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October 9, 2012
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My Stance on Daily Deviations

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 9, 2012, 10:54 AM

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Daily Deviations. Just a portion of what we do as volunteers, but probably one of the most visible.
There are a few things to be said about them, but instead of writing a big ass entry you won't read anyway,  I decided to write a mini series of journals regarding some of these points, giving you some tips, some opinions and hopefully igniting some healthy discussion. Sounds like fun?

So, the first item on the agenda: my stance on them.

Everybody has their own perception of what a Daily Deviation is. I know FAQ 61 tells us the official definition of what a daily deviation is; "A feature chosen by a group of volunteers or staff members."  A FEATURE, that's it! That's what a daily deviation is right? Yes. But  I also understand that they're not just your everyday features. This little detail of being chosen by staff  and  put in a dedicated place very visible to all the community makes them special. (main reason why sometimes people complain about them). Even when being "just a feature", it's also true that they have a personal connotative meaning, people see them in a different way: some consider them a huge honor. Others think of them as some sort of "trophies", or that they're given to you if you are "good enough".  Some think they're just another part of this big popularity contest. Many others don't give a crap.

Something similar applies to the people who select them; some consider them a way to give exposure to the lesser known, an opportunity to introduce amazing artists, show amazing art or bring awareness about a theme or an art genre. And of course every volunteer has their own criteria when selecting them.

This is how I see Daily Deviations:

For me, Daily Deviations are the representatives of the site's galleries.

Think for a moment if you were about to introduce to someone who has never heard of the site before, and you can only show them a portion of it. What would you choose to show them?

Well, personally I would choose the Daily Deviations page.

This is an art site, so the obvious would be to show them the art, and while I could choose to show them the frontpage, which is also a good option, I would go with Daily Deviations. Why? In a single page with around 30 to 40 features a day, you can see most of the galleries represented there. Usually you can find at least one for each of the following: Traditional and Digital Art, Literature, Design & Interfaces, a great variety of Photographic works, Emoticons, Wallpapers, Anime & Manga, Artisan Crafts, etc.

Most of the galleries are represented each day in the Daily Deviations, which makes them something like the galleries ambassadors if you will.

I'm the volunteer for Digital Art, so what I try to do through my selections is to represent the gallery as a whole. Digital Art is one of the most popular galleries within the site, there is a great variety of works from a lot of genres and themes, from an equally varied group of artists of different skill levels and experience, professional, semi-professional and amateur. I try to represent all that with my selections, so I might choose deviations from different themes, techniques and even skill levels. (I do have a very high standard when it comes to technical presentation of course, but sometimes a strong concept or a very striking theme can be a decisive factor even if the technical level isn't precisely the top of the top. )

Also, Daily Deviations should show you something you don't see everyday.

The purpose of the frontpage (set to "Popular") is to show art that is popular be by the theme, the technique or the author. You'll always find some amazing art there, but it's also quite probable you'll see the same artists, the same subjects and the same categories there, quite often. It's driven by popularity after all.
But unlike the frontpage, which is generated automatically, I think DDs should aim to show you art you don't see everyday. Daily Deviations set a spotlight on a particular piece for 24 hours and when your art is exposed to millions of users, 24 hours can make a huge difference. So why setting this spotlight to something similar to what you already see everyday? I think DDs should aim to show you an artist, an artwork and/or an art form that probably you woudn't notice otherwise.

I mentioned a couple of journals ago, that I receive a great number of suggestions from Painting & Airbrushing > Fantasy. I understand Fantasy is a very popular theme, but there are many, many sub categories within Digital Art; Conceptual, Political, Surreal, Pop Art, Abstract, Horror & Macabre, and a large etcetera. Also remember I also take suggestions for Drawings and Mixed Media. What about those? If I aim to represent the gallery as a whole,  I want all those genres and mediums to be present also, if not everyday at least on a more constant basis.  Don't take this, however, as I'm going to get mad or I won't select your suggestions if they come from Fantasy. Not at all! But you're always encouraged to go and look for a more wide variety of themes when looking for works to suggest!

So, as mentioned, a DD is a feature, but as opposed to everyday features you and I can make in our journals, choosing works simply because we like them, for me it takes way more than just my own personal taste, if I like a deviation or not, to determine if I'm going to feature it or not.

The next theme I want to touch is precisely my selection process and the most common reasons why I don't select some suggestions. See you on the next journal!

Hi! I'm a journal. Read me!
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SIXXAM-22 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist
Tried to submit a pen drawing of DJ Ashba. It was rejected. Idk what it's missing, but I'm surprised. I have a ways to go in drawing people, but I think it's DD page's loss.
BrownPoo Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Student General Artist
" you something you don't see everyday."

I do believe I see black and white 'artistic' nudes everyday in the DD section. I understand the artistic importance of them, having done life drawings myself before, and how important they are to the study of human anatomy. But I hardly think it constitutes such importance that it overshadows EVERYTHING else.

Every single day I see one of them. Yes, some are pretty. But many of them are different models doing the same burlesque poses, perhaps semi nude today instead of the fully nude yesterday, or wearing stockings and panties without garterbelts. I appreciate those pictures, I really do. But isn't photography also about the environment? About nature, or buildings, or every other bloody thing in the world? Yes, nudes to hold the same (if not more, since we are human) level of importance, but why should there be so much emphasis on it? It's as if whoever selects them has the contrived idea that they aren't already accepted in bloody society, and thinks that shoving them in other people's faces would change that.

Otherwise. Thanks for the journal post :D I really love the "Represenative of the site's galleries" makes the atmosphere dA gives off so much more tight knit.
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Well, I can only talk about Digital Art which is what I feature, this journal was intended to show my personal stance on my selections, my personal opinion, which may or may not be shared by the rest of the volunteers. You should go and say this to the Nude Photography volunteer (who in this case is ^Nyx-Valentine) ;)

But anyway, following the same line of sharing my opinion, here is what I think.

First off, you'll frequently see Nude photography on the DDs simply because there's a volunteer dedicated to the category, so just as you'll see a Digital feature from me, and a Traditional feature from ^SylwiaTelari, you'll see a Nude feature from ^Nyx-Valentine once in a while. Aditionally, Nudes are not exclusive of the Artistic Nudes category, you'll find them also in Fetish, Pin-Up, Horror & Macabre, even stock, etc.

Now, there are also other volunteers dedicated to more subcategories within Photography, other than nudes. In fact, if you see the complete Community Relations Team you'll see there are no less than 11 volunteers for Photography (and notice only 1 of them is for Artistic Nudes). Granted, not all volunteers feature a DD everyday, but even so I believe Photography as a whole is well represented in the DD section everyday, you'll see Plants and Nature, Architecture, many kinds of Portraits, Photojournalism, etc, if not everyday at least frequently.

Giving you some numbers: ^Nyx-Valentine, the CV for Artistic Nudes has only selected 2 DDs from this category during december, in the past 20 days there are: a nude stock photo featured today, a Pin-Up showing a nipple on the 18th, and only suggestive glamour, fashion or fetish portraits the 17, 10, 9, 7, 6 and 4. I hardly consider that as putting too much emphasis on it or shoving them in other's people faces, specially considering around 700 deviations in total have been selected these past 20 days and only around 10 - 15 show nudes. But once again, that's what I think ;)
BrownPoo Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Aaaah....I should probably have gottn my facts straight before ranting :L sorry!

I never knew there were subcategories for photography though :| thanks for the info :D
GregorKerle Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Professional General Artist
Nicely put together :clap:
meta625 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think, you got a fair stance on DDs. Nevertheless, I usually like only 1-3 from all the daily selections, the other just seem boring or not my area of interest. I watch the DDs for finding these 1-3, then browse their galleries and favourites and thus sometimes find fantastic stuff. I don't understand the DD haters, when I post comments, I try to write down positives / what I like about the picture. I don't comment on pictures I don't like. I don't like some things about Deviantart generally: the first, that there are so many awesome artists, galleries, photos...that are hidden from me and will never discover them and the second, that some photoshopfails starring at me from the frontpage have more comments than my work. :eager:

btw. love your blog about DDs and the .gifs you use, good work, keep it up.
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
Thanks to you for reading! :D
TheDuckster Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Well I will say that one day I would love a DD, it is a mini goal of mine no matter what anyone may say about it. Though I know I am not probably capable for a DD just yet it does make me work harder even if I never get one. It just is one of the many many things that keeps me striving to get better, not just for the fun of it because it is indeed fun growing as an artist. Goals help me and even if it isn't a huge honor to some I still think it is, if I would ever receive one I would feel extremely confident with my skills but it wouldn't deter me from continuing my work in the future. I love this journal though, very detailed and organized with all the information you put into it and the gifs but it that much more entertaining to read. :)
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
Hmm yes.
Representative of a site's galleries. When artistic nude, body art, fanart, stamps, dA Related works are featured, oh wait, even Abstract photography or Street photography...

What's featured are things I usually see mostly in other ways and things that could be featured so I wouldn't put it on what someone sees everday as it will be different from person to person. But sure!

Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
why are you linking me the frog? xD
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