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Features by mamiffer

:thumb340157427: The Siege by onestepart Giant of the Tower by gkb3rk Winter Snow by aj00
Dungeon. by Manzanedo spectre de kazam by naiiade Durandal IV by JohnMcCambridge Magic deer! by Reneder
You killed my brother and stole his coin - colored by warballoon Ourano - advance version by TeiIku Letiel Commission by KGMomo Column Cyclops by Kimsuyeong81
Rescue gone awry by LawrenceMann Pirates for Hire by Steelgoddess Hognose Snake Caricature by CharReed Day23 by popnbox
Don't Play with Your Food by jermilex Diplo 5 by Huguettepizzic Midnight Snack by ektahx Adventures - This way! by Joelakerman
Monster in a Candy Land by Fitografito Early Bird by TsaoShin The Maiden and the Unicorn by JonathanChanutomo Foxy Express by Spartan0627
:thumb343959816: The Forest Giant by TheEchoDragon The wish by Renegraphics In the forest by AlsaresLynx
Mr. Lunger's Splendiferous Stovepipe by 47ness Sneaking into Camp by daRoz Bird or... by Shai-a

Features by Thiefoworld

Father winter by alexson1 Jaguar by tigon Fall ... by CAHess The Girl With Emerald Eyes by BrookeGillette
Danse avec le soleil by Rozenng Emerald by adlovett frog prince by YolandaBlazquez 30 DAY MONSTER GIRL CHALLENGE Collection Download by Barukurii
Smoking hipsters by Douwe-Dijkstra Luminous and wired by tillieke The nick of time by kyzylhum Waking bear by Eugene-Siryk
Friday Afternoon by solocosmo Elk by latyll The sun, the moon, the catwoman and the bonsai by coffeecookiecat Emperor Hawk by Ondinel
Tickling or just a fluttery feeling? by AllesiaTheHedge Shelter by tadas0 Bumblebee Transformers by Z-studios love song of spring evening by arui001
Mayan Civilization by boosoohoo The herbalist by VirginieCarquin Singing Christmas Trees by kolorowaAnka Cards by RocioGarciaART
Merry Christmas 2009 by AlexAlexandrov A Long Journey Ahead 2 by LennartVerhoeff Goblin. Scout. by Igor-Grechany-Ostrov Big Trouble in Western China Town by ramida-r
The prostitution of the butterfly by Le-Garaehld Lollipop Fairy by cornacchia-art Hell and Earth by Happy-Mutt

Features by Moonbeam13

Owl by Mikecardoso Whales of the Mediterranean sea - POSTER by namu-the-orca Storybook Horrors by Eydea Asrai by Negatic
Lady of December by AngelaSasser old evil goblin by dron111

All the Daily Deviations in Digital Art for December 2012.
giggles855 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
so how was ur x-mas?
Nameda Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
awesome :D congrats everyone
marwa15 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome love these all :wow:
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