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January 27
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Why is this a DD?

Mon Jan 27, 2014, 4:21 PM
For a looong, long time these kind of comments used to bother me. Comments like "I don't get why this is a DD", "This shouldn't be a DD" or "I've seen far better works that deserve to be DDs more than this", etc. They always made me want to strangle the person saying it.

However my appreciation for these kind of comments has changed over the years and I've grown to even kinda like them :lol: I almost see them as compliments in disguise now. You see...

As we all know, what is art is different for everyone and as human beings, we're bound to disagree constantly about what we consider art. And that's ok. The same art is not for everyone. Some might appreciate certain pieces while others will hate them and others simply won't understand them. And that's ok. I see them as a reminder that we are different and we all see things differently.

I also believe art should cause a reaction on the viewer, be positive or negative, otherwise is something boring that is just there. So if a piece of art makes you feel something, remind you of something or make you react in some way, from that very moment, it already achieved it's purpose, even if the reaction was of disgust, hate or incomprehension. Maybe that was the artist's intention from the very beginning!

So as you can see, comments like "This is so beautiful" or "Wow, this is so incredible!" are a good sign the art in question is good because it caused a reaction on the viewer... the same as "This is disgusting". They're both sides of the same coin. The fact someone comments "I don't get why this is a DD"  is a reaction caused by the art featured and it was strong enough to make the person invest some energy and take the time to type a comment and then click "Submit comment". So, if you are the featured artist and you receive this kind of comments, don't feel bad! Congrats! Your creation is indeed a piece of art that caused a reaction on someone.

Looking back at my own selections from the past [almost] year and a half, sometimes I wonder if I'm not playing on the safe side of the field and are always selecting pieces I know in advance the community will like, because they're pretty, so is obvious most people will like them. Not saying this is a bad thing, but as a Community Volunteer  I want to represent my community as a whole through my selections, in this case, Digital Art, which is huuuuge and insanely diverse, so my selections should be equally diverse, and that includes featuring artworks from various skill levels, techniques, themes and genres... and that also includes once in a while featuring deviations not all people will appreciate.

It will be a personal purpose for 2014 to strive to select more pieces that will cause more varied reactions on the community. Pieces that will make you think, make you take a second look, spark some conversation and that will make you wonder, precisely; "Why is this a DD?".

Have you ever wondered why I almost never include a description on my selections? Well, there are various reasons for that, I might explain all of them in another journal, but this is part of the reason; if you can't see immediatly why I featured the piece, I want you to take a second look and try to understand it by your own. Sometimes you'll take a closer look and you'll see why, sometimes you still won't get it. But if you can't see it by yourself, it's highly unlikely a small blurb from me on the DD description will make you change your mind. You're of course, free to note me if this happens and I will happily try to explain my reasons, but is something I won't do on the deviation itself.

So, while I'll still be featuring impressive artworks because of the incredible execution and skill level of the artist, and it will be obvious why I featured them, I'll try to feature less obvious pieces more often. This doesn't mean I'll feature deviations of below-average quality or of questionable legitimacy, etc. It's neither a matter of featuring controversial pieces just for the sake of provoking drama. It's a matter of trying to reflect the wide variety of submissions to the Digital Art gallery, which at times, not everybody will appreciate the same way.

And guess what? Part of this will only be possible with your help! I want you to try to be diverse in your suggestions. You're more than encouraged to send suggestions for pieces you believe are not like what you see featured everyday. I smile everytime I see a suggestion for a deviation that is different :)  Remember we have a big bunch of sub-categories in Digital Art, such as Political, Pop-Art, Psychedelic, just to mention a few, which I think could be better represented in the DDs if we work together. Lately I'm taking more time to browse art on my own, but your suggestions are always highly appreciated. So I'll be waiting for your suggestions! Don't be shy!

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Exillior Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nothing delights me as much as finding something from less known subcategories of body art, such as suspension or play piercing, that is AMAZING, because not only do I have the chance to feature something epic, I moreover have the chance to feature something that makes people's eyes pop and makes them wonder what they're seeing. That last gif is totally me, stubble and all.
BANA-GONGCHAN Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is VERY true!
Instant fav!
gammel-sjel Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love this! It's so~ true. There are different types of art out there (don't even get me started on the ways to portray the different mediums of art) and not all of them can 'please' people. Everyone has their own preferences. Like, I don't necessarliy go for the yaoi or yuri. And some pieces of art just don't appeal to me. But I avoid commenting on them otherwise I say something I'll regret. And with the fact that 'whatever goes on the internet stays on the internet,' one has to be careful with what they put.
ChelseaHantken Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
Well, that's a wonderfully positive way of taking an asshole comment and turning it into something rewarding! :clap:
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
Thanks! :D glad to see somebody got what I was trying to say :lol:
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014   Writer


Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
denahelmi Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
really great article I totally agree with you about the reaction  of art on the viewer even if it is a negative reaction , sometimes I see artwork and it makes me feel wired  angry disgusted or depressed but I liked that they made me feel something , also I almost never read the description on the DD  I always go to the deviation only to discover what made this piece so unique so it was selected for a DD even if its a obviously   pretty one and it makes me think about my art and if it is unique enough  in general or just some nice pictures 
coatlquetzali Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
Sr. Disculpe asté las molestias si alguna vez lo trolleé con algun reclamo o sugerencia; alguna vez un moderador me dijo que sugerirle deviaciones era spam, creo que ya no entendí muy bien eso, se puede sugerir a los moderadores o solo algunos?
Thiefoworld Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
Sugerir DDs no es spam, es solo que debes enviar tus sugerencias a la persona correcta, en efecto, no todos los voluntarios manejan sugerencias y los que si lo hacen, tienen una galería específica a su cargo, puedes basarte en la lista de FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

Así por ejemplo, yo recibo sugerencias para Digital Art, si tu sugerencia es de Anthro, se la mandas a Kovowolf, si es de Comics & Cartoons se la mandas a KasumiCR, etc.
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