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What is this Awesome Achievement?
The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out
on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

The Deviousness Award for May 2012 goes to TimberClipse.
Get to know more about Zev with this interview.

First things first, who is Zev? As an artist and a member of deviantART?

Who am I? That's a good question! I am 16, finishing up my junior year in high school and a lover of film and video. I have been on about 50 film sets in the last two years working on a different array of jobs from production assistant (PA) to key grip, gaffer, director of photography (DP), and editor. My passion is to continue on sets likes these and eventually become a DP.

(I am going to keep talking about that short, but if you'd like to see more of what I have done please check out my website)

Although I am young by most standards I haven't let that get in my way, and I do not believe it should be allowed to get in the way of others. I have found, partially thanks to deviantART, that age means nothing if a "teen" puts their mind to use. I have met a number of individuals across the United States and the world who's ages mean nothing. I have even had the pleasure to work with some of them on projects such as my film, The Symbol of Peace. While creating the film I was able to work with numerous deviants to bring digital, traditional, literature as well many other forms of art into the film. In addition, our composer. Dylan Dunlap, who is around my age and wrote almost all of our music. The film has now been submitted to 10 film festivals across the United States and is waiting to be accepted or rejected.

You have had the opportunity to collaborate on a large number of projects despite your young age. Is there any particular project you feel more attached to? Any particular challenge you had to overcome?

I mentioned my largest project above, The Symbol of Peace was an absolutely amazing experience I had the opportunity to work with and meet amazing artists and people on dA and across the world. Now it is basically in its final stages waiting for film festivals.

I have had the unique and amazing opportunity to work with actors and actresses including John Slattery (best known from Mad Men), Melissa Leo (academy award winner from The Fighter) as well as absolutely amazing photographers and filmmakers. Most recently, I worked with George Holz, he has photographed a lot of fashion, nudes, and celebrity portraits (everything from Hugh Laurie -from House M.D.- to SMASH and beyond). Being able to work with him recently has been an absolute honor and pleasure.

I don't think that I could pinpoint a single project that I am most attached to because opportunities will keep coming. Two weeks ago, it would only have been a dream to have met someone like George Holz, but in just a week that all changed. The same is true for countless other people I have met on set, it really is like a second home.

It is a challenge though. I am 16, and that age is not looked fondly upon at most locations. Heck, I am barely allowed on set for most films -regulations prohibit someone under the age of 18 for many larger sets. In addition when I come on set I have to be able to establish myself, most people see a 16 year old and don't even consider them a part of the team, it takes being a step ahead of others in order to show that I actually have what it takes.

You received the senior status a few months ago, and now you've been bestowed the Deviousness Award, how does this make you feel? How was your reaction?

My reaction was a mix of a number of words that I would not want to repeat here and a face more or less like this: :jawdrop:, the only difference is that my chin is still on the table. :lol:

It is absolutely amazing to have been given these honors here. It means so much to me. Perhaps it's a little silly to some… to see so much in an award that is really only a spec of data on the internet, but the community, support and love that backed that tiny spec means so much to me. I have made friends here, some two, three, four times my age, of different origins, religions, and none of it makes a difference, they care about me and I could not live without them. People put differences behind them to support what we are all here for. Art. That is what makes this community absolutely unbelievable to me. We are different and accepting. Anyone who isn't, won't fit in. THAT is a community.

Be My Valentine by TimberClipse Playing With Fire by TimberClipse Yellow Eye? by TimberClipse

What are your aspirations short and long term, as an artist and as a community member of this site?

I discussed this a little previously, so I will stick to the "as a member of this site" part. I want to see more film and video on deviantART. No not like YouTube, but the actual art. Since 2012 began the community has seen some huge changes that are moving in the right directions. Interviews with different professionals in the industry, but I really hope to see it continue, and really want to be a part of that growth. One day, I might be able to toss YouTube and Vimeo, be able to upload all my future films to deviantART and link 100% of my work from here. But it's just not ready yet. :shrug:

"Zev has been one of the most enthusiastic community involved persons I'd met on DA who really inspired me to be more socially oriented on DeviantART. He is constantly working on a project, something that gets everyone excited. It may sound silly to say this, but it's like a pep rally. I was never school spirited, but I've got the DA Spirit. It is contagious.

Through his continuous efforts to engage his watchers he has created positive attitudes and brought many various artists together. He always knows what's big and happening on DA, informs his watchers and gets us all happy bouncing.


"TimberClipse is the one of the deviants that I met that made me want to stay on deviantART. His passion for the site and friendliness towards the community makes him easy to approach. We've watched him grow over the last few years and I'm really proud of what he's achieved so far.

I couldn't really imagine what our dA lives would be without him, and on behalf of the community I'd like to say thank you. :hug:

What role do you consider DA has played in your life as an artist? Has it affected your work in any way?

Aside from critiques, which are so incredibly valuable for artists here, I think deviantART has shaped my life. Many kids grow up with only one support system at school and/or at home. I grew up with two. The second one being deviantART. I think that changed everything for me both artistically and as a person. It's hard to convey in words but it has made such a difference.

Anyone who joined this site and has been an active part in the community for more then a year or two will likely understand :dalove:

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Most likely nothing. I ate it all. :giggle:
But… I'm a vegetarian, so no meat :eyes:

Thank you so much for the interview :heart:

Getting to know more about each month's Deviousness Award recipients.
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LordIlpilazzo Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
Nice! Congrats on the award!
bradleysays Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
I got distracted by the sexy skin at first. :giggle:

But this was a really awesome read! And I didn't know he was a vegetarian. :o
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
I was afraid it woudn't show properly :giggle: but I think it does? XD
miontre Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
It looks great! ;)
bradleysays Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
It shows fine. I was blown away by it! :giggle:
JamminJo Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I love what you wrote about `TimberClipse :nod: how true it is :nod:
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