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October 24, 2012
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Stories of Improvement II

Wed Oct 24, 2012, 7:16 PM
Through the month you have seen some historic moments regarding Digital Art, some topics of discussion, interviews with talented digital artists and features with incredible art.

Today we'll take a look at the personal stories some deviants have to tell about how much they've improved over the years. So here is the second part of two! Each story is accompanied by a couple of thumbs, one old and one new so you can see how much the deviant has improved.

:iconfierying: Fierying

-How much time have you been doing digital art?
i have started on 2008 actually on my iPod, using Mypaint, then on 2010 i discovered Paint tool SAI on the computer and i bought it on about like november! and i did not have a tablet until it was my birthday on 2011 :D~ and my brother had photoshop and he like transfer it to my computer~.

- What do you think are your main improvements over these past years ?
alot!, like literally everything, but what i love most is my colouring and eyes, and that 1st moment i have learnt about sparkles ;u;

- What helped you improve?
Many many artist, more then 30 inspired me, really want to thank them, the scenary in maplestory inspired me, nature, improving on drawing mice also have helpe me on improving other stuff you know :D.. AND Transformice! ;u;

- Has DA helped you in any way during this process ?
if it wasnt for it i would not have been inspired, also my watchers have supported me through ;u;
though thrs art style stealers, tracers, stealer but hey, im still the original!

Hi :D by Fierying :Beauty: by Fierying

:iconficticiousanimation: FicticiousAnimation

I have been doing 3-Dimensional art for one year. ^^
Well, not years maybe like "year". (LOL) -But, my main improvements are definitely the control I have over my models in the 3D workspace, and the texturing I have been doing. It's to the point, "I want to make it, hey look apparently I CAN make it." XD.
Tutorials helped me improve. TUTS. XD. My talent comes with practice. ^^

Of course DA has helped me. ^^ If I couldn't show my art to my DeviantART friends and let people download my models, there wouldn't be any point in doing it.

:thumb307166711: :thumb327218136:

:iconpixlphantasy: PixlPhantasy

I have only been doing Digital art for about 4 years. I started out using Photoshop Elements 3 and a tablet. My drawings were rough at best and fairly simple. I have learned to use the tablet more fluidly and experimented with other programs such as Paint Tool Sai. I am constantly trying new techniques and studying tutorials as well as other people's work here on dA and elsewhere. I keep trying new things and push my boundaries to see what I can do next. dA has been a wonderful site for feed back and encouragement as well as a great resource centre for learning.

Winged Warrior by PixlPhantasy Canadian Adventure by PixlPhantasy

:iconazzedar-san: Azzedar-san

- How much time have you been doing digital art?
I've been doing digital art since 2007 and my first ones were a mix: I made the linearts with pencil and I just used my tablet for coloring.

- What do you think are your main improvements over these past years?
Ahhhhhh I always learn something new. Maybe I improved with technics and DETAILS the most!!! xDDD I usually drew poor clothes, simple shirts but now I give very detailed armors, clothes to the character

- What helped you improve?
I got very much inspirations from DA (it's true) When I've seen a wonderful illustration I always tried to do a similar effective illustration. Also my friend vidagr usually corrects my mistakes and gives advises or tutorials ^^

- Has DA helped you in any way during this process?
Yes, here are lot of useful tutorials, brushes, textures so I'm very thankful for lots of people. :love: The site also improves me with those talents I'm always watching

2005-2013 Art Improvement Meme by Azzedar-san

:iconripley4o77: ripley4O77

I've been doing digital art for about 1.5 years now. I am foremost an oil on Canvas painter. I would've never even started digital art if my fiancée hadn't sucked me in.

My main improvements have been anatomy and the fact that I am slowly finding a style I am comfortable with.

The main thing that helped me improve are my friends here on dA, browsing through their galleries, talking with them and looking at live streams of other people draw.
I think the main help I get though is from my fiancée who always gives me tips when I am drawing as she is always sitting next to me...well almost always.

More than anything, the community never stops inspiring me, the people are friendly and my friends on here always keep me going. If it wasn't for dA in the first place I don't think I would even be doing digital art.

Summoner of the last Whale by ripley4O77 Mario Party 5 by ripley4O77

:iconadigunpolack: AdigunPolack

When I first started working on Digital Art as soon as I signed on to deviantART way back on November 28, 2006, I had a neverending intense hunger, drive, and great passion to create such original artworks of this type that are so richly beautiful and much more unusually fascinating than ever before, using my own unique and whimsical art style without copying the style of another artist... and all of it was created using just Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, mouse only, WITHOUT using a drawing tablet whatsoever. Yep, part of my very originality of all of this creation of mine is in simply using thick, soft, and creamiest viscous liquids (including chocolate, tar, and even quicksand itself, believe it or not! :wow: ) to create challenging, stunning, powerful beauty in many fascinatingly creative and even positive new ways as well as to most artistically symbolize such great and magnificently erotic love and intimacy between husband and wife like never before, just to keep things rather fresh and exciting. And I am *still* continually improving and improving on my art technique and style even today. :floating:

A lot of positive support and feedback from SO many people on dA (as well as some tough but very constructive critique on my works here, of course! :nod: ) has sure helped me quite a great deal within a lot of my own improvements that I made over the years so far and just kept me going even to this day, to be honest... and yes, I will MOST DEFINITELY continue to improve my very best in my overall digital-art quality/style using only a mouse alone and absolutely *no* drawing tablet indeed period. Without a doubt a real tough challenge to be sure, but even when this much pressure is on, I can do it!!! :D :thumbsup: !!

A Silky Pink Bliss by AdigunPolack Hericorn of the Heavenly Night - the HD Digital by AdigunPolack

:iconlaurenhiya21: laurenhiya21

I started doing digital art when I joined DA in 2007, so for about 5 years. I've probably improved most with my lineart, shading, and anatomy... Although to be honest I'm not extremely happy with my progress... I'm still not very good at making anything slightly original or interesting ><;

I've had a bit of help and advice from DA on how to improve, but I don't think that was the main thing... I don't really know how I improved to be honest ><;; I'm also a bit sad on how much slower I am making something that still doesn't look great ><; Oh well...

Gaiaonline commish- envy by laurenhiya21 Magical Girl Yaayy by laurenhiya21

Stories told by some deviants about how much they've improved over the years.
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Azzedar-san Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
OOwwwwww thank you for the feature, dear, it's amazing collection T___T
icefire8521 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing stories of improvement :clap: How do you pick them?
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
I asked in a previous journal :)
icefire8521 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I see it now.
PixlPhantasy Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely reading. Both installments ^^ Such stories are always inspiring.
RTNightmare Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've definitely improved over time with digital art...

At first, I did traditional sketches. Then I discovered digital art from dA, and then I was digitally coloring the sketches, which looked terrible. But these days, I either digitize the sketch completely (lineart, color, etc) or start from scratch on the computer with my tablet.

[link] (On my first account, one of my first sketches that was colored digitally - it's bad.)
[link] - (Same account, lineart a little shaky because I was just starting)
[link] (Better, but still some white that shouldn't be there.)
[link] (I got better)
[link] (And better!)
And so on...

[link] (Before I improved)
[link] (And after I improved)

So you see, I've gone a long way...I think I'm doing good. Especially if I can do a shaky version of *Cathselprime's style, like this: [link] You can see how I kind of copied her style if you look at some pieces in her gallery.

So yeah, I think I'm on my way! :)
AdigunPolack Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
In your overall magnificent series of Stories of Improvement I & II, Thiefoworld, it is truly interesting looking at the tales of artistic progress that a selected group of artists on dA (including myself as well!) have told regarding how much they have stepped up the overall art quality, and how significant improvements like that are just a very important part of the journey toward becoming phenomenal artists. It is all about the art itself and just how good it is, and believe me, we are all getting there in more and more valuable ways as we do improve further and further with each new artwork that we produce, you know? :D :peace: !!

Also, about my own story that is already featured in this current article just now (and I quite thank you for putting it up there, by the way!!! :hug: :thumbsup: !! )... believe it or not, it had already successfully inspired my own #digitalBRILLIANCE group on dA from back on December 2009, *rather* interestingly enough as well. :nod: :heart: Right now, this very digital-art group — with `archanN, `PurpelBlur, `Lilyas, and now ^SanguineVamp as my current, superbly wonderful admins there — is already over 2,500 watchers, 700 members, and 220,000 pageviews strong and counting, as its main aim and key specialty is to just thoroughly showcase some of the most brilliantly fascinating and most phenomenally excellent digital artistry ever created on this art community today, to challenge and richly inspire as many artists as ever to create something so truly innovative, cutting-edge, and fastest-growing in the world of Digital Art indeed. In quite fact, Thiefoworld, you can kick back and enjoy the many fantastic, first-rate digital works right here in our own special Front-Features gallery on #digitalBRILLIANCE right here, just to show you a wonderful example of what I am talking about as you go through the pages of this one: [link]

Hey, part of the sheer betterment of how digital art becomes such a LEGENDARILY resplendent art form that shall never, ever die. Period, the end. :cuddle: :rose: !!!
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
Great thing you're doing with the group! Thanks for all your endeavours! :D
AdigunPolack Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You are most splendidly, splendidly welcome, Thiefoworld my ever-great person ( :love: :thumbsup: !!! ), and let us rather not forget that you are doing such an ABSOLUTELY outstanding job yourself already as the current new Digital Art CV on dA... I am so totally proud to have you indeed, with my most generous, generous blessings to you especially on that!!! :hug: :rose: :star: !!
Lumaga Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Los mejores journals y artículos, de la mano de Thiefo : D
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