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November 15, 2011
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Nya! Rawr! And welcome to a new edition of Absurd Interviews: Because I'm worth it! *flips hair*

After a few weeks of absence, I'm back bringing you these interviews full of absurdity. I know you missed me but you can stop crying now, I'm back! This is my first submission using Sta.Sh™ Writer™so if anything looks like out of place... no it wasn't Sta.Sh's fault, it was made on purpose.
Anyway, without any further delay, ladies and gentlemen, with you: Mirz123!

(☞゚∀゚)☞ Emoticon Princess by Mirz123 ┐('~`;)┌

Hi! This isn't a question but I'm putting a question mark on the end of it anyway?

This isn't an answer, but I'm putting a question mark after it anyway?

Which plant to you most identify with?

A shrinking violet. I'm actually very shy and insecure...and slightly purple.

What would you do if all your lost socks joined forces to create a monster? (~o.o)~

Something along the lines of ---> :nuu:

A magician came down and asked you to BE AN ANIMAL (and you can't argue
against this guy because he's just so terrifying), so what would you be
(or do?) and why? :la:

I'd totally have him change me into "Animal" from the Muppets. Then I'd be able to play the drums!

How do you eat ice cream? Bite or lick?

Mmmm...both. :eyes:

With what character from a movie/book/TV show would you like to get
"transported" into a universe from another movie/book/TV (not the same
that the character comes from), and what would be your relation with
that character? Example: voldemort, in Avatar universe, and i would be
his father.

Ironman into the Smurf universe. I'd just be an innocent bystander, but it would be fun to watch those Smurfs run!

Have you ever licked a partner's belly button, and did you like the taste?

Have you?

What do you think people taste like?

Pork chow mein.

Spell your name backwards and then add "in your pants"

ellehcim, in your pants!

Thank you so much! Now any final words?

Sarsaparilla, gargantuan, and vermillion.

Want to read even more? There are a few extra questions that you can find in this edition of dAseniors's The Senior 'Stache

This interview was brought to you by the letter 9, the number B and kangel, Athos-of-Light, nikkittie, 3wyl, wavemaster-fay, manuel120292, Ellyism, MaximoVLorenzo, star-rose-three and PrincessKooh
Am I supposed to write something here? A
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