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Interview with Marc Brunet - Bluefley

Fri Oct 26, 2012, 11:08 AM
In celebration of Digital Art Month, here is the second in a series of interviews done to the authors of some of the site's most popular digital deviations of all time.

 In this occasion I bring you Bluefley, creator of Impossible LOV3 ver. 3

Impossible LOV3 ver.3

-Touch of Wind-
My name is Marc Brunet and I'm a Senior Character Artist working for Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, California. I'm originally from Montreal in cold Canada and I worked in the game industry there for 2 years as both a Concept Artist and 3D Character Artist before moving to the US.

What got you interested in the graphic arts in the first place, and what motivated you to pursue it as a career?

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what got me interested in art in the first place. I've pretty much been drawing my entire life and as I discovered new technologies over the years my art evolved as a result. It all started with pen and paper as a kid and then I stumbled upon Photoshop and graphic tablets and this allowed me to do whatever I wanted really quickly and efficiently. It just happened that what I really liked to draw, sci/fi and fantasy, applied perfectly for the video game industry. Recruiters noticed my websites and that's how I got my first job offer. I was still in school at that time so I dropped out and that's when I realized this was going to be my career. I never really thought I would work for game studios to be honest.

Blue Colossus

As a professional artist, how do you balance doing your work the way you want with doing it they way your clients want? Have you ever had a conflict because of this?

At work I learned to dissociate myself with my art so it doesn't really bother me anymore to have to constantly change my models to make somebody else happy. It's different with my paintings though, most clients message me because they want something similar to the other stuff I do so it's always very easy and there are rarely changes along the way.

Your deviation Impossible LOV3 is one of the most popular digital art pieces of all time, in the deviation's description you mention you erased your background story for the image to let people make up their own. However just this time, what is your story behind this image?

The long evolution of IL
I wouldn't call it anything like that but I appreciate it!

 The initial story was born while I was in class doodling the lineart for it in my sketchbook. I actually don't remember what the teacher was saying but it had to do with a girl who's lover had turned to stone.

 I thought the idea was pretty interesting and after sci/fing it up I ended up with the following story: A woman who had lost her lover long ago for a mysterious reason had kept on searching with the hope she would one day find him. She had lost him while he was still human and had found out he had been captured for some type of experiment. After many years she finally finds him but only to discover he is no longer himself. He's now simply a scrap of metal. As she stares in his eyes she can still feel his presence but she knows there is absolutely nothing she can do, the man she loved is gone.

How did you discover deviantArt and what made you stay? Is there something you like the most about it? What about something you would like to change from it?

 Like you can see on my page I've been a member for 8 years now so my memory is a little blurry when I try to remember how I found the website in the first place, but I would guess I found it while searching for images to use as inspiration. I decided to start a page because I knew exposure was important if I wanted to do art for a living and the website, while super clunky back then, seems like a great free place to be able to share my work. What I like the most about it now is how easy it is to sell prints.

I use to like the old front page, the one that displayed only the paintings with the most favorites. It was such a great incentive for me to paint and improve to try to get on that front page as much as I could, trying to beat the other artists that were really popular. Now they only have a bunch of garbage on there, shame! I wish they would bring that feature back, this is by far my biggest complaint about the website.

-The Great Arch-

Interview with *Bluefley, author or Impossible LOV3 ver. 3, one of the most known digital art deviations of all time.
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You always say most well known and Im like "whats that... i feel.slow..."
fridge61 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Darn it Thiefo!

Why must you always interview even more unbelievably great artists that I now have to add to my watch list?
Gosh! _
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