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What is this Awesome Achievement?
The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out
on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

The Deviousness Award for January 2013 goes to PrinceJose.

Hello JoseFelipe! Please give us a quick introduction of who you are, in and outside DA.

Hey Thiefo! :wave:

On deviantART, I am PrinceJose, a senior member for a bit more than six months. I recently received the Deviousness Award (obviously :B that's what this interview is for) and TimberClipse pointed out that not only am I the youngest senior, but I took his spot as youngest Deviousness Award Recipient! I am more of an art appreciator than an artist and I like to add deviations to my favourites and comment, as well as suggest Daily Deviations. :) I consider myself to be more a part of the social aspect of the site than the artistic aspect. It's a bit hard to comprehend for some, but I think it suits me just fine. :D

In this not-so magical place called the "real world," I am fifteen years old and attend high school. It's not as interesting as deviantART, but it's something we all (well, most of us, at least) have to go through. :la:

How do you feel after completing the 100 Premium Memberships project? What do you consider was the most challenging aspect of it and how did you overcome it?

On December 25th, when I gave out the last premium membership and had 0 points left in my account, I felt very accomplished. Doing a year long project can be just as, if not more frustrating than it is fun. I was very close to giving up a couple of times and by August, I didn't think I'd ever meet my goal. The hardest thing was, I think, spreading awareness. Obviously, 63,600 points is not a goal you can meet with 15 or 20 donors. I needed hundreds. Fortunately, many deviants helped me gain the attention this project needed and the goal was reached over a month early! :D

The project was totally worth the effort, though. :)

What motivated you to start a project like this and what would you say to those who want to do something similar?

After TimberClipse and I hosted the 2011 Donations for Devious Deviants (which I had originally planned to host alone, but I'm glad Zev offered to help), I was so happy that I made the recipients of the project happy that I wish I could do something like that again. This time, however, on a larger scale. I thought for a few days about how I could accomplish this and the thought just came to me. :D

100 Premium Memberships - Static Stamp by PrinceJose 100 Premium Memberships - Animated Stamp by PrinceJose Foster the People Stamp by PrinceJose Writer's Stamp by PrinceJose Born This Way Stamp by PrinceJose

"JoseFelipe is someone I have known for quite some time on dA. A few months ago when I got deviousness I told him that he was next (he didn't believe me). At the time that I had received deviousness, I was the youngest recipient. Although he didn't come right after, I knew he would come soon. I knew that before he reached my age he would take the title of "youngest recipient" away from me. I couldn't imagine a better person to lose that title to :giggle:.

Jose is one of the most caring, loving and amazing deviants I have met here. Being only in his teens, he has many years ahead of him for a future that I know will be bright and glorious. Congratulations Jose. Your actions define a true "deviant" and that of an amazing friend. I look forward to all you will have to offer in the future. 

"PrinceJose is an outstanding deviant and friend. As someone who has known Jose from when he first started contributing to the community, I have been able to witness how fast he's grown, not only as a person but as a deviant too. His passion for the community was witnessed by everyone when he gave out 100 3-month premium memberships to worthy deviants.

Now I could go on forever, so I'll wrap this up. ;p Congratulations on Deviousness Jose!

"How long have I even known Jose? XD It hasn't been very long, but this oxymoron of a senior is one of the most positive people I've met. He's simply an awesome person who does awesome things, and he doesn't expect anything in return. He's the kind of person who makes me proud of my generation with all the positivity and selflessness the seems to pour out of him. He's forever fun to talk to, and I'm glad I met him not so many months ago. XD"

"Only a short while after meeting Jose, I knew that he had the potential do great things for a community with which he has held so close to his heart. His journey through deviantART has been simply amazing to observe and be a part of. Every time I'd chat with him, he'd always bring a smile to my face because of his love-able, funny, outgoing, and supportive nature. Now, because of his efforts and selflessness in the community, he has brought smiles to well over one-hundred people on deviantART. I'm so proud of everything he's achieved these past years and I'm positive that I'll continue to be proud of him as he ventures forth into future endeavors! Without a doubt, to me and many other people, Jose is an incredibly great inspiration and an incredibly great friend. "

"I can't say that I was surprised when Jose received the Deviousness Award. He's been such a strong member of the community in the past two years that he's been here. It's hard for me to think of other deviants with the same amount of community spirit that Jose posseses. As an active member of clubs, an organizer of contests, and so much more, he's definitely made an enormous impact on this site. It's very inspiring to see someone that is able to offer so much because he truly enjoys it, being the kind and helpful person that he is. Because of him, I feel the desire to become more active on dA, and I know that he's touched many others here in the same way. Congrats to Jose, I'm so unbelievably proud of him, and I hope he'll continue to flourish."

You're a very young senior (oh the irony!) proving wrong the belief that you need to be a member here for many years to become a senior. What would you say to those who aspire to become one?

Indeed, I am a young senior! However, that doesn't stop me from shaking my cane at you. :shakecane: - quickdraw by quickdraw Get off my lawn! :giggle:

The term "senior member" can be a bit deceiving, I think. It implies age and experience to most familiar with the term "senior citizen." However, there is not age limit (neither the person's age nor the account's age) to become a senior member.

Personally, I do not think that seniority is something that people should aim to achieve. I think people that earn seniority do not, for the most part, earn it because they were trying to receive it, but because being a part of deviantART's community is reward enough.

However, I'm sure that some aspiring seniors will read the above paragraph and go "blah blah blah whatever." So, if you really want to be a senior member, there are really only two routes to take. Route A is to be active and helpful in the community. I think this route is there I would fall. On the other hand, there is Route B, which consists of amazingly talented artists. I think that, though this route is harder to take, it really shows that this is a deviantART community! :la:

How do you feel after receiving the Deviousness Award and do you think this might change your DA experience from now on?

Receiving Deviousness was something I never expected. I felt a mixture of shock, excitement, confusing, and happiness! It really is such an honor.

I think this might change my deviantART experience a bit because I have gained quite a bit of watchers and traffic on my page. Deviousness is not something you want to receive if you prefer a little privacy. ;) However, I have no problem with it and am actually looking forward to interacting with my new watchers. I am glad to not have to devote most of my time on dA towards my project and be able to have more freedom.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

That's a toughie. :hmm:
Probably Spider-Man! :dummy:

An interview with January 2013 Deviousness Award recipient: `JoseFelipeM
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AngelheartTheWarrior Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Once again proving my goal to be a Senior Member (NO WISHING-WELL! If I become a Senior Member, it's because I'll have earned it myself!) possible. (But I'll never get that youngest Senior Member. D: Oh well.)
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I read this once few hours ago, had to read it again :love:
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Thanks so much, ^Thiefoworld! :love:
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Congrats on Deviousness, from the random girl that randomly decided to comment! :clap:

And I shall stay on your lawn however long I wish! :iconanimefaceplz:
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