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October 2013

Fri Oct 25, 2013, 8:46 AM

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Sci-Fi and Space Art

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General Digital Art News

Krow by Lavah

Winter Xpo 2013

Winter Xpo is an art exposition I help to organize each year which is held in my city and showcases the art of artists from all around the world. It's not an event directly related to deviantArt, and not sponsored by dA in any way, but I think is a great oportunity to promote yourself outside of the internet, which is always good for us artists, don't you think? Reception of entries is open until next November 10th!

- Read more


I know this is like the third time I say this, but hopefully now for real, a new way to play this activity will start in november. Keep an eye on either communityrelations or Digitalists's journals to know more about this! If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at the rules of the original Sketchmatch here.

Ethereal Artbook Cover by GreyRadian

Ethereal Charity Artbook

A project that was born from the Deviantart community. With over 90 artists from all around the world and 140+ pages, 100% of the profits goes to the Redkite cancer foundation located in Australia. To learn more about it as well as know how to pre-order it, visit the Ethereal-artbook group.

- Read more

More General Digital Art News & Features

:bulletwhite: Digital Art September DD Roundup
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: September 26th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: October 9th
:bulletwhite: Digitally Delicious: October 23rd
:bulletwhite: Project AWW Journal
:bulletwhite: AWW VI/2013
:bulletwhite: Stylenoir Monarchy Contest Finalists
:bulletwhite: Digital Art Community Feature #6

Wu Yao by redpeggy Substrata - A Visit From An Old Friend by Ninjatic  Riders by sandara Mother of Dragons by Artgerm
The night sky by Silly-Bat Defy me by Grypwolf Ride it! by Brosa Alice by Kyrie0201


Pixel Art

Pixel Art Town Project by vanmall

Pixel Art Town Project

Pixel Art Town Project has now been in works for couple of months already and we are still long way from completing it.

So anyone who hasn't finished their part yet can do it now or if someone still wants to participate then there should be one or two slots still opened. As previously promised then there will be an expansion to it once 50% of the current town is finished by deviants.

Pixel Art Tutorials

My pixel art tutorial series will get a big overhaul pretty soon, adding some new helpful stuff so that it would be even easier for people to learn something new about pixel art. Currently there's 25 pixel art tutorials but I'm always open for suggestions, so if you would like to know something about pixel art or how to make something then I'm always open for suggestions.
Also, to celebrate how to start with pixel art getting to 100.000, an updated version will be posted with another changes.

Group Feature

And finally I would like to feature an awesome pixel art group, PixcellentArtists for their continues work towards improving deviantART pixel art category and showcasing some of the best pixel art in deviantART.

Fairy Dragon by PeL07 Norroth Fire Dragon by Cyangmou Commission: Ejeect by medli20 Giant Birthday by Web5teR
Zelda OoT: Link by Seikoru Witch by ichigo-tan Mori Maru Pixel by Maruuki Pixel Trees v2 - Serene Nature by Pix3M


Text Art and Typography

pica-ae is currently on vacations, visiting KubusRubus in New York.

She'll be back soon, so in the meantime, have some great pieces from the Text and Typography galleries, submitted during this past month:

For the girl with the ashen heart and jackdaw grin by ScorchingPhoenix John 8:32 - Poster by mostpato On Marriage by UntamedUnwanted Free Verse 20 - Plato by Salve-S
Percy Jackson: With Great Power by midenian-lostie Typographic Art of Walter White - Breaking Bad by rafaelboo Puro Floro by AtixVector Being an Architect by saescavipica

News from the Digital Art galleries for the month.
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