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Digital Art - Mixed Media

Fri Aug 15, 2014, 6:35 AM by Thiefoworld:iconthiefoworld:

Galleries Month

What is Mixed Media?

Digital Mixed Media refers to deviations that have been created using combination of at least two DIGITAL art forms: digital painting, airbrushing, 3D objects, fractals, photographs, vectors, etc.  There is a misconception that this category is meant for artworks combining both traditional and digital techniques, however this is not true, as Traditional Art also has its own Mixed Media sub-category. In the case of an artwork created using both digital and traditional techniques, it's up to the artist to decide in which category it should go.


Mixed Media focusing on the formal, non-representational aspect of imagery, emphasizing lines, colors, generalized or geometrical forms.
The Peacock Dance by archanN Space Magpie by Skia Rise and Fall by lucaszoltowski

Animals & Plants

Mixed Media featuring animals or plants as the main focus.

Firethorn by TenderlySharp ferretdump by littleulvar Evening Sun by archanN


Mixed Media in which the idea or message, and not the execution, is the main focus.
A way out by mathiole Alternate ending by mathiole Schwarzes Tier by Skia


Mixed Media displaying a dark theme or mood; having a mystical, obscure, sombre, grim or sinister expression.
The Alchemist's Wife by AbigailLarson Death by Stress by alexiuss Follow Me To Darkness by NanFe


Mixed Media intended to portray or represent emotion.
Reunited by Lapis-Razuri Little Melancholy by daekazu none by Jungshan


Mixed Media that depict supernatural or magical themes often relatating to legend, myth, and enchanted creatures.
Nidhogg Tearer of Corpses by GENZOMAN Spring Sprite by daekazu Snowbirds by shirotsuki

Landscapes & Scenery

Mixed Media art of scenery, real or imaginary.
Here With Me by zbush The Worldpot by ADKmann The Road to Tomorrow by Kyomu

Macabre & Horror

Mixed Media representation of extreme fear, be it visual (ie. blood and gore) or psychological (ie. mind games).
Rabies by LiLaiRa Murder by maruhana-bachi HR GIGER style exercise by GENZOMAN


Mixed Media displaying simplified and reduced imagery.
Coldplay Favorites by extraordi-mary <da:thumb id="213111357"/> Letter by Skia


Digital Mixed Media Art that do not fit into any other category.
Reawakening by mOskCrown by YaphleenOwn World by Ethernity


Mixed Media art with human characters, emotions, or actions as the main focus.
evening by FukariTrophy Wife by MichaelOPoetry For Cats by waryofwolves


Mixed Media representing current or historical events in the political arena or depicts political figures.
Political Boxing by Raikoh-illustPuppet by mathiole<da:thumb id="189963004"/>


Mixed Media characterized by morphing objects, bright colors, and spirals, kaleidoscopic or fractal patterns, extreme depth or stylization of detail with the repetition of motifs or warped figures.
<da:thumb id="343423927"/>Tree of Light by IncantataHydrascensionism by archanN


Digital Science fiction mixed media depicting speculative scientific discoveries, space travel and scenes, and other world life forms.
Battlefield by max4everAmalgaMATE by MichaelOGenbot 1 by BenMauro


Mixed Media that defies the laws of logic and physics, creating often dreamlike scenery in which the impossible and implausible is depicted.
Pencil Vs Camera - 44 by BenHeine<da:thumb id="185100649"/><da:thumb id="165676756"/>

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Inprismed Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good journal!
I also really love some of the pieces/artists you are featuring here^^ 
diphylla Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
pica-ae Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Mixed Media needs more love :la: 
TheAncynt Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hhhhhmm did get that wrong then....haha :P
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