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An Update!
Due to the overwhelming response this initiative got, there will be a slight change in the rules:

- The journal will remain open for everyone to comment and request a critique until DEC. 9TH. as planned. Then the requests will be closed. (comments on the journal will be disabled)

- Then I'll gather and organize every comment for a more organized process and pass them to the rest of the team. Critiques then, will start to be given on Dec. 10th.

-Due the unexpected number of requests received I'LL ASK YOU TO BE PATIENT AND WAIT UP TO 1 TO 2 WEEKS MAX TO RECEIVE YOUR CRITIQUE. (starting on Dec. 10th)


Digital Art Critique Extravanganza

Request critiques from the Community Volunteers! All the deviations shared in this journal will get critiqued, guaranteed! This journal will be open all week until next Dec 9th

    How will this work?

    • Post a comment in this journal including 1 or more deviations of yours, please limit it to a max of 3. Include links not  thumbcodes.
    • Please include only your own work, if you have a friend who wants their art to be critiqued, tell them to come here and comment.
    • Please request critiques for digital pieces only. This is Digital Art Week! It can be from any digital subcategory: Vector, Vexel, Photomanipulation, Fractal, Painting & Airbrushing, Drawings, etc.
    • Don't worry if you don't have a Premium Membership and can't enable the critique system. Critiquers will use normal comments to make their critiques as well.
    • Be patient and wait for your critiques! If your art hasn't been critiqued yet by the end of the week Dec. 23rd  though, poke Thiefoworld
    • Be open minded an receptive, remember critiques include both positive and negative aspects that could be improved, don't take them as personal attacks.
    • Enjoy!

Note: If you feel comfortable about it and believe you have something valuable to say, don't let anything stop you from giving a critique as well!

Live critique at dAmn

There will also be a live session of critique giveaway at #CommunityRelations next Sunday Dec. 9th at 10:00am PST (click here to see your local time…)

Community Volunteers who will be giving their critiques:

:iconthiefoworld: :iconastralseed: :iconvalasedai: :iconpica-ae: :iconkovowolf: :iconpolymune: :iconalltheoriginalnames: :iconradicallizard: :iconthelasthuzzah:
And many others!

Request critiques from the Community Volunteers!
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December 4, 2012
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