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October 15, 2012
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DDs: To select or not to select

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 15, 2012, 8:42 PM

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Hey wazaaaaaap!

In my last journal I talked about my stance on Daily Deviations. In this occasion I'll tell you some of the reasons that make me choose some artworks, and the reasons that make me not choose others. Hopefully it will be interesting for some, useful for others or simply a good reading if you're really boring.

What makes me choose a deviation to be featured?
Such a simple question with such an indefinite answer, and I apologize in advance for giving such a vague response but I'll put it simple: Sometimes not even I know!

There's not a secret formula I have to determine if a piece is going to be featured or not, sometimes I really have a hard time making a decision and it really is a case-by-case situation. The deviation needs to STAND OUT, be different, have that "wow" factor. Unfortunately this is very difficult to explain. However there are at least a couple misconceptions I want to clarify:

"It's only about being technically well done."

False. Yes, I do take technical skill into account, I have a very high standard when it comes to execution and presentation, and it's very improbable I'll select a deviation if I consider it to be below average. However the given piece may be anatomically accurate, incredibly detailed or is so realistic you could swear is a photograph, but that alone doesn't make me choose it immediatly. There are times when a deviation is technically well done, but it looks dull, boring or it simply doesn't stand out from others of the same type. A striking theme, an original concept and/or a story behind an image also have a lot to play in the game. This doesn't mean either that a very good concept but poorly executed will likely get featured, it's really a combination and a good balance between the two. So yeah, as I said, is a case-by-case situation.

"It only depends if I like it or not."

Haha! I wish it was that simple!

 But no, false again. In fact, sometimes I might decide to feature something I don't personally like but that I consider it should be featured. On the other hand, in numerous times I also decide to don't feature a particular deviation despite the fact that I love it. Why? First off, there are a lot more aspects I consider, (I'll explain some of them further on, so keep reading), secondly, I know not everybody share my taste, and that's ok! Besides, how boring would it be featuring the same everyday? If I say I completely leave my personal taste out of the equation I would be lying though, but it never represents the 100% of my decision factor.

What makes me NOT choose a deviation to be featured?
Ironically, it's a lot more easy to answer this one :B There are many reasons but the two most important are:

Previous DDs

Did you know the most common reason why I decide to turn down a suggestion is because the suggested deviant have a lot of DDs already? Sometimes I receive suggestions for deviants with 4, 5 or even more. Personally, it's very, very, VERY unlikely I'll give another DD to these artists even if the last one was from more than 6 months ago. Yes, I know this might sound unfair, but let me sing you the song of my people explain my position.

Digital Art is a very large gallery, with a very large number of artists submitting to it everyday, and there are tons of amazingly talented deviants out there waiting to be discovered who don't even have one DD. I know there are some categories within the site that are smaller, but unlike those, I don't see much point in featuring the same artists in a community as large as Digital Art. I very much prefer to give the feature to those artist who have never been featured, than giving yet another one to one who already have 5.

Of course this isn't a rigid rule, there are a lot of aspects I consider. Maybe the given artist only have one DD, and it's from 2007, enough time has passed. Maybe the artists has improved significantly since the last one. Maybe the artist have other DDs but none of them were given to digital art pieces. Maybe despite all else, the deviation SCREAMS to be featured. You see the point, I might do some exceptions, but they aren't the rule.


This is a very relative subject.  I know a deviation with 2,000 favourites or 10,000 views might seem like "popular" but really, in a community of more than 20 million users, those numbers are relative. If 10,000 deviants already saw the deviation, that only means there are 19,990,000 deviants left who haven't seen it yet. (yes, fictional numbers, but you get the point) So in conclusion: I don't mind featuring "popular" deviants, however this "popularity" thing combined with other aspects might help me reach a decision either way. For example, a deviant you constantly see in the frontpage, who already has 2 DDs and reaching the 3,000 favourites with every submission, it's improbable I'll feature something from them. Another good example are those deviations "Popular of all time". What's the point in giving them a DD status? They already have a very large piece of the cake.

Maybe you're thinking, these two points have little to nothing to do directly with the deviation itself... so why taking them into consideration? As I mentioned before, this gallery is huge and I receive more suggestions than I can feature everyday. Not that I'm complaining, I love receiving them, but please understand I can't choose all of them! I wish I could! But I can't.  So I need a filter. Besides, if you think about it, in both cases it's because I consider the deviation already have its well deserved exposure.

There are also some other aspects, like clichés, themes or concepts that have been presented countless times before, very unlikely I'll feature those either. I know nothing is really original nowadays, but at least try to present it in a refreshingly way!

So what happens to those unselected suggestions then? A Daily Deviation shouldn't be the end of the road. They're nice, absolutely, but they shouldn't be your final goal. There are more ways you and I can give more exposure to the art we consider deserves it. I want to remind you that I'm actively using my tumblr to share some amazing digital art, and I recently started a new features series called Digitally Delicious in both places I feature some of these unselected suggestions, so it's not the end of the world.

So! That's all for today! On the next journal: some tips, things you might not now and myths about DDs. Until next time!

2 good reasons to select a Daily Deviation and 2 good reasons not to select it.
Now with more Adam Levine.
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Gwendolyn12 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Funnily enough, now, as a CV, I do pretty much exactly the same as you wrote here. I could have written it:lol:
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
Death-by-Ink Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013
Thanks for explaining this a bit more, considering I was clueless on this matter.
Kendra-Paige Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012   Photographer
This article has been featured here: [link] :heart:
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
Thank you so much! :heart:
Kendra-Paige Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012   Photographer
No need to thank me, thanks for writing a great article. =)
The-Golden-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
I'll be striving for DD status, even though the mere concept humbles me to the point of stasis paralysis.
AFineWar Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's interesting to see someone who actually selects DD's give their thought process on the whole manner. It's confusing sometimes this whole process and the way it is set up. I like suggesting but sometimes it becomes rather frustrating because of the CV. I've had some rather interesting (and not the good kind) experiences.

For instance the traditional gallery isn't really broken down into sub-sections with certain CV's dealing with certain parts like the digital art or photography categories are. Three times now I've sent a DD suggestion to one CV and then see it get featured by a totally different CV with a totally different suggester. Obviously the piece was DD material or else it wouldn't have been featured but that particular CV I decided to send it to didn't find it so. It's just a flaw in the system I think.

Another time I sent in a suggestion to a CV, the only one who looks after that category, and for about a week maybe two they didn't feature it so I figured they weren't going too then I'm looking through the DD's and there's the piece I suggested with a totally different suggester on it. I asked the CV why when I suggested it wasn't good enough to feature but when someone else did it deserved a DD.. I never did get a real answer to that. This experience made me rather uneasy and put some not so great thoughts about this CV in my head but I am trying to move on.

More than once I sent a suggestion to a photography CV and they noted me back saying they didn't feel that the photograph 'looked' like it was in the category they take care of, even thought that's the category the deviant uploaded to. I'm sure if I sent it to the CV that takes care of that category that it 'looked' like it belonged in they would have told me I sent it to the wrong CV because the photograph wasn't in the right category.

I haven't totally given up suggesting, it's impossible for any CV to see every piece of art and I think as the average deviantART user I might stumble across something great that they missed, but experiences like this have definitely left a sour taste in the back of my throat and have me kind of jaded. I think it's great you may not be guided by bias or arbitrary forces but it doesn't seem to hold true for quite a few CV's that have the power to make a real impact on a deviant's experience
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Thanks for reading! I hope half of what I said actually made sense :D

You raised some good points, I think I'll address them in my next journal :)
cocinando-colores Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
tus journals siempre tienen los mejores gifs del planeta
sí, dije del planeta :shakefist:
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