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October 19, 2012
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Stories of Improvement I

Fri Oct 19, 2012, 3:18 PM
Through the month you have seen some historic moments regarding Digital Art, some topics of discussion, interviews with talented digital artists and features with incredible art.

Today we'll take a look at the personal stories some deviants have to tell about how much they've improved over the years. So here is the first part of two! Each story is accompanied by a couple of thumbs, one old and one old so you can see how much the deviant has improved.

:iconmiloticscale: MiloticScale

I started creating digital art just a few years ago when I had given up
on many other media for creating art. It has always been the easiest for
me as compared to the other media. When I started creating digital art,
I would just willy-nilly something together; I later realized that
willy-nilly'ing does not digital art make. I'd like to think that I've
improved because of community feedback here at dA as well as my own
observations of others' styles and such.

:iconrandombran64: RandomBran64

I've only been doing digital art for three years I think? Though I've
been drawing in general long before. I feel I've improved on facial
expressions, line work, and coloring and shading most of all. If it
weren't the hundreds of tutorials I've come across not just on dA but
everywhere else, I probably wouldn't be able to do what I can do now...

:thumb166365773: :thumb287020838:

:iconredan23: Redan23

- How much time have you been doing digital art?
----- I do it nearby 3 Years and sometimes it was really frustration but from  month to month i learn a bit more and more. I hope in the next couple years  that i can do it professional :-) I know it´s a loooong and hard way .

- What do you think are your main improvements over these past years?
----- Speed , Technics and a eye for depth . What i must do be better is the  human anatomies and a better eye for color.

- What helped you improve?
----- Book´s , Blog´s and a lot Youtube Tut´s .

- Has DA helped you in any way during this process?
----- It´s for me the main place to share my art and all the comments are so  important and push me forward .

Throne of the Summoner by Redan23 Diablo III - Barbarian by Redan23

:iconlyricanna: Lyricanna

- How much time have you been doing digital art?
I have been using MS Paint almost 10 years just to pass the time. Started using it for dolling about 6-7 years ago. I use photoshop occasionally but haven't done anything 100% photoshop in a couple years.

- What do you think are your main improvements over these past years?
Light sources and getting away from cell shading. Honestly, using as many colours as a person needs to shade something as opposed to one base colour, one shadow and one highlight makes a ton of difference!
- What helped you improve?
Tutorials and the digital dolls chat room. The girls in there are harsh but fair =)

- Has DA helped you in any way during this process?
Yep; without dA, I wouldn't have started dolling, found the community and tried so many things.

Dana Helliose Doll by Rianu55 Ninja Trio by Lyricanna

:iconvalasedai: ValaSedai

I've started with digital art in November 2010 when I bought a really cheap graphic tablet. After I had overused it so incredibly much that the pen nib was completely gone after two weeks I decided to buy a Wacom and I dare say this was the beginning of an amazing artistic journey for me. Soon after I joined dA (even though I had an old account from 2005 but I deleted it and started completely from scratch) and the great community and seeing so many wonderful artists who sometimes through conversations sometimes simply through presenting their works to me and others has helped me get better with a pace I never thought possible.
My style and my focus in art has changed a lot in these two years, from mainly character illustrations to landscapes, monster art and the occasional chibi but all the while I stuck with my beloved fan art. Here and there I also venture into pixel art now.
I believe that my main improvements show when it comes to colouring techniques of my chibis but I have also learned to create better compositions for landscapes and simply draw much more relaxed and thus automatically better. :)

:thumb206332268: Illusions by ValaSedai

:iconpretty-angel: Pretty-Angel

In general, I started drawing/painting as a hobby in 1998, mostly pencil and water colours. But I didn't really get into digital art until I got my Wacom tablet and Photoshop in 2007. I barely understood how the program worked and what options it had to offer so I didn't really use many fancy tricks. It took me a bit to get the hang of it but I enjoyed it a lot. However, the quality of my artwork was a bit of a hit-and-miss back then. For comparison, these are some of my favourite artworks from back then: And these are some of the arts that I don't really like all that much anymore: ; It was quite frustrating that I just couldn't get some artworks right and even worse: I couldn't understand why.

Eventually I realized that I needed to learn so much more about painting - not just how to use my digital painting tools but also general basics like colour, composition, etc. deviantART has helped me a lot in two ways. 1st) there are so many artists here that inspired me to get better and who'd share their knowledge and tools. And 2nd) I made some friends that were constantly giving feedback and helping me out. If it wasn't for deviantART I wouldn't really have improved all that much and I probably would have quit arts altogether. I also wouldn't work as an illustrator today cause the publisher I'm working for now actually found me via my dA gallery. Today my drawing skills have improved, I do understand colour and composition a lot better than years before and I'm still eager to learn even more!

2003 - 2009 Improvement Meme by Pretty-Angel  Will through the Years by Pretty-Angel

:iconi-am-bleu: I-Am-Bleu

- How much time have you been doing digital art?
I started drawing
digital in 2006 whit PSP 9. But that was mabey 5% of the work I did. I
was more working traditional. I worked more whit gray then colour
pensils. That changed later and afther that step drawing whit
illustrator and photoshop.

- What do you think are your main improvements over these past years?
yous more soft colours. my colour combinations are more in ballens, so
hard colours Like black are not there anymore, or my shadows always are
colour. My main line art is never black anymore becase of that. Alsow my
work simple and basic but in the meantime alsow strong becase of this

- What helped you improve?
Just drawing everyday or be bizzy whit creating.

- Has DA helped you in any way during this process?
Yes, there is so muts tallent around here were you can learn things from just by looking at there work.

3000 views by I-Am-Bleu BEYFANTASY Max by I-Am-Bleu

:iconleomon32: leomon32

- How much time have you been doing digital art ?
I've been in digital art since 2002

- What do you think are your main improvements over these past years ?
Omg in everything except women woMEN WOMEN ! I'm still at point zero here !

- What helped you improve?
My friends and the other artists who push me into improving~

- Has DA helped you in any way during this process ?
Fck yeah a lot ! Bunch of artist and a great share share community^^

Gaya by leomon32 I'm not a care bear and I will show you... .D by leomon32

Stories told by some deviants about how much they've improved over the years.
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