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Submitted on
July 24, 2012
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Welcome to Absurd Interviews: Because why the hell not?

One day while prancing happily over the garden that happens to be the backyard of my imagination, I found a little green worm.

- What's your name? - I asked.
- Hi! My name is Bob. - He said

Then I woke up :c
It was super sad because I wanted to know more about this little worm.

Anyway where were we? Oh yes! the interview. This time, ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Hi Toby! How are you today?
So great! :la:

So I read the tale of your Foxy Boxy, how is the little box doing these days?
He's actually become quite the handsome young box! They grow up so fast. :happycry:

Things were pretty rough for ol' Boxy and I for awhile. He used to be sat on, shoved around, and mistaken for trash. I'm happy to say that he is finally being recognized as an important part of the deviantART family. 

Some people say that more than dogs, toilet paper is man's best friend. Do you agree? What thing do you think should take the place as man's best friend if not toilet paper or dogs?
I don't think I could say toilet paper is my best friend. I would feel awful for using and discarding a close friend like that. A man's best friend should be something he cares deeply about. Like shoes.

From all the things you do as DA staff, what do you enjoy the most? Do you have anything you like the least?
My, oh my. I would say I enjoy anything where I get to interact with the community, both online and offline. I love writing announcements about new releases and updates, posting contests at PremiumMembers, and planning fun community projects. Attending deviantMEETs is another amazing experience that seriously can't be beat.

For any readers out there, if you haven't attended a deviantMEET, I highly recommend it. And if there's not one in your area, plan one! And let me know, so I can come too! ;)

I was actually just looking at the Staff Appreciation Gift that the StaffAppreciation group put together last year and became sentimental all over again. It's really thanks to this amazing community that we're honored to do this job. We appreciate you!

What I enjoy least? Well, a little known fact is that on top of my Marketing duties, I'm also Heidi's assistant. And that, my friends, is quite the taxing job. Have you ever tried to create a list of tasks and priorities with someone who has both OCD and ADD? Let me just say we've killed a lot of trees and talked about how the Avatar could create a flying debris ball.

What's the most useless superpower you would like to have anyway?
Make any day whatever holiday I want it to be. I mean, I can do that now, but this would allow it to be on any and every calendar. EVER. And everyone would celebrate. My first holiday would be International Pancake Day, where you eat pancakes for every meal. And it shall be on June 16th.

What do you usually use when cutting a banana?
No utensils. Because I don't eat bananas. :B

Now that the world is about to end, ya know, with the whole aztec (or mayan? I don't even know) prediction of next dec 21st. How are you preparing for it? Do you have enough bottled water and cat food?
My plan is to somehow get to Ohio, because my parents are fully stocked. We hardcore prepared for Y2K back in the day, and we still have the water/supplies. Though, I imagine most of that stuff is none too good now.

Have you ever went to work in your pajamas? If not... would you like to try?
I don't think I ever went to work in pajamas, though I've done plenty of work in pajamas, while at home or otherwise. In fact, when Heidi and I went to London for the London deviantMEET and Gallery Show recently, we did a lot of work from pajamas.

Guess what? One of Hollywood's main movie studios wants you for their next summer hit! You of course are playing the main heroine. What would your movie be about?
It would definitely be an action-packed comedy thriller where I save cats from burning buildings by climbing trees, co-starring my handsome, lumberjack savior, Joel McHale.

Thank you so much! That would be all for today. Say good bye to your audience!
Thank you for the interview! Looking forward to more absurdity. :blowkiss:

This is the story of a little worm, a box and a lady who doesn't eat bananas.
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