!


Eurovision is coming! I started early this year and was following a lot of the national selections closely... it's the last time I do it, because I get so much frustration when my favourites don't make it! Haha. Some of my favourites this year include Greece, Italy, Albania, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Russia and my favourite at the moment, Ukraine. So many great songs this year. Any Eurovision fans around here?

I'm also getting prepared to go to San Diego Comic Con for the first time! I'm so excited, it's gonna be awesome! I'll go with jimmyelshaman and some of my friends, SaiyaGina, SiliceB, akimaro, kenshymidzu and battleangel2012. Jimmy and I will be staying with ikazon. Let's see who else I get to meet! We'll also be staying a few extra days and will go to Disneyland. I miss Disneyland, the last time I went was in 1998. Wow that was 16 years ago! Some of you didn't even exist then :granny: ... Anyway, any of you is going?  

How are you all? Tell me something interesting :meow:

I'm falling behind my suggestions lately, yes AGAIN. This also goes to the people I owe IDs from the giveaway I held a few weeks ago; sorry for the delay!

I'm currently about to finish I big project (outside DA) and I need to do it this week, so I'm focusing all my energy to that, and between that and other stuff offline, I don't have much time to do anything around here. Sorry for the lack of Digitally Delicious articles as well!
The thing is that right after this project I already have another one in line so the most probable thing is that I'll continue to check suggestions and do articles and all that rather slowly for yet some time.

Remember that I ALWAYS check all my suggestions, so if you've sent me one and more than 2 weeks have passed and I haven't checked it yet, is not that it got lost or I ignored it, I'll eventually check it. Also, I hope to finish the IDs I owe this week... next week tops! They're finished now! Thanks for your patience!

Doin' it better than right

Thu Feb 27, 2014, 8:54 PM
:iconikazon: said I started it, but of course I didn't! :noes: I dunno what he's talking about. Anyway, yeah.

So, following Trevor's example and to don't make this journal completely useless, here's the song I've been obsessed with for the last few days.

If Sandra gets to win Eesti Laul 2014, she'll automatically become my top favourite to win Eurovision this year :3
How beautiful is the estonian language?

Hi everyone!

IDs Giveaway

Mon Feb 10, 2014, 10:07 AM
So! Here are the results! First, here is a list of all participants, listed in the order they commented on the journal:

And here are the numbers generated with the help of

Therefore, the lucky winners are:

5 dathie  | 39 Astralseed | 3 Justyne | 36 GohanLuvVidel

Congrats! :clap:
You'll be contacted via note soon!

Original journal:

Ever wanted an ID like these?

Davidimir2 by ThiefoworldHeidi by ThiefoworldJane-beata by ThiefoworldAmdhuscias by Thiefoworld
Operia by ThiefoworldWintersread by ThiefoworldTana-jo by ThiefoworldSavagebinn by Thiefoworld

I know! You've wanted one for a million years! Well, now is your opportunity!

The generous phoenixleo was generous enough to pre-pay for 4 of these and now is time to give them away! How is this going to work?

Comment on this journal to enter. Is that simple! No need to fav the journal, no need to be watching me.

(Though, that is also appreciated, I'm not saying is forbidden or anything :eyes:)

  • The catch? You'll need to share with me an awesome deviation, could be from somebody else or one of your own. Include a link or a thumbnail (search for a code in the right part of the deviation page that looks something like this: :thumb4331169142:, you need a PM to be able to add thumbnails to comments though)
  • Just one comment per person, just one deviation per comment. Only comments that include a thumbnail or link will be considered.
  • Comments will be open until Wednesday at 10:00 pm PST, because that's the hour I go to bed Meow :3
  • Using an online Random Generator, I'll select 4 lucky participants who will win one ID each. Winners will be announced sometime between thursday and friday.
  • In addition to that, the pieces that catch my eye will be featured on next week's edition of Digitally Delicious!

Shyree2 by ThiefoworldRiemea by ThiefoworldAlexrashid by ThiefoworldHachirota by Thiefoworld
Arichy by ThiefoworldThegalleryofeve by ThiefoworldEindraa by ThiefoworldFluffylink by Thiefoworld

So, in a nutshell: comment in this journal including an awesome deviation, of your own or somebody else's, and get the chance to win an ID, for your or somebody else. You have until wednesday!

Good luck!

(BTW, commission requests for these will be open soon! ... well, not TOO soon, but... soon Bucktooth)

Did you know?

That I am not the only volunteer who takes suggestions for general Digital Art? That's right! Recently (as in, just yesterday =P) Kenny-Winker started taking suggestions for the category again!

High five Kenny-Winker!

If you want to suggest to Kenny-Winker you can check his guidelines here (mine are always on my profile conveniently placed on the top left)

Want more options?

But that's not all! If you check FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? all the way down to the bottom, you'll see there are also other admins who take suggestions for either Digital Art or all areas, so you have a good group of people you can send your suggestions to!

:iconkenny-winker: :iconthiefoworld: :iconkozispoon: :iconekud: :iconikue: :iconmidnightexigent: :iconfourteenthstar: :iconmoonbeam13:

So now you know! Happy suggesting!

P.S. Oh! And btw we're still looking for people to join the Digital Art team! (and other open spots) check the current openings and the instructions to apply!

Why is this a DD?

Mon Jan 27, 2014, 4:21 PM
For a looong, long time these kind of comments used to bother me. Comments like "I don't get why this is a DD", "This shouldn't be a DD" or "I've seen far better works that deserve to be DDs more than this", etc. They always made me want to strangle the person saying it.

However my appreciation for these kind of comments has changed over the years and I've grown to even kinda like them :lol: I almost see them as compliments in disguise now. You see...

As we all know, what is art is different for everyone and as human beings, we're bound to disagree constantly about what we consider art. And that's ok. The same art is not for everyone. Some might appreciate certain pieces while others will hate them and others simply won't understand them. And that's ok. I see them as a reminder that we are different and we all see things differently.

I also believe art should cause a reaction on the viewer, be positive or negative, otherwise is something boring that is just there. So if a piece of art makes you feel something, remind you of something or make you react in some way, from that very moment, it already achieved it's purpose, even if the reaction was of disgust, hate or incomprehension. Maybe that was the artist's intention from the very beginning!

So as you can see, comments like "This is so beautiful" or "Wow, this is so incredible!" are a good sign the art in question is good because it caused a reaction on the viewer... the same as "This is disgusting". They're both sides of the same coin. The fact someone comments "I don't get why this is a DD"  is a reaction caused by the art featured and it was strong enough to make the person invest some energy and take the time to type a comment and then click "Submit comment". So, if you are the featured artist and you receive this kind of comments, don't feel bad! Congrats! Your creation is indeed a piece of art that caused a reaction on someone.

Looking back at my own selections from the past [almost] year and a half, sometimes I wonder if I'm not playing on the safe side of the field and are always selecting pieces I know in advance the community will like, because they're pretty, so is obvious most people will like them. Not saying this is a bad thing, but as a Community Volunteer  I want to represent my community as a whole through my selections, in this case, Digital Art, which is huuuuge and insanely diverse, so my selections should be equally diverse, and that includes featuring artworks from various skill levels, techniques, themes and genres... and that also includes once in a while featuring deviations not all people will appreciate.

It will be a personal purpose for 2014 to strive to select more pieces that will cause more varied reactions on the community. Pieces that will make you think, make you take a second look, spark some conversation and that will make you wonder, precisely; "Why is this a DD?".

Have you ever wondered why I almost never include a description on my selections? Well, there are various reasons for that, I might explain all of them in another journal, but this is part of the reason; if you can't see immediatly why I featured the piece, I want you to take a second look and try to understand it by your own. Sometimes you'll take a closer look and you'll see why, sometimes you still won't get it. But if you can't see it by yourself, it's highly unlikely a small blurb from me on the DD description will make you change your mind. You're of course, free to note me if this happens and I will happily try to explain my reasons, but is something I won't do on the deviation itself.

So, while I'll still be featuring impressive artworks because of the incredible execution and skill level of the artist, and it will be obvious why I featured them, I'll try to feature less obvious pieces more often. This doesn't mean I'll feature deviations of below-average quality or of questionable legitimacy, etc. It's neither a matter of featuring controversial pieces just for the sake of provoking drama. It's a matter of trying to reflect the wide variety of submissions to the Digital Art gallery, which at times, not everybody will appreciate the same way.

And guess what? Part of this will only be possible with your help! I want you to try to be diverse in your suggestions. You're more than encouraged to send suggestions for pieces you believe are not like what you see featured everyday. I smile everytime I see a suggestion for a deviation that is different :)  Remember we have a big bunch of sub-categories in Digital Art, such as Political, Pop-Art, Psychedelic, just to mention a few, which I think could be better represented in the DDs if we work together. Lately I'm taking more time to browse art on my own, but your suggestions are always highly appreciated. So I'll be waiting for your suggestions! Don't be shy!

How many times have you seen phrases like these; (or written them yourself!) "Hi! I love your art! How do you do it?", "Hi! Can you give me some advice on how I can improve my art?" etc. The problem with questions like "How can I improve my art?" is that they're so vague, so open to interpretation, there is not a simple way to answer them. And then, when the equally vague response of "Practice!" comes in, it ends up is not what you wanted to hear. But then again, the problem is that if you don't want a vague response, you shouldn't ask a vague question.

We as artists are always trying to improve, and while I know we want to improve in general, we need to first identify the key areas we need to improve and be willing to tackle those areas, once at a time.

So with this in mind, think a little about it, and then answer these questions: What do you want to learn, what would like to improve about your art? What specific areas would you like to see more resources, tutorials, walkthroughs, etc. of?

Please be as specific as you can, don't be afraid to be too specific, for example, maybe you're having a hard time creating realistic leather belts and accessories, or maybe when you're trying to draw a glass of wine, it ends looking weird, you would like to know how to draw liquids. Got it? Instead of saying "I would like to improve my anatomy", which is still vague, say "I would like to learn how to draw muscular arms for women, because the superheroines I draw always end up looking weird and bulky" - yes! be that specific!

In the next weeks I'll recollect the most mentioned topics and try to find resources, tutorials, etc. as well as great artists willing to explain how they do these things, so we can all get educated about these specific topics. Sounds like a good plan? Share your comments below!

Happy birthday!

Fri Jan 17, 2014, 9:37 AM
To me! :iconyeyplz: (and RhynWilliams)

Thanks for all your birthday messages! I promise to get back to every single one of them and thank you personally :hug:

Still not feeling well.

I'm sick :c I've been sick all week since last week and I'm already sick of being sick! Anyway, I want to apologize if you have noticed my activity has decreased lately, now you know why. My notes are piling up once again, sorry! I'll get back to you as soon as I feel better.

Love you guys! Zapatos!

My New Year resolutions

Fri Jan 3, 2014, 9:16 AM
Is the season when everybody is making their resolutions, so I decided to write mine down as well. I decided to set myself goals I consider are realistic and achieveable because I'm a serious guy with serious goals.

So here they are, my 10 resolutions for 2014:

1. Use more Adam Levine gifs in my journals. This is on top of my list because I have my priorities well defined.

2. I want to learn things. Preferably things I don't know already.

3. Exercise. My butt. So I can see my butt in the mirror and say "I have a cute butt"

4. Give honor to my cow.

5. Get more amazed, by things.

6. Teach my mom how to use Tumblr.

7. Finalize my conversion to lesbianism, before is too late.

8. Learn a new language.

9. Be a happy person.

10. And finally, have no regrets!

So there you have it.

Happy new year everybody!

Goodbye 2013...

Fri Dec 27, 2013, 3:00 PM by Thiefoworld:iconthiefoworld:
People who know me always say I'm this cheerful guy with always a positive attitude and... I try to be! It is true that I always try to focus on the positive and see the bright side of things. However I'm also human and like everybody else, I do have my down moments, and there are times when, I'm not gonna lie! it is difficult to see the good among so many shit.

To say it bluntly, 2013 was not the best year for me, I lost my dad in april and there were no less than two moments when I felt I was losing my moms as well, since then.  If that wasn't enough, it was also a difficult year in many other ways, there was some economical struggle in the middle, we ended with a huge debt with the hospital, a debt that surpassed by far what I was able to pay. I had to make some sacrifices; cancel my going to Comic Con and Illustrator's Deathmatch, not having money to process my visa and not making the improvements to my house I had planned for this year. We also still have some legal issues to resolve regarding my dad's properties. Not having my dad around changed a lot of things, and as you know, change is not always that easy to accept.

But even then, I still try to look at the bright side of things and while it can be difficult at times like this, I need to accept there were also some good things this year. For example, even with the struggle we went through to pay the hospital and my dad's funeral, we managed to clear the debt a month early and I'm ending the year with a new car, and by new, I mean new, a 2014. I even got a PS4 as well. How did this happen? I'm not completely sure! haha.

A lot of the other issues are also slowly coming together and things are slowly getting back to normal. The fact I'm getting through this is largerly due my friends, family and people around me who are always demostrating me their support in new ways, and I couldn't be more grateful. I simply can't thank you enough,

People like Athos-of-Light and ikazon who are always, ALWAYS making me feel better, by simply saying hello or giving me a hug at skype, even if we don't talk as much as we would like, I really appreciate that. I seriously don't deserve you guys.

My friends from the so called real life, SaiyaGina, battleangel2012, kenshymidzu, Tenchiasamiya, SiliceB, akimaro, AleishaDreams, abraco, PavelVolkov, GaruryKai... I believe part of the reason why I'm still sane is because of you (oh the irony? haha!) Life would be boring without you, and I truly love you. Thanks for all the incredible support you've shown me always, specially this year. Love you guys!

My friends and comrades from communityrelations. Even though we're all scattered across the globe and I probably won't meet most of you, (and I don't even talk that much to some of you) I couldn't feel more honored to be part of a team full of so many awesome people, you're truly like a second family to me and I admire all of you. Special thanks of course, to Moonbeam13 for giving me the opportunity to be part of this team <3 Love you lots Danie!

And of course, many, MANY thanks to jimmyelshaman for being there beside me at all times, for pushing me, comforting me, hugging me, judging me, when I needed it. You are truly the best partner I could ever ask for, and I love you for everything you are, thanks for everything! <3

So yes, 2013 is not a year I ever want to live again and I'm so ready for it to be over... but at the end I guess it was one of those parts of life we all need to experience at some point, something I needed to go through, so at least I'm grateful I wasn't alone during it and I'm still not alone.

Here's for 2014 to be a better year for all of us! :ahoy:

Tis the season to be fatty~

Tue Dec 24, 2013, 8:00 AM

I've waited to use this gif for a loooong time :B

I know an army of journals like this is coming to your devwatch, so sorry to join the bandwagon... but I couldn't allow myself not to :iconjuap:

Anyway, yeah, I'll keep it short, Happy Holidays!

Tis the season to share the love. Even if is gay love.

To talk to our distant relatives who we never see all year. Fun!

Receive presents, and dance like stupids about it.

And most importantly, stuff ourselves like turkeys!

Happy Holidays everywone! :hug:

Skin by CypherVisor

Sketchmatch Hourly Challenge winners!

Tue Dec 17, 2013, 9:14 AM
Thanks to all participants from this month's Hourly Challenge! Without any further delay, here are the winners of each challenge:

#1 What would be the perfect christmas present for you? - Make It Rain by stuck-in-suburbia by stuck-in-suburbia
#2 Draw your favourite card! - by dathie
#3 Invent your own superhero - by appocrea
#4 If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy? - by magicwingsforever
#5 Draw yourself in your favourite fandom's universe - Sketchmatch-'Sailor Me'-Dec2013-Challenge 5 by Animecolourful by Animecolourful
#6 - Draw a christmas tree - Not any on-time entries :c
#7 - Draw your favourite Disney villain - by Akiocha
#8 - Draw Santa doing the most fun activity you can think of. - by Ginryuzaki
#9 - Draw a fruit with personality - Apple With a Side Serving of Sass by Akiocha by Akiocha
#10 - Wear the most ridiculous hat you can think of. - by ColoredTalesStudios
#11 - Draw a road sign to identify yourself - by Akiocha
#12 - Draw Fella celebrating christmas - by ReversedClock

Congrats to all winners! Please allow a few days to receive your prizes, the delivery might take a while due the holiday season, your patience is greatly appreciated!

Also! If you want to donate your prize please let me know ASAP.

2013 is almost over and I did nothing

Tue Dec 3, 2013, 10:02 AM

For those who didn't know, which probably will be almost all of you, I was pretty absent this week and I wasn't here at all during the weekend.  I help organize the Winter Fest and Winter Xpo each year, (btw, I'm about to finally publish the selected entries, hold tight!) so during this time, I get as busy as I can get and then some. I know I've been neglecting a few of my activities around here, I'm so sorry! but starting today I'll start checking notes, publishing more articles, making more features and all that jazz.

Talking about what happened this weekend, it was quite tiring but also amazingly fun! I had the best of times once again hanging out with people like chutkat, Greki, Gado, avencri, Sagita-D, pochis aaaand!... I got to also meet SDex and Nadiezda who are incredibly cool and insanely talented OMG.

This Con made me realize that lately my art creation dropped to a level where I haven't done ANY personal art in a long, long time. Suddenly I was trying to prepare material to expose in the Con and I found myself with absolutely nothing new to show. I didn't make a new calendar this time, and my webcomic has been on hold since the beginning of the year.  2013 is about to end and I wanted to make my yearly art summary and now I think... what the hell did I do this year?

Pretty much nothing!

I remember when I was new here, 8 years ago and I used to draw purely just for fun and uploaded a new deviation almost everyday :lol: Not saying I'll go back to that level, but I've been wondering since some time, why do we always start posting art less and less frequently? at least is a trend I've seen in most of the people I watch.

Hopefully now that I'm a little bit more relaxed, I'll start creating art again. I really want to resume my webcomic! And draw just for the hell of it. I know I'm still a month early, but if I had to set new year goals, I think I'll go just for two: excercise more and create more art. I want to be a buff and talented artist! :lol: Let's see how it goes...

In the meantime... oh look! 301 suggestions to check...

Sketchmatch Hourly Challenge winners!

Fri Nov 29, 2013, 10:06 AM
Thank you for your patience! Without further delay, here are the winners of the Sketchmatch Hourly Challenge.

Challenge #1 - Draw yourself with a moustache

By ArtisanDwarf

Challenge #2 - Draw your dream job

By dathie

Challenge #3 - Draw one of the Movember mascots

By IceXDragon

Challenge #4 - Draw your favourite fictional character, doing the most fun activity you can think of.

By AliceOwen

Challenge #5 - Draw yourself in the most wacky outfit.

By AliceOwen

Challenge #6 - Draw your favourite scene from your favourite movie.

By appocrea

Challenge #7 - If you were an animal, what would you be?

By appocrea

Challenge #8 - Draw any inanimate object with a top hat, a moustache and a monocle.

By ReversedClock

Challenge #9 - Draw a personification of the internet browser you use!

By GemaStarlight

Challenge #10 - Create an illustration inspired by one of your favourite songs.

By Juvianna100

Challenge #11 - Recreate one of your favourite deviations !

By kausa

Challenge #12 - Draw yourself with an outfit that describes you!

By GemaStarlight

Thanks to all participants! Each winner will receive a 1 month Premium Membership for each won round, (please allow a few days for that) congratulations! Keep an eye on my journal, as well as Digitalists and communityrelations to know when the next event will take place!

The Beast's riddle answer

Sat Nov 9, 2013, 10:32 AM
During Halloween-HQ's Fairytales gone wrong: Murder Mistery, I played the role of The Beast.
Being one of the key characters, I was one of the people who, to give you my clue, asked you to solve a riddle. My riddle was pretty simple, yet tricky: get outside of my castle. The twist? There were 3 different ways to solve this puzzle, but only one was the correct one. The key was to carefully read the instructions, pay attention and follow the instructions I gave you, sometimes a single word could make the difference in going in either a correct or incorrect direction ;)

To be extra mean, I never told you if your answer was correct or not, I gave the exact same clue at the end and the next people you should go see regardless of your answer, in fact, you also had the option from the very beginning to just give up, in which case I would still give you the clue. The difference was that you would get more points from me if you gave me the correct answer, fewer points for an incorrect one, and no points if you gave up.

Since the activity has already ended and in the meantime the grand winners are announced, I figured out I could give you the correct answer to my puzzle so you can see if you got it right, just for fun ;)

But first things first, the challenge started at the very beginning; finding my correct hidden link, because I had several fake ones :lol: ...

At the end I asked you to give me the thumbnail of the exit you got. If you sent me Little Felicia, congrats! You got the correct answer. What about you? Did you get it right? ;)

Moviembre - A dejarse el bigote!

Tue Nov 5, 2013, 12:03 PM

The following journal is directed specially for the spanish speaking deviants, however know that you can get involved with Movember and join any of our teams (including Team Latin America ;)) regardless of the country you are from. If you want to read the complete information about this, visit this journal.

Your support for this journal is greatly appreciated (even if you can't read it :giggle:) so it can reach more people. Thanks!


Movember (contracción en inglés de Moustache [bigote] y November [noviembre]) es un evento anual en el que los hombres de todo el mundo dejan crecer su bigote durante el mes de noviembre. La intención es concientizar sobre temas de salud del hombre, especialmente el cáncer de próstata. También se recauda dinero para ayudar en cada país a una o más instituciones en temas de salud masculina.

Fue celebrado por primera vez en Australia en el año 2003 cuando un grupo de jóvenes de Melbourne, Australia tuvieron la idea de dejar crecer sus bigotes para apoyar a un amigo con cáncer de próstata. A partir de 2007, el evento comenzó a realizarse también en Canadá, España, Estados Unidos y Reino Unido, llegando hoy a países como Nueva Zelanda, Sudáfrica, Irlanda, Finlandia, Países Bajos, Dinamarca, Noruega, Bélgica y República Checa. En cada uno de esos países, se recolecta dinero destinado a una o más asociaciones para investigar sobre temas de salud de los hombres.

Hoy en día son varios los paises participantes, logrando que en el año 2012  mas de 854,000 Mo Bros y Mo Sistas recolectaran $126.3 millones de dólares

Grandes pasos se han tomado para cambiar actitudes y hábitos relacionados a la salud masculina alrededor del mundo, pero todavía hay mucho que hacer para emparejarlo con el movimiento de la salud de la mujer. A travéz del bigote, Movember tiene como visión tener un impacto en la cara de la salud del hombre mediante la continua motivación, conversación y concientización de los temas de la salud masculina cada año.

¿Por qué es importante?

Estas son estadísticas sólo de Estados Unidos, pero te darán una idea general de como está la situación en todo el mundo:

  • 1 de cada 2 hombres y 1 de cada 3 mujeres serán diagnosticados con cáncer durante su vida.
  • 1 de cada 6 hombres serán diagnosticados con cancer de próstata durante su vida.
  • Mas de 238,000 nuevos casos de este mal son diagnosticados y casi 30,000 hombres morirán de cáncer de próstata durante el 2013.
  • El cáncer de testículo es el mas común en hombres de entre 15 y 35 años.
  • 7,920 hombres serán diagnosticados con cáncer de testículo y unos 370 morirán de ello durante el 2013.
  • Aunque no es tan común, los hombres también pueden contraer cáncer de mama. Unos 2,240 nuevos casos de cáncer de mama seran diagnosticados para hombres y unos 410 morirán de ello durante el 2013.
  • Mas de 3.5 millones nuevos casos de cáncer de piel son diagnosticados cada año.
  • Mas de 6 millones de hombres son diagnosticados con depresión cada año.
  • Los hombres cometen suicidio casi 4 veces mas que las mujeres.
  • 24% de los hombres son menos propensos de ir a visitar al doctor, comparándolo con las mujeres.


Movember no se trata sólo de tener tu bigote y ya, gente de todo el mundo invierte en programas que tratan prioridades estratégicas relacionadas al cáncer de próstata y otros males como la salud mental masculina.

Los fondos recaudados van directamente a programas de la Fundación Movember y otros organismos de la salud masculina en cada país. Juntos trabajan para asegurarse de que los fondos de Movember sean para apoyar un amplio rango de programas de primer nivel, innovadores y en línea a estas metas.

Los links para donar a cada uno de los grupos iniciados por deviantART se encuentran en la parte inferior de este journal.

Aún si no puedes donar, al unirte a nuestros grupos y darnos tu apoyo con tu ID y tus trabajos artísticos en la Galería de Movember, etc. nos ayudas a esparcir la información de forma que llegue a mas gente.

¿Como involucrarme?

:bulletred: ¿Quieres particiar? ¡Genial! Puedes unirte a alguno de nuestros equipos. Sólo tienes que registrarte en y unirte a:

Equipo Estados Unidos: The One Stache Wonders
Equipo Canadá: The Wonder Yetis
Equipo Australia: The Aussie Sta.che Team
Equipo Reino Unido: The Royal Handlebars
Equipo Latinoamérica: Los Mostachos Lokos.

No importa si no eres específicamente de algún país aquí listado, únete al equipo que mas se acerque a tu país (y obvio si puedes leer esto es mas que probable que seas latinoamericano, asi que... )

El objetivo de unirte a Movember es dejar crecer tu bigote durante el mes de noviembre y compartir fotos de tu progreso con los demás. Recibirás recordatorios de subir las fotos de tu progreso por parte de nuestros capitanes de equipo a nuestra Galería Movember.

Movember - Day 1 by Moonbeam13 <da:thumb id="410769012"/> Movember 3, 2013 by pearwood

:bulletred: ¿No puedes tener tu propio bigote? ¡No te preocupes! Puedes bajar nuestro bigote de emergencia aquí. Imprímelo y decóralo como quieras, luego sube una foto tuya con tu nuevo y genial bigote a nuestra Galería Movember. Impríme y decora varios de ellos y ¡ponlos donde quieras! Ponle uno a tu gato, a tu carro, a tu hermana... las posibilidades son infinitas :)
¿No tienes impresora? ¡No hay problema! Corta uno con papel, crea un bigote con cosas en tu casa, ¡sé creativo y sube tus creaciones!
:thumb335494516: movember 1 by SRaffa Phineas Thistlethorp by GreyFairie

:bulletred: Usa nuestra journal skin creada por marioluevanos y ¡ayúdanos a esparcir la información! Promueve arte que tenga bigotes e información importante con respecto al movimiento Movember. O simplemente úsala para tus journals personales a lo largo de todo noviembre para mostrar tu apoyo :heart:

:bulletred: ¡Usa alguna de nuestras estampas para promocionar Movember o uno de nuestros equipos!
Movember Stamp by bradleysays One Stache Wonders Stamp by Thiefoworld Royal Handlebars Stamp by Thiefoworld The Aussie Sta.che Team Stamp by Thiefoworld Moustachos Lokos Stamp by Thiefoworld Wonder Yetis Stamp by Thiefoworld

:bulletred: ¡Participa en alguno de nuestros concursos y actividades organizados por el equipo de :devcommunityrelations! Habrá varios a lo largo del mes y a parte de ser parte del movimiento, también podrás obtener algunos premios, ¡mantente al pendiente del grupo!

¿Tienes alguna duda? Coméntala en este journal.

Sketchmatch: 2 ways to play!

Mon Oct 28, 2013, 12:07 PM
In what other place would you find a fancy flying bunny, a Pikachu riding a robot Llama or gummy bears with the shape of Luigi and Mario Bros? What about Hipster Link? Or catbug, dressed as Batman, eating an... apple tree?

Only here! At Sketchmatch!

What is Sketchmatch?

The rules are really simple: participants must create a visual entry based on a theme. We'll tell you what to draw!

The catch is that you have a very limited time to do your entry!

There are two ways to play:

10 Minutes Match rules

  • Each round starts with the discussion of the theme. All participants currently in the room are free to suggest a theme!
  • When the theme is selected, the game starts and now you have 10 minutes to draw your entry.
  • You can use your digital software of preference (or even go traditional and draw on a sheet of paper! You need to do it fast so you can have time to scan it) but to keep things simple, why not using Muro?
  • After the 10 minutes, the game ends. It's now time to upload your creation! Yes, even if it's unfinished. You can submit it to (or your main gallery) and post the link in the chat to share with the others.
  • Finally we friendly laugh at each other's entries! Don't worry if you think you're doing crap, the others probably did crap too! The idea of this is to have fun!

Hourly Challenge rules

  1. This event lasts for 24 hours. During the event a total of 12 challenges will be launched; one every 2 hours (1 hour to complete the challenge and 1 hour break between challenges) This way you'll be able to participate in at least one of them, after all the event lasts for a complete day!
  1. A series of journals pre-scheduled will be posted every 2 hours, starting at 12:00 am (The first challenge will start at 12:00 am, the second at 2:00 am, the third at 4:00 am and so on) Each journal will contain a theme and you'll need to make your entry according to this theme. The challenge starts at the moment the journal is posted and you'll have 1 hour to complete the task.
  1. You can use your digital software of preference (or any traditional media) but to keep things simple, why not using Muro?
  1. Before the current journal reaches the hour of age, you'll have to upload your creation to your or your main gallery and post the link on the journal's comments. Only comments posted during that time will be considered.
  1. After a challenge is over, there will be a 1 hour break, after that another challenge will start, for a total of 12 challenges during the day. This way you'll be able to participate in at least 1 challenge, but feel free to participate in as many as you want/can!
    NOTE: The journals will be posted in PST Time.

What this is NOT about

  • It's not about creating great masterpieces, the idea is to have fun and its also a great practice! The time limit really pushes you to be quick, challenges your creativity and lets you know other great artists in the process.
  • It's not about who draws best, the best entries will be selected taking creativity as main factor. Quite often the best entries are the most creative and funny ones! More than the technically better drawn.
  • It's not only for great digital artists, everybody is invited! Even if you think you can't draw. Use stick figures! We love them! As long as you make your entry within the time limit, is a go!
  • No, you don't need a tablet to participate.

So! Who's up for it?

Keep an eye on communityrelations and Digitalists's journals to know when the next sessions will be!

The Fusion Anime group is proud to invite artists from all over the world to participate in the WINTER XPO 2013 to be held next November 30th and December 1st in Mexico.

Winter Fest is the biggest even in the city of Chihuahua, MEX focused on comics, anime, gaming and general nerdyness. It's celebrated since 2008 counting with an ever growing assistance of around 6,000 during 3 days and the participation of local, national and international guests in fields like professional gaming, cosplay, illustration, comic and manga creation, etc.

During the event there's also an art exposition showcasing the work of both amateur and professional artists from around the globe. We've had the honor to count with the participation of artists such as  elsevilla, el-grimlock, chutkat, cocinando-colores, Majnouna, Atramina, SaiyaGina, among many others.

The exposition follows an specific theme each year. Themes like Victorian and the Middle ages were the focus on past years.

The theme for this year will be: Mythology

Some entries from past years:

core by Lavah

Our special guest

Volta Ilustración

Better known over deviantArt as Lavah, she's a talented digital artist with a very characteristic style.

Has participated in various projects and collaborations, like UdonCrew's World of Warcraft Tribute and most recently appeared as a guest in the latest edition of Illustrators Deathmatch.

Always willing to share some tips and techniques with other fellow artists, you can see her showing part of her process with her audience over deviantArt or her Facebook account

How to participate

  • Create a visual work according to the theme MYTHOLOGY. This includes mythology from all origins: greek, roman, japanese, nordic, etc. The interpretation and technique is up to you!
    Just to get you started, here are some examples for inspiration:
    Goddess Athena by ChrisRallis Hades and Persephone by Rgveta ODIN by Giye Quetzalcoatl by weremagnus Zeus and Hera by daveswartzart
  • The entry must be a size of 11 x 17 inches at 300 dpi in landscape or portrait format.
  • Submit your entry to your gallery to the appropiate category, and send a note to Thiefoworld with the subject "Entry WINTER XPO 2013"
  • Please include the following information in your note
    • Name of the piece
    • Your name (or screen name) and/or names of your collaborators
    • City and country of origin
    • Your website and/or contact information (if applicable)
    This information will be visible to the public during the event. If you don't want it to be exposed, feel free to leave the fields blank.

Rules and notes

  • The entries must be original material only (no Fan Arts) but it's not mandatory to be of exclusive creation for this event (the work could have been previously published)
  • All illustration techniques are allowed, both traditional and digital.
  • The content must be suitable for all audiences, avoiding explicit sexual content, excesive violence, discriminatory themes of any kind, use of drugs or alcohol, etc.
  • Entrants are allowed to submit more than one entry, however a max of 1 entry per participant/group will be accepted.
  • Spaces are limited so entries will be subject to a selection, only entries that fulfill the requirements described here will be considered. The selection will be done taking in consideration aspects such as: theme, use of technique, composition, overall quality and visual impact.
  • The selected entries will be printed in large format and exposed during the WINTER XPO 2013 in Chihuahua, Mexico, giving according credits.
  • Fusion Anime or Winter Xpo won't claim copyright for the selected works, but by submitting your entry you agree in giving us permission to expose your work during the event (if selected) and potentially using it for advertising purposes (such as ads in our website, facebook account, flyers and/or posters, etc) using a thumbnail and/or small version of your entry, always giving you credits. Also, this a non-comercial exposition, we won't make money out of your entry.
  • Aspects not described here can be addressed in a comment in this journal or via note.

Important dates

October 11th - Reception of entries begins.
November 10th - Deadline for the reception of entries.
November 15th - Selected artists will be notified no later than Nov. 15th.
November 30th - December 1st - Selected entries will be exposed over Winter Xpo 2013


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