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December 26, 2011


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Bye bye twenty eleven

Mon Dec 26, 2011, 3:31 PM
Well that time of the year has come, the reflective final week, when you look back and think of all what this year was.
Every year carries a lot of changes, good and bad things, that's a given. However I feel 2011 was particularly a year of lots of ups and downs, more than in previous years, there were some big punches in the face I was not prepared for but also some unexpected turns for the good. So! Let's start already because this is gonna be long :P

deviantART related

Community-wise, I feel I went a little inactive this year, but that was planned. Since I stepped down as a volunteer last year I decided to re-focus my energies completely on my work, and I think that paid off! I can say without any doubt that 2011 was my most productive year so far. I know maybe my gallery doesn't reflect it, but I produced more art this year than ever, I had pretty much no free time during ALL year! I'm also glad I got the opportunity to go outside the DA walls and work for some clients offsite (hence why some of these works are not in my gallery). I got to collaborate for a couple of children's books, a website, several artbooks, released a second volume of my comic and in between, I made time to produce almost 100 deviant IDs XD Not bad huh?
Invertir en Valores -preview- by Thiefoworld CHOTW - Issue 1 Preview by Thiefoworld It's Mega Showtime by Thiefoworld IDs collection 1 by Thiefoworld
Unfortunately, as mentioned, all this also meant I got not as much time as I used to to engage with the community, to comment, critique, feature, promote, etc. and I miss that! So my plans for 2012 include going back to all this.

A couple of months ago some of my friends, current and former volunteers were prompting me to reapply, specially since several former volunteers came back to the team recently.  I'm not gonna lie, I was so tempted to! But for some reasons I didn't feel like doing it just yet. One of those reasons is because I've always said that you don't need a fancy symbol to give back to the community; everybody can do pretty much everything a volunteer does (well, all except choosing DDs ;P). Of course is not the same, the family feeling of being in a team of awesome is something you only get to experience while being inside and those skype convos and meetings with the team are some of the things I miss the most, some of the reasons why I would love to go back.  But speaking in a practical sense, I can still feature, promote, give advice, educate and EVERYTHING I used to do when I was a GM, even if I don't have a ^. So, as part as my plans for 2012, I hope to go back to all that, because I love the community and I would love to do it all again. Of course if the opportunity comes... yeah, why not? I may reapply ;P I'm not saying that's an impossibility either. Anyway, let's see how it goes :)

Life related

As mentioned at the beginning of this journal, this year brought lots of ups and downs; a frustrated trip I didn't have the opportunity to do, a family member who passed away, a long term relationship that ended... however there were also good things: trips alongside my friends, great opportunities of work, a new relationship with an amazing person... I'm keeping the details to myself :) If you are a close friend tho, its sure that you know about these, and at the end of the day I guess that's what counts anyway :hug:

A few thanks...

... to some special people.

To all the shtupids from VecinDA
I love you guys! I really do! You really make my life more interesting, less boring and more full of useless shits that spice up my boring existence. Your support really means the world to me, thanks for always being there when I need it.  There are no better friends a guy could ask for :hug:  

Athos-of-Light and wreckling
Because just as Trevor said, talking about one is talking about the other. I don't know how 3 guys from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, who don't even speak the same language can connect this much. I'm really glad this year seemed to treat both of you well, because both of you deserve good things. Congrats to Andrew and his whole new life, living in another country, getting married... that alone is a huge change, and it fills me with joy to see that you're doing good! :hug: Congrats to Trevor for surviving another semester and getting into your last one! You go monkey! :D Here! have a cookie :cookie: So we didn't get to meet this year, (not the 3 of us at least) But I'm sure 2012 will be our year :#1:

Old and new friends
I wish I could write something personalized for each of you, but this journal would get too long and I really, really, really never know what to say! XD I guess the only thing certain is that I love you guys! I'm glad I joined dA because I got to meet you.
alexandrasalas, Atramina, rydi1689, Exillior, PurpelBlur, kamy-ska, Darkyd, disalicia, Mirz123, Dan-Heffer, kangel, UnicornReality, GabbyGee, Hellobaby, jcroxas, phoenixleo, TouchedVenus, Majnouna, ginkgografix, aunjuli and a laaaaaarge etcetera.

Last but not least...
To jimmyelshaman. Well.... how do I start? XD I really don't know what happened! XD haha really! Everything happened so fast and everything was so unplanned. First I was there, just surviving, going through a whirldwind, and then just when I was about to throw everything away... you happened. It still amazes me how after all these years of knowing you it was until now that I got to really know you, but honestly, I'm glad (: I guess everything does happen for a reason and at the exact moment, and at this exact moment I'm really happy, because YOU make me happy (x Thanks for being the most awesome boyfriend I could ask for, because you really are :heart: asfñlk3o

I want to finish this journal

With some of my top favourite deviations of 2011. My personal top 10 (God! It's difficult to narrow it to just 10 XD) Enjoy!

.Meteor Shower. by akimaro Nadiezda by Nadiezda The Promise -Uncropped Cover- by sambees
MEGAMAN TRIBUTE - First Stage by jesonite Calm After Storm - MM tribute by Roboto-kun Tengo un thiefo y ora que by AdharaC Megaman Tribute by SaiyaGina
The Lights by alicexz 50 Chibis Classics Disney in 2011 _ Vote on FB by princekido :thumb256186964:

Here's for 2012 to be our most amazing year yet! :ahoy:
Happy New Year everyone! :#1:

Skin by LeMex (modified by Thiefoworld)
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wreckling Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012   Writer
I like it when you're happy, because when you're happy there's clearly something right in the world. :iconravesplz:

But seriously, you deserve all the good stuff that comes your way, and even though you always had lots to be doing this past year, and even though I was my usual stupid "Is it done yet? :eager:" the entire time you were working (especially when I knew you didn't need any distraction to begin with), I'm always happy to see you making progress and stuff. You're one of my favorite people ever and keep being awesome and I love you seņor Thiefo and happy new year and WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE D:

Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
Haha your distractions make my work less tedious :la: and besides... let's face it! XD I don't need help to get distracted, that's something I do very well on my own ;P


AND WHAT TREkjsdpofnawoiepfkzxcc apoien zlnxcvpoaw

.. oh THAT tree
wreckling Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012   Writer
True enough, but I certainly don't help matters. XD :huggle:

I tried to warn you. D:
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
Belated Happy New Year!

That devID series..I was seeing them everywhere :lol: Wow 100 :dead: (if one a day then there goess 100 days in 365 days o_O )

Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
kangel Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012   General Artist
Happy new year! :iconravesplz:
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Majnouna Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Professional General Artist
Happy new year J!
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Same to you J! :hug:
Exillior Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
2012 will be the trio's year. Where you three meet in England. And then I'll get to be there too. :iconyeyplz:
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