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March 6, 2012
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So you want to be a CV...

Tue Mar 6, 2012, 11:58 AM
Sometimes I like to wander through the communityrelations group, and I always come across comments from people so willing to become volunteers, (and a lot of comments from phoenixleo ._.) specifically in the The Community Relations Team journal, where the opening positions are listed.

To those people: take this journal just as a personal opinion coming from a former volunteer, who currently is just a regular deviant (as in: non-admin of any sort) like you, from someone who, like you, love the community and is willing to contribute and give back the way he can:

I think is great that people is so enthusiastic and passionate about volunteering, it's something that shows. People constantly say "I so would love to help!", "I can't wait to be 18 to apply!", "I so want to be on the team!", there are some who list the complete CR roster in their personal profiles, who openly say in their tagline, signatures or devIDs "Hoping to be a CV one day", etc.

I'm not Moonbeam13 nor fourteenthstar, and only they know what they look for when selecting new CVs, but if I were them I think I would take that passion people demostrate into account during my selection process . I'm pretty sure they do too.

But along those "I want to be a CV" comments, there are also disappointment demostrations from people who applied for a position but didn't get selected, or when they are below 18 so they can't apply yet, when the positions they are hoping for are not open yet. etc. I don't think those are wrong, I know where they come from, and I'm not here to say it's wrong at all.  But sometimes I wonder if people is not more concentrated on becoming a CV rather than doing what a CV does. I know it sounds like it's the same but it isn't. It's obvious that not everybody can be a CV, but the more people do what a CV does I think this would be a better community.

If you really want to help, to contribute and give back to the community, then you simply do it, because you know you can. You don't need to be a volunteer, not even a senior for that. I know it has been said before but it remains true; You don't need a fancy symbol to do what a CV does. Basically you can do everything a volunteer does with a few obvious exceptions, like choosing DDs or locking forum threads, but what I think are the most important things a CV does remain free for everyone to do: promoting people, sharing resources, educating, mentoring and more. There also comes the point of motivation and I think you should do all that because you enjoy it, not because you just want to get a hat ^

I said enjoy, because I think it's very important, crucial even. You don't get paid for posting an informative journal, or selecting DDs or hosting a contest. The very same word says it; you are a volunteer, you do what you do voluntarily, because you want to, because you enjoy it, otherwise I don't think you would be doing it. When you are on the team, nobody is after you "hey! you haven't selected tomorrow's DD!", "hey! you need to organize a contest!" Everybody is free to do what they want the way they want (of course as long as you adhere to the team's guidelines and the Core Values) for instance, it's not required from a volunteer to select a single DD during their term. I know, shocking huh? But guess what? Volunteers do it anyway, why? Because they choose to, because they want, because they enjoy it.

Are you willing to do what a CV does? to "foster creative genius by encouraging artists to grow, collaborate and participate in a friendly and supportive artistic environment"? because I honestly think all of us can do that already, volunteers or not, so once again, if you want to do all that, then by fella's sake, DO IT! If you want to become a ^ so bad, maybe you should first stop and question yourself why you want it, and make sure you are not more concentrated on just getting a new symbol.

All this is not to say that you shouldn't want to become a CV officially, and is not wrong to feel disappointed when you apply unsuccesfully. (personally, I applied several times before getting selected a few years ago, I know how that is, trust me) This is to encourage you to don't give up and don't feel too disappointed if you don't get selected once, twice or several times. I know some of you already do what a CV should be doing and I'm pretty sure you'll become one oficially one day if you don't give up. Do you enjoy promoting people in your journal? Giving critiques and thoughtful comments? Hosting a community project? Helping new artists with what you know? That's amazing! Let nothing stop you from continue doing that! Not because you don't have a ^ means you shouldn't be doing all that, in fact is all the way around, if you really want to volunteer in an official capacity you are already a step ahead and even if you don't have a ^ right now, you are already making this community a better place :heart: So thank you!

There's something wreckling added related to this here that I loved, here are some excerpts of what he wrote:

    "Rejection happens. This is something that I don't really mention much, simply because it doesn't come to mind all that often, but there are quite a few of us on the team who weren't brought on the first time we applied, or the second. I was brought on after my fifth and sixth applications, respectively....

    ... If you're not accepted on your first application, that's okay! I look at it this way, if it's something you really, really want, then it gives you a chance to make yourself an active, standout member of the community...

    ... if it's something you're ready and willing to do the work for, then just keep striving for it, and more often than not, a proper opportunity will come. Don't be afraid of rejection along the way, at worst it'll test your resolve, and at best it'll prepare you for what is to come. :]"

    No Symbol Needed Stamp by ClefairyKid

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people help me perhaps I can be cv to dA
UltraLulzz Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great journal. c: 
I really hope to be a volunteer for dA some day. I put in an app, and I'm just gonna hope for the best. I love to help people, always have and always will~.
Just-To-Look1 Mar 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Playpuses. Uhh… :confused:
Draycen Feb 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I want to try these things! Sure, my goal is to be a CV one day, but I think it's better to start unofficial volunteering first. Let's see... I comment everywhere, so advertising artists in my signature is a good start. Then I can also use my ID as well. So many things I can do!
sandravaleriameza Feb 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i really enjoy your journal, 
FTSArts Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
See, I like to do the things that are at the core values of the CVs. But I just don't have the fan audience to get the word spread myself. Sometimes, I feel like my journals about other people spam my watchers, so I tend to not make them. But you make a really good point, this is what I enjoy doing, it's why I signed up for DA, the attitude of artists helping each other to become better - quite fantastic if you ask me! - so, I won't let the fact that I don't have tons of page views or watchers stop me from continuing to promote those awesome, un-noticed artists I find ALL OVER THE PLACE. I think that's why we need more CVs or, at least deviants who take on those duties themselves without the title. 

Really appreciate the time you took to make this and explain things thoroughly, I was just wondering today what the CVs do, and started clicking FaQ links, and found this and by extension I learned a little more about %communityrelations and what the CVs are all about. 
Empty-Frames Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You'll probably find the more you help others, the more people will notice you :)
Sonikkudrawings Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice!
I realy like what is helping fellow artists, even though is harder (as my case), without a PM/being part of the staff...
Itīs like not much people takes it in count if you donīt have at least a star behind your username, and it gets frustrating.
But I love what I do, and even though I have a clean username, I can help others, as little as I actually can, but it feels amazing! :D
SuzuriHeinze Nov 14, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
I was directed to this article when I looked up exactly what the heart icon next to the name meant. You guys are a special kind of people. It takes dedication, and... well, heart, to do this sort of thing. 

So, y'know, keep doing what you're doing. If I had more free time, I'd try to apply for the position, but since I know I'm busy off site, I know better than to bother you with that.
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