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May/June 2014

Tue Jun 17, 2014, 3:16 PM

The Digital Art Team



Drawings & Paintings, Vexel, Vector and Mixed Media


Drawings & Paintings and Mixed Media


Photomanipulation and Mixed Media


Photomanipulation and Mixed Media


3 Dimensional Art and Stereoscopy


Fractal Art


Pixel Art


Text & Typography


Sci-Fi and Space Art

Digital Art groups

:icondigitalists: :iconcrphotomanipulation: :iconcrtextandtypography: :icontypoholics: :iconpixelcommunity: :icon3dmodeling: :iconthevexelgroup: :iconthevectorgroup: :iconmattespacing: :iconapophysis: :icondigital-artists: :iconrealm-of-fantasy: :iconwe-heart-photomanip: :iconbeastvision:

Want to join the team?


General Digital Art News


Farewell Astralseed and mamiffer!

This past week we had to bid farewell to both Astralseed and mamiffer (formerly known as etherealbeast) from the Community Relations team. We thank them for the awesome job they did as volunteers and wish them the best of lucks in her personal endeavours! If you haven't done so yet, go to their pages and give them some love! :heart:

Vector and Vexel are still open!

Moonbeam13 is working hard on bringing new faces to the volunteer team, but for the time being, the positions for Vector and Vexel are still open. As usual I want to remind you that if you have DD suggestions for these categories, both Moonbeam13 and I are taking care of them while there's no one appointed for these positions.

While I'm the honorary CV for these galleries, I'm working on giving them the attention they deserve, part of that was by focusing a Digitally Delicious article solely on Vector and another on Vexel and more will come! With that in mind, what would you like to see in the near future? More features? Contests? Tutorials? Let me know in the comments below!

Sailor Moon by k-BOSE

Fanart vs Digital Art

Since we're touching the subject of categories, I think it's never out of place to give you a quick reminder about Fan Art.

I understand submitting your artwork to the correct category can be tricky sometimes, since they tend to overlap. Besides, you can choose to categorize your artwork not only by the media you used, but also by it's theme, genre or style, what I'm trying to say, is that if your artwork is cartoony, it could go to either Comics & Cartoons or Digital Art > Drawings & Paintings and both options would technically be correct. There is one thing however, that is a little different and it comes when your work include copyrighted characters or other elements created by someone else, in other words: Fan Art.

Fan Art should go to the Fan Art category, period. No matter if you did it digitally, it shouldn't go to Digital Art. So if you know your artwork is Fan Art, please submit it to the appropiate category and also suggest it to one of the Fan Art CVs. If you have problems determining if it should go to Fan Art or not, simply ask yourself these questions: "Do these characters belong to me? Did I create them from scratch? Did someone hire me and pay me to do this artwork?" If your answer is NO to all of them, then your work should go to Fan Art.

Ethereal Clearing by JonathanMacgregor

General Digital Art News and Features

:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: May 9th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: May 13th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: May 21st
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: May 28th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: June 4th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: June 11th
:bulletwhite: Beast Vision Vol. 5
:bulletwhite: Beast Vision Vol. 6
:bulletwhite: Beast Vision Vol. 7
:bulletwhite: Beast Vision Vol. 8
:bulletwhite: Beast Vision Vol. 9
:bulletwhite: Beast Vision Vol. 10
:bulletwhite: Digitalism v.04
:bulletwhite: Digitalism v.05
:bulletwhite: Digitalism v.06
:bulletwhite: Let's Talk about DDs!
:bulletwhite: Some new [but not really] notes about DDs
:bulletwhite: Digital Art DD RoundUP - April 2014
:bulletwhite: Digital Art DD RoundUp - May 2014

Blue-Candy by webang111 with my baby by Kyrie0201 -1600 by bamuth 14.04.14. Viscid by Verschroben Arc en Celia by GDBee


3 Dimensional Art

Mune have been busy with a change of job, but she's planing some activities for the summer, so stay tuned! In the meantime, take a look at a great journal she wrote titled A bit of advice..coming from a teacher!

"One thing I noticed with students, grads and even people just aspiring to make Art their "forever job" is that they are far too sensitive. Getting snippy when someone asks questions, points out technical flaws (no not your "style" excuse is going to cut it, if the anatomy is wrong and distracting to your work, that is a technical flaw). or just giving advice and your "snarky" with them, you snap, you try to professionally write a response when you are mad (yes people can see through it) etc is just not professional. If someone insults your work, ignore it, laugh about it go back to your work.

When someone tries to help you can politely say thank you and move on if you're not interested in their advice. But when you try to respond to "explain yourself"  be careful with your writing.

Land by Ann-Nick Blushing Bonsai II by priteeboy Happiness is homemade by Craelle Sci-fi Anime Classroom by AH-Kai


Pixel Art

No news this  time, but enjoy these amazing arts!

Arcanine by Aledles BAD INFLUENCE by OCEANSCENTED [C] For SallyAnne-Ichi by PrinceOfRedroses {Commission} - Puck Journal Doll by LeoKatana


Text Art and Typography

Anne is working hard in bringing back to life the groups she's a founder of , one of them being VecType! You can read about the group here, check out the submission guidelines here and how to join as member or contributor here.

She's also asking you about Typography Challenges and ask you some questions about it. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Love Letters by Ramotion Isaac Newton Quote Giants by roberlan Day 49 - Love Letter by inpakto GUESS WHO?? by jheylyn16

News from the Digital Art galleries!
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